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SMS Templates

New Feature

You can now use your CRM SMS templates on the Work Order and Point of Sale. To set these up you will still need to set up templates from the CRM Hub.



Machine Label

We have added the description of the machine on the printed label. This will make it easier for users to quickly identify and match machines to label. To print a Machine Label go to the Machine Dashboard->Actions->Print Label


Machine Vouchers


Long Description on Purchase Order Searcher

You can now search for and view a machines long description while adding machines to a receiving voucher. This will make it much easier to determine which machines need to be added to the voucher based on individual specifications.

Margin % On Voucher

We have added a column to the machine receiving voucher, to view the margin percentage.  You can add this column by clicking the gear icon on the top right of the voucher lines.


Point of Sale

New Feature

Sales Receipt Contact Email

We have introduced a new  company setting to override sales contact email on the PDF. If set, regardless of sales person we will always use the override. Otherwise, we will present the sales persons email. To set this new feature head to-> Wrench->Flyntlok->Flyntlok Details.


Cost of Model Options

From the Point of Sale you will now be able to view model option costs when quoting a model.

Penny Rounding on Invoice

We have made a fix to a rounding issue that periodically caused errors when using remaining amounts of customer deposits.


On the invoice page, users can click the “Spy Guy” to get costing/margin information. We have updated this to include the depreciation. The machines depreciation will now be subtracted from the initial cost of the lines in order to calculate a proper margin value.



Edit Delivery Address

We have added the ability for users to edit the addresses currently on the rental contract. Previously you could not remove an address, only enter a new one.

Work Orders

New Feature

Add to Cause

On the work order dashboard, under the “Job Notes” section, you will see a new “Add to Cause” button. When clicked, the notes on the job are pasted onto the “Cause” section. Previously you could only add to the "Corrections”  field.

Auto Work Order Complete

You can now select a status for a Work Order to move into when every job is marked complete. To select a status head to->Wrench->Flyntlok->Flyntlok Details.

Clock In/ Clock out

We were seeing a few issues with users sometimes failing to type the date in completely, which can cause data issues downstream. We have added a few updates to the Work Order Clock In/Out function to address these issues.

  1. Prevent the “work period end” from being less than “work period start”
  2. If you type in “22”, or any other 2-digit year, in the year field and attempt to submit, we will retranslate it to “2022”.


Check In Check Out mobile Icon

On the desktop application, when a user is clocked into a work order, a “Clock” icon is present on the top left of every page to quickly navigate to the work order the user is clocked into. We have added  a similar feature on the mobile view.


Open Work Orders

On the “New Work Order” page, when a user selects a machine, Flyntlok will now trigger a system search and notify you if the machine is currently linked to another open Work Order.

Machine Associated to Job

We have added two new spots to assign a machine to a job.

  1. Click the “Add Job” button at the bottom of the jobs list. This opens a prompt to prepare for the job being created.
  2. After a job is created, select a job on the job list. This presents the full information about the job on the work order dashboard screen. There is an option to change the “machine” on this view.

Edit Machine Serial Number

On work order dashboard->Info tab->Machine Section, you can now edit the machine serial number.

Fee Description

Fee descriptions are now editable on a per workorder basis!


Customer Unit Number

We have added the customer unit number to the My Work section of the mobile view to make it easier to identify and differentiate multiple jobs assigned to an individual technician.


New Feature

Item Dashboard Hotkey

(CTRL+ Left Mouse Click or scroller wheel click) will now open item dashboard links in a new tab in the background. Just left clicking will still take you directly to the items dashboard. This is default browser behavior.




Document footers

We have added a new company setting that will allow you to remove the user who created the document and the time it was created from the bottom of the Sales Orders PDFs. To access this new feature click the wrench at the top right of your homepage. Wrench->Flyntlok->Flyntlok Details.

Last Release Notes

November 9th, 2022 Release Notes

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