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CRM is a major focus for dealers and that makes it a major focus for us! Look forward to more updates to this system in the coming weeks.

New Feature

Mobile Conversations View

You can now access your SMS conversations from the mobile view of Flyntlok.

You can view a list of your conversations and search for any existing conversations or contacts.

Interacting with a conversation by sending a message will automatically subscribe you to the conversation. You can unsubscribe by clicking the star icon.


Responses will show up live so you can continue to interact with your customer. All of this interaction is logged under the customer profile in Flyntlok.



Create Rental Contract from Lead

You can now create a linked rental contract from the actions dropdown on a lead.


Email Prompt

We have updated the settings around the "Text Us" website widget. Now if a potential customer is trying to input a non-US phone number they will receive a prompt from Flyntlok to instead submit an email address.


Point of Sale

New Feature

Backorder Column

We have added back order column to the sales order PDF. Backorder is any quantities not yet picked or received via a special order.

Transfer Icon

For better visibility, we have updated the item transfer icon to be highlighted green if there are any linked transfers! This will help prevent accidentally executing duplicate transfers to fill a sale.


New Feature

Substitutions on Item Purchase Orders

When a substitution is made on an item purchase order, you now have the option to retain the substituted part if you have not received any.  If you have received quantities against the substituted part, we will only substitute the remaining quantity, and the PO will retain the original line for the amount already received.

Editing Ordered Machine Purchase Orders

Voiding a line, or deleting an entire purchase orders, will now go out and mark the associated machines as "Deleted".  Previously, this had to be cleaned up manually.

Work Orders

New Feature

Transfer Labor

You can now transfer a single labor punch to a new work order and job by clicking the transfer icon found on the labor tab.

Managing Customer Contacts

You can now add/edit customer contacts while creating a work order.

Logout Will Clock Out

Flyntlok will automatically clock you out of work orders when logging out. This applies only when you choose to log out.  If you close your tab, exit your browser, etc. you will remain clocked in. This applies to both ERP and DMS Work Orders.

Quotes on Internal Parts Order

Flyntlok will show you a warning when you try to invoice a work order that has quoted parts.  Quoted parts will not be added to the work order invoice.


New Feature

Customer Create Reason

We have added this field as an option in all places you can create a customer in Flyntlok.  Previously, you could only record the reason for a new customer from New -> Customer.


Default Work Category

You can now set a default work category by customer. This new field is found in the "Other" section while editing a customer. Customer Dashboard-> Actions-> Edit




Win/Loss Report

We have added rental as a source option in the win/loss report with a link to the rental contract in the source link.


New Feature

Individual Posting of Asset / CoGS

You can now configure a vendor to record purchases or sales by machine. When the option is set to yes, you will get a single journal entry for each machine involved in the transaction when posting to QuickBooks Online.



Model Delete Warning

Users will now see a warning message when they are about to delete a machine model, if that model is tied to active machines. The user will then be prompted to choose the new model those machines should be moved to.

Last Release Notes

February 1st, 2023 Release Notes

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