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We added an easier way for your customers to pay. Send bills to your customers via SMS! This allows customers to pay before they enter your dealership. Saving time for both customers and employees behind the counter. Here is how it works:

Create a sales order like you normally would

Then, add a payment. If your business is using Text2Pay you will see a new option:

A payment modal will appear. You can either send the payment request to a new phone number, or pick a number out of the contacts.  Lastly, add the amount that you are requesting from the customer.


The customer will receive a text asking for payment

Then, once the customer clicks the link, they will be prompted to add a credit card to pay their bill!


We have continued to work on the integration with Decisiv. We have supported some communication between the two systems in the past. Now the communication is bidirectional and completely automatic. If you make the following updates in Flyntlok, they will reflect in Decisv.

  • Notes
  • Part Adding and Removing
  • Creating and Removing a Case
  • Checking in and Checking out a Work Order
  • Changing the Machine
  • Adding, Updating, and Removing Labor
  • Displaying the Decisiv case information
  • Invoicing

If your location has Decisiv enabled, you will see the below tab on work orders.

Custom Sales Order ID's

Similar to custom machine ID's we now support custom sales order ID's. You could use this feature to easily differentiate between part and work order sales.  We can also add a location identifier, which would make it easy to identify which location a sales order was created at. If you are interested in implementing this feature please reach out to the consulting team and they will set you up!

Here is an example of a parts invoice with a location code:

Here is the same example but with part shortened to:

Other Improvements!

Work Order Notifications
  • The banners in the upper right hand corner have been moved to prevent from hiding the buttons.
Voucher Reversing Permissions
  • Users will need special permissions to reverse a voucher
Machine ID Permissions
  • Users will need special permissions to edit a machine ID.
Work Order Job Defaults
  • Job Type will default to on request
  • Job Category will default to the work order category
Forget to Clock out?
  • If you forget to clock out of Work Order A, then clock into Work Order B. The billable time on Work Order A will no longer be set to a negative value. You will be clocked out of Work Order A and into Work Order B
Quickly View Machines Owner
  • We added a button to quickly view the owner of a machine on the info tab of work orders.
Draft Sprint Cancelation
  • If a sprint is in draft status you can cancel it. Sprint management just got easier.


Last Release Notes

October 6th, 2021 Release Notes

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