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NewĀ šŸ†•

Reported Loss Widgets

On the lower left of the item and machine dashboard, you will find a reported losses widget. We will show the 10 most recent loss reports for the item or machine.

Item Dashboard Widget:

Machine Dashboard Widget:

You will also be able to click theĀ View AllĀ button to all losses reported for the item or machine.

Item Transfer and Purchase Combination

When you are transferring an item to be used on a sales order, but not transferring enough to entirely fulfill the order, we now create a purchase plan for the remaining items. When the combination of the purchase and transfer is received, you will be able to fulfill the order and any excess received parts will go into the QOH.

Enhancements šŸ™Œ

Sparks PortalĀ  - Configuration

We can now tailor your sparks portal closer to your business workflow. For example, if you do not do rentals at your business, we can disable that feature from Sparks. This also applies to showing work orders and machines.

Sparks PortalĀ  - Common Parts

We updated the common parts button on Sparks to show common parts for the customer, and if you have a machine selected, common parts for the machine associated with the sale.

Sparks PortalĀ  - Customer Discounts

We made sure to let your customers know that they must save their drafts to see their custom pricing discounts.

Sparks PortalĀ  - Payment Screen

We made the modal when accepting payments on Sparks a bit more contextual. For example, if one of your customers is charging to their account, the modal previously said Enter Card.Ā  It now says ChargeĀ instead.

Sparks PortalĀ  - My Orders

We have added the sales order number to My Orders view. The view now also sorts in the order the sales were created.

Resolutions šŸ›

Merging Core Purchases

When merging a special order purchase plan into a stock order, if there is a core associated with the item, we will merge the core purchase onto the stock order as well.

Last Weeks Release Notes

March 10th, 2021 Release Notes

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