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Check out the latest updates to the Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management System.

Point of Sale

New Feature

Part Request Notifications

All users subscribed will now receive notification(s) when a parts request is made. To set your notification preferences, select your username in the top right corner  ->Preferences->Notifications->Parts Requested. Previously this had to be configured by the Flyntlok support team.



Hide Cancelled Sprints

We have implemented a filter on the  inventory sprints list to hide canceled sprints.

Text2pay Dates Requested

You can now see the dates requested when text2pay has been sent to a customer in the audit log of the Sales Order. To access these logs select the blue Activity tab -> Audit Logs.

Machine PO Vouchers


Auto Allocate Machine Fees/Credits

When you add fees/credits to a machine voucher, we will now automatically allocate them to all machines on the voucher. The default allocation strategy is cost relative.


New Feature

Reopen Rental Contract

You can now reopen a closed rental contract. From the rental dashboard, click Actions -> Reopen.


New Feature

Reinstate Machine

If a machine is deleted by mistake, you can now reinstate that piece of equipment. From the machine dashboard, head to Actions -> Reactivate.



Iron Site Code

You can now access Iron Site from the support ticket. To receive an iron site code, you will click the support ticket question mark and see the new icon at the bottom left of the support ticket.




We have added a hotkey that switches scanners from scan to search mode.  This will be helpful to all users scanning items in at a parts or sales counter.

New hotkeys:

  • (ALT + B) into scan mode
  • (ALT + X)  exits scan mode

Average Lead Times

Flyntlok will now calculate average lead time by location and display on the items dashboard. This will give the individual purchasing parts an idea of how long it took for parts to arrive. Lead time is calculated by taking the average duration between date ordered and date fully received.


New Feature

Contact tags on the customer dashboard

In the contact cell, in the customer information section, of the customer dashboard we have added a field to classify customer  contacts. You can now indicate  which contact is the primary for that customer, as well as any additional Tags that belong to that Contact.

Add or edit this field from the customer dashboard select the Actions Button -> Contacts.

Create Customer from Reservation

You can now create a customer on a new reservation. That customer will be immediately selected on the create reservation form.


Problem Customer

Customers can be automatically marked as a problem customer when they exceed their credit limit. To enable this feature, click the Wrench -> Flyntlok -> Flyntlok Details-> Sales Section.




Posted Document Dead Ends

There were a few dead ends that sales orders and purchase orders would end up in, if we attempted to post them and there were no lines that needed to be generated. Reversing these would fail and always require Flyntlok assistance. You will now be able to reverse these documents.

Customer Terms

We have added a “Terms” selector to the existing “Create QuickBooks Online Customer” form.

Balance Due on Invoice

When printing an invoice in Flyntlok that has been marked as paid in QBO, we will now show the Balance Due as $0.


Last Release Notes

October 12th, 2022 Release Notes

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