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Machine Purchase Order Importer-(Ticket #FD-2863)


Flyntlok users purchasing equipment from an alternate system have requested the option to import these orders into Flyntlok’s Machine Purchase Order system.


We have added an "Import" option to the button's drop-down menu on the Machine Purchase Order page. Selecting this option will open the "Import MPO" modal allowing you to choose a file from your device to import into the Purchase Order. Flyntlok will then display the Machine information pulled from the imported file, allowing you to review the information and map columns accordingly. Selecting "Submit" will add recognized Machines from the import to the Purchase Order.

  • Import File Columns

The “Import MPO” will accept CSV, TSV, XLS, XLSX, ODS file formats that contain, at minimum, a column with the desired Machine’s “Make” and a column with the Machine’s “Model.” User must check the prompted box if the imported file contains a first-row header.

  1. Make (Required):  Text field that must match exactly the “Make” field from the Model dashboard.
  2. Model (Required): Text field that must match exactly the “Model” field from the Model dashboard.
  3. Quantity (Optional): Number of machines. In the absence of a quantity column, or a zero value, Flyntlok will default the order quantity to 1.
  4. Description (Optional): A textual column for informational purposes for viewing on import.
  5. Unit Price (Optional): Cost of the Machine.

Image from the Model Dashboard. Values from import file must match these from Dashboard.

Sample File.

  • Machines not recognized by Flyntlok will display a "No Models Found" message in the upload review.

Note: Only Machines recognized within Flyntlok will be added to the Purchase Order. Both the Make and Model fields within the file must match the fields in the Model dashboard within Flyntlok. Non-matching records will not be imported.


Model Specific Pricing-(Ticket #FD-2867)


Salespeople have requested the ability to set a custom discounted List Price on a Model for specific customers so that each time that customer buys a Machine of that Model, there is a default discounting rate set. This will save users time from having to re-add the discount from the Point of Sale and serve as a reminder that the customer has that discount available.


To incorporate Model Specific Pricing on the customer level, we have added a “Model” option to the "Customer Discount Pricing" modal located on the Customer Dashboard page. While this modal was previously only for Item Discounts, we have renamed the option from "Item Discounts" to "Item/Model Discounts" and have added a toggle option to search Items or Models. Once you have selected "Search Models", you can add and edit individual Model discounts and set a specific expiration date for the discount.


  • Setting Model Discounts from the Point of Sale

We have also updated the discount structure of the Point of Sale to incorporate the Customer Model discounts so that you can save a new discount directly from this screen back to the Customer record. When adjusting/discounting the list price of a line item from the POS, Flyntlok will now give you the option to save that discount to the associated Customer's records.


Warning for Missing Machine Information-(Ticket #IHK-400)


Service Managers that require their technicians to log the Hours and Miles of the associated Machine when checking-in to a Work Order Job, have requested we add a warning message to the Work Order's dashboard to indicate if the associated Machine is missing the meter history.


We have added a new setting to the "Flyntlok Settings" page titled “Warn if Missing Machine Details”. When this setting is enabled Flyntlok will display a large warning at the top of the screen if the Work Order’s associated Machine is missing information.

More Machine Moves Improvements-(Ticket #FD-2633)


In our last Release, we updated the Work Order settings to auto-generate a "Machine Move" when Pick-Up/Delivery is required for the associated Machine of a WO. Our next improvement for this feature is to add an indicator of the Machine Move to the Work Order dashboard and allow for edits to be made to the WO to be reflected on the associated Move.


We have added a "Machine Move" field to the Pick/Delivery section of the Work Order’s "Info Tab”, and Flyntlok will display the associated Move’s ID Number in this field when available. Selecting the ID Number will open the "Machine Move." We have also updated the settings of the Moves System, and Moves generated from a WO will respect all edits made to the Work Order's associated Customer, Machine, or Pick-up/Delivery schedule.


Point of Sale

Sales Order Required Fields-(Ticket #IHK-891)


On the "Customer" Tab of the Sales Order page, Flyntlok provides several fields where users can log additional Sales Order information.  Sales Managers tracking the Sales Order "Source" and "Type" have requested we make these fields required.


We have added two new settings to the Flyntlok settings page: "Require Source on Sales Orders before Processing" and "Require Type on Sales Orders before Processing." When enabled, these settings will prevent users from Selecting the "Process" button on a Sales Order unless the required field(s) are filled.  Administrators can access these settings from the Flyntlok Settings page by selecting the option from the icons drop-down menu. (Wrench-> Flyntlok-> Flyntlok Settings)



Unused Consumables-(Ticket #IHK-1071)


Rental Managers have reported instances where unused Rental Consumables are still being represented on the contract's Invoice but with a quantity of 0. To alleviate customer confusion they have requested we remove unused Consumables from the Rental Contracts Invoice.


We have updated the Rental Invoice settings and unused Consumables will no longer populate Rental Invoices.


Associated Machines -(Ticket #IHK-1087)


When associating a Machine with a CRM Lead, Flyntlok auto-adjusts the searching function of the machine searcher from available "Inventory Machines" to the specific Customer’s "Owned Machines" when a Lead is associated with a Flyntlok customer. Salespeople have requested the option to edit the search function manually.


We have added a filter to the CRM Lead Dashboard's machine searcher that will allow you to toggle the searching function from "Sellable", which will show a list of all Available and OnOrder machines, to "All" which will show a list of all machines that are customer-owned and available.

  • Customer-owned machines are filterable if the lead is associated with Flyntlok customer.


Issues Resolved This Sprint

Rental Contract “Reserved Dates” Not Respecting the Reservation Dates-(Ticket #48842)


Rental Managers had reported an issue where Rental Contracts created via a Machine Reservation were being generated without the requested dates from the reservation.


Fixed. We resolved a bug that was not allowing Flyntlok to respect time-zone configurations. Rental Contracts created from a Machine reservation will generate with the Dates Reserved pulled from the reservation.

Technician List Not showing in Mobile View -(Ticket #-908)


Service Managers had reported an issue where the "Technician" field was not populating all their available Service Techs into the drop-down menu when accessed from the "Mobile View."



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