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Improved Parts Request Workflow on the Work Order System-(Ticket #FD-2557)


Service Managers have requested that their Service Technicians have the ability to request parts needed to complete Work Order Jobs directly from the Work Order without having to separately create and process a new Internal Parts Order Invoice. This will streamline the process and remove the responsibility of processing Internal Part Orders from Service Technicians.


We have updated the Parts Request settings of the Service Work Order, and Service Techs will now have the option to request Items directly from the Work Orders Jobs tab, removing the need to create an Internal Parts Invoice. Techs can now simply select the ADD/EDIT button from the Parts section, and choose to either create a Parts Request or a Request Note.

  • Request Items

When the button is selected, Flyntlok will display a Part Searcher where Technicians can add Items and the requested quantity needed to complete a Service Job. Once the “Save” button is selected, Flyntlok will then generate an “Internal Parts Order Invoice” in "Quote Status" for the requested items. Subsequent parts requested will be allocated to a new Internal Invoice.

  • Add Note

When the button is selected, Flyntlok will display a text box where users can add notes that will be attached to an Internal Parts Invoice and delivered to the Parts Department via internal notifications to process. At this point, the Parts Department will need to manually fill and allocate the parts request, relieving the Tech of the responsibility of filling out the details for the Internal Parts Order.

  • Edit Item Requests

Users will have the ability to add/remove items and edit the order quantity by selecting the button. Flyntlok will generate a return Invoice for Parts Requests that have already been processed then update it to a lower quantity.

  • Start Work/ Process Jobs

The generated Internal Invoices will remain in "Quote" status until the button is selected. This will move the Invoice forward into a Delivered, or Pending status.

  • Items Used

Upon completion of the Service Job, Techs can navigate back to the "Parts" section to log the quantity of Items used against the quantity that was requested.

Note- This new feature is currently Flyntlok controlled, please reach out to your Friendly Flyntlok consultant for assistance!   

Work Order Custom Default Status-(Ticket #FD-2595)


Last release we implemented certain “Points of Action” within the Service workflow where users can now (with the help of their Flyntlok consultant) automate a Status change on a Work Order based on the WO's current Status. Our next iteration is to allow you to request custom “Estimate”, "In Process, and “Completed” status workflows and the option to replace the Flyntlok default statuses with a customized “Estimate”, “In Process”, or “Completed” status.


We have implemented backend changes to support internal statusing, which in turn will allow for user-defined custom statuses in "Estimate", "In Process", and "Completed" internal statuses. You will need to work with your Friendly Flyntlok Consultant to get these workflows setup. Give them a call!

"Upsell" Service Jobs-(Ticket #FD-2774)


Service Managers have requested we add a new Job-level Work Order field titled "Upsell" so they can track work by Service Technicians that was considered an “Upsell Job.”


We have added a new Job-level WO field "Upsell Job" that will allow Service Managers to mark a WO Job as an Upsell job. We have also added an "Is Upsell Job" field to the column chooser of the "All Jobs" report where users can track “Upsell” WO Jobs.


Agco Online Solutions Integration-(Ticket #FD-2686)


Flyntlok users purchasing parts from Agco have requested the ability to export Item POs from Flyntlok that can then be uploaded into the Agco Online Solutions (AOSL) application.


We have added an "Export to Agco" icon to the Item Purchase Order, located in the icon list below the PO balance sheet, which will allow users to extract an Agco-specific file from Flyntlok. This file can then be manually uploaded into the Agco Online Solutions (AOSL) application to complete the process for parts ordering.

Point of Sale

Consolidation of Kit items on Sales Order-(Ticket #FD-2681FD2707, FD2703)


Sales Managers have reported instances where their salespeople have had difficulties differentiating which lines of a SO are associated with the Inventory Kit items. This manifests itself when attempting to edit, remove or re-order “Inventory Kits” from the Point of Sale screen. They have requested that we eliminate the option to remove “sub-items” associated within a Kit, and to allow the “Parent” item to control actions of the associated Sub-Items.  They have also requested we make Inventory Kits and all the associated Sub-Items more apparent so salespeople can easily distinguish between main-level line items and sub-items.




We have updated our Inventory Kit feature, and the Kit parent Item will now control most actions of the Kit sub-items. For example, if a salesperson wants to change the Kits order quantity, or remove it from the sale, they must perform the action from the parent item.  Changing the order quantity of the parent item will update the sub items accordingly based on the Kit's configuration. We have also Updated the Kits associated Sub-items Icon to make it more obvious which lines belong to the kit.

Convert Sales Order to "Quote" -(Ticket #FD-2738)


Salespeople have requested we move the "Convert to Quote" option, previously found on the "Actions" tab, onto the main Sales Order page.


We have updated the “Convert Sales Order to Quote” feature on the SO page, and Flyntlok will now display the button in the bottom left corner of the page next to the "Process” button , removing the need to first select the "Actions" tab. The “Quote” option will only be displayed when the SO is in a “Draft” status.

This feature will retain all of its previous functionality where:

  • Users still must set the Quote expiration date. Expiration dates will be set to one month out by default but can be manually customized. Note- Internal Part Order Invoices will NOT prompt for an expiration date. 
  • Accept/Reject the Quote and Modify the Quote back to an SO happens via the “Payment Tab”.

Mobile View

Machine Field Added to Mobile View(Ticket #FD-2735)


Service Technicians using the Mobile View have requested the ability to add, edit, and remove the associated Machines on the Work Order job level from their mobile device.


We have added a job level Machine field to the Mobile Views Work Order dashboard. Users can now add/remove or edit the associated machine of a WO job.

Force Down Machines From Mobile View-(Ticket #FD-2651)


Service Technicians utilizing the "Mobile View" currently have no way of taking a machine out of service  and have requested the option to "Force Down" Machines from their mobile device.


We have added a "Force Down" option to the  "Edit Machine" button from the WO dashboard which will allow users to taking a Machine out of service from their mobile device.



Authorized Users added to Customer Dashboard-(Ticket #FD-2740)


Flyntlok administrators have requested the ability to add/remove or edit a Customer’s "Authorized Users" from their Customer dashboard.


We have added an "Authorized Users" option to the Actions drop-down menu. When selected it will allow users to add, remove, or edit the "Authorized Users" associated with the customer.


Restrict Access to Modify tax Rules-(Ticket #FD- 2716)


Flyntlok Administrators have requested the ability to restrict a user’s ability to modify tax settings from the Point of Sale.


We have added a new setting to the "Access Control" page that will give administrators the option to allow or restrict their users access to change tax settings from the Point of Sale. When the "Modify Tax Rules" is turned off users will no longer be able to access the icon.


Issues Resolved This Sprint

Inactive Items Showing in the Part Searcher-(Ticket #FD-2731, )


Salespeople had reported an issue where Items that had been marked as "Inactive" were still populating the Item searcher from the Point of Sale.


Fixed. We resolved a timing issue that was causing inactive Items to be caught in the Item Genome. Inactive items will no longer populate search results from the Point of Sale.

Requested Completion Date-(Ticket #FD- 2729)


Salespeople had reported an issue where the "expected completion date" was cleared when a Sales Order had been converted to a Quote then modified back to a SO.


Fixed. Flyntlok will retain the "expected completion date" manually set by users when the sale is modified from a SO to a Quote and also when converted back.

Shopify “Ship To/Customer Contact”/“Shopify ID Information” not Synching -(Ticket #FD-2810, 46972)


Flyntlok Managers using the new Shopify Integration have reported instances where their Shopify ID number was not properly synching between the two systems.


Fixed. The Shopify ID number will populate the Customer PO field of the Flyntlok SO and SO PDF.

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