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We are excited to announce that Flyntlok, including our CEO and founder Sean McLaughlin, will be attending the Equipment Exposition October 17th-20th in Louisville, Kentucky (Booth Number 42024). The Equipment Exposition is an annual event dedicated to growing landscapers, manufacturers, and equipment dealers’ businesses. Please get in touch with Mike Wasserman ( or Garret Nelson ( if you would like to arrange a meeting while we are there.


Rental Contract Machine Replacement-(Ticket #FD- 1688 )


There are times when a Rental Unit goes down and needs to be replaced with a new Machine. Rental Managers have requested the ability to replace the currently existing Machine on an Active Rental Contract with an alternate Machine of the same Model and have the new Machine inherit the previously billed amounts of the old unit so that the billing continues to flow seamlessly.


We have added a "Replace Machine" option to the Actions button drop-down menu of the Rental Contract, which will allow users to "swap" the Machine currently on the contract with an alternate Machine of the same Model. When the "Replace Machines" option is selected, Flyntlok will display a list of available Machines. Users can filter through to select a Machine to add in place of the removed Machine. After selecting a new Machine, you will need to log both the new and previous Machine's Miles, Hours, and consumables. Flyntlok will then "Check-Out” the new Machine and add it to the Rental Contract. For billing purposes, the Machine being replaced will remain on the contract in a "Checked-In" status, but offset from the Machines currently on rent. The new Machine will display a  icon on the right side of the line item, above the Quantity field.


Machine Miles And Hours Tracked on Check-In/CheckOut-(Ticket #FD- 1815, 44563)


Rental units can have either Miles or Hours tracked. Flyntlok Users have requested the ability to specify either or both metrics on the Check-In and Check-Out of the Machine from a Rental Contract and have that information logged in the Machines "Meter History" record.


We have added fields to log both "Miles" and "Hours" of the associated Machine when checking the unit "IN" or "OUT" on a Rental Contact. While Flyntlok will only handle the billing of one of the two metrics, based on the machines "unit preference" set on the Machine's Dashboard, the values captured here will be stamped back onto the Machine's "Meter History" record.


Adding CC and Internal Emails to Rental Signature Requests-(Ticket #FD-1932, 44256)


Rental Managers have requested the option to add additional "CC" and "Internal" recipient email addresses when sending a Signature Request from a Rental Contract. The  CC and Internal recipients would receive a PDF copy of the Contract.


We have added three new fields to the "Rental Contracts" Signature Request modal;

  • CC(s)

The "CC" field will allow users to add additional Customer email addresses to the Signature Request modal, where recipients will receive an "unsigned"  PDF attachment of the Rental Contact. The "CC" field will allow Users to add any valid email addresses or to select from saved customer contact email addresses.

  • Internal

The "Internal" field will allow Users to add internal employee email addresses to the Rental Signature Request, where recipients will receive an "unsigned" PDF attachment of the Rental Contact. The "Internal" field will allow Users to add any valid email addresses or to select from a list of saved employee email addresses. The internal recipients are BCC’d on the email.

  • Message

The "Message Field" will allow users to add custom text to the signature Request that will be added to the body of the email sent.


  • Note- Only the "Signature Request" recipient can sign the document; addresses added to the CC and BCC fields will only receive a copy of the PDF document.


Service Forms Available on Mobile View-(Ticket #FD-1982)


Service Technicians have requested the ability, while working in the Mobile View, to add and edit Work Order "Forms" that are associated with Service Jobs.


We have added a "Forms" section to the Work Order dashboard of the "Mobile View" to allow Service technicians the ability to add and edit available Service Forms to Work Orders jobs via their mobile device.


Work Order Tag Number on Mobile View-(Ticket #FD-1820, 44567)


Service managers have requested we add the associated "Tag Number" of a Work Order to the list views displayed within the Flyntlok Mobile View


We have added the associated "Tag Number" to the Flyntlok Mobile Views (All Work Orders, My Work Orders, New WO, and My Recent WO). This field will only be displayed for a WO with an associated Tag Number.


Customer Contacts Report-(Ticket #FD- 1967)


The Flyntlok team is currently in the process of a continuous update to our general Contact Management Capabilities.  Recently, we launched a new "Customer Contacts" report that contains a list of all of a company’s individual customer contacts and allows users to filter and view individual contacts. Our next update is to streamline the process of customer correspondence within the Customer Contacts Report.


We have added "quick hit" links to the Customer "phone number" and "email" fields of the Contact Dashboard page, which will  allow Users to immediately start a new correspondence with the contact. Hovering over the "Phones" field will display a dropdown menu, where Users can choose to edit/delete saved numbers or immediately attempt to call the customer. If the "Call" option is selected, Flyntlok will first ask you to specify the application you would like to compete the call from, then populate the customers "primary" number into the application



Hovering over the "Email" field will display a dropdown menu, where Users can choose to edit/delete saved addresses or launch a new email. If the "Email" option is selected, Flyntlok will redirect you to your preferred email client, with a new draft email and the contact's "primary" address prepopulated.


“Repeat Customer” added as option to Source Field-(Ticket #FD-2033, 44893)


Flyntlok salespeople have requested we add "Repeat Customer" as an option to the "Source" field of a CRM Lead.


We have added "Repeat Customer" option to the dropdown menu of the "Source" field of a CRM Lead.


Purchase Order Default Email-(Ticket #FD-1935,1936)


Purchasing managers have requested the option to set a default Company Email Address that will display on all Purchase Order PDFs. Flyntlok currently displays the Email Address of the User that generated the PO in the "Created By" field of the Item Purchase Order PDF and also in the "Reply-To" section of the sent PDF.


We have added a new setting to the "Flyntlok Settings" page, which will allow administrators to set a default "Parts Department" email address. When set, Flyntlok will replace the User Email Address in the “Created By” field of the PDF and the return address of a sent PDF with the "Parts Department Email". Administrators can add a "Parts Department Email" by navigating to the "Flyntlok Settings" page. (Admin Editor Wrench  -> Flyntlok-> Flyntlok Settings ->Company Section).


Automatic Text Confirmation-(Ticket #FD-1783, 44514)


Flyntlok Users have requested a warning be added to the Item Receiving Voucher system to alert Users when an automated SMS text message will be sent to a customer upon the receipt of a Special Ordered Item. Currently, users have to go to the customer dashboard to see if a customer is set up for automated text messages as well as if they have received an automated text message.


We have added a "Sales Order contact will be notified of parts received" message to the Item Receiving Voucher modal that will display if the Item being received was Special Ordered, and the associated Customer has a least one contact with a phone number/ email saved and the enable SMS/email setting activated.


Core List Price-(Ticket #FD- 1887, 44656)


Flyntlok Purchasing managers have requested we add a "Core List Price" field to the Item Receiving Voucher that will allow users to manually edit the "Core Items" List price when receiving the Item.


On the Item Receiving Voucher page, when receiving an item that has a core, we have added a “Core Received List” field at the bottom of the receiving modal. This will display the Core Item’s current List Price by default, but can be modified/adjusted by Users to change the value of the Core Item upon receipt. Changing this value will also adjust the Core Item's master record to have the new List Price.


Utilization Percentage-(Ticket #FD-1934, 44735)


Machine utilization is a simple measure of the productivity of the equipment. Currently, at the top of the Machine Dashboard, Flyntlok displays the Machines "Life time Utilization" (Total income generated by the Machine / Machine Acquisition Cost) and "Year Time Utilization" (Income generated in the last 365 days / Acquisition Cost). Rental managers have requested we add an additional field to also display "Time Utilization".


We have updated the Machine Dashboard header by adding two additional utilization fields "Life time Utilization" (Number of days rented / Total number of days from when the Machine was received) and "Year Time Utilization" (Number of days rented in the last 365 days / Number of days passed since Machine was received OR 365 whichever is least). We also renamed the existing fields Life and Year Utilization to Financial Life and Financial Year.



Issues Resolved This Sprint

Incorrect Shop Fees on Work Order Estimate  -(Ticket #FD-1924, 44744)


Service managers were experiencing an issue where Work Order estimates were not retaining their correct billing style. If the User updated the billing style of a Service Job on a Work Order, by changing from "Estimate" to "Billable", previously generated estimates were also being updated to the most current billing setting. Estimates should not update after being generated.


Fixed. Once a Work Order estimate is generated, you cannot change the Type and a new Estimate will need to be made if you want to change the billing style of the Work Order.

Rental Searching-(Ticket #FD-1812, 44558)


Rental managers were experiencing an issue when searching for a specific Machine ID or Serial Number among available Machines to add to a Rental Contract on the New Rental page. The results returned were all Machines of the same model as the searched Machine, but the exact match could be anywhere within the result set making it hard to find. The exact match should have filtered to the top of the list.


If the search text exactly matches a machine's display ID or serial number, Flyntlok will sort that Machine to the top of any model search result.

Wittiness Lacking-(Ticket #FD-10141975)


The above release notes lack the usual subtle wit that has been present of late.


It’s hard to inject humor about things like machines, inventory, and rental contracts every week. We’ll be funnier next time so we can keep you reading. (But hey, you made it this far…)

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