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Work Order

New Features

Work Order Estimate Approve/Reject

Customers can approve or reject estimates via email. First, send them an estimate!

Once Send Request is clicked, the customer will get an email where they can approve or reject each job on the work order. If the estimate it Approved, the approve icon will appear on the estimate.

The customer can also Reject the estimate, and they now have the option to provide you a reason for rejecting.


Once a customer has taken action on an estimate, the user that sent the estimate will be notified.


We have introduced icons to the estimate list.

Each individual estimate also has icons:

Add A Customer During Creation

It is easier to add a customer during work order creation!


Service Dashboard: Goal Editing

You can change service department goals on the dashboard.

Service Dashboard: Recovery Rate

Recovery Rate, an important metric, has been added to the Service Dashboard. The calculation: Billable Hours / Actual Hours

Service Dashboard: Rework Tracking

For a work order to count as rework, set the job category as rework. Rework percentage is shown on the service dashboard!

Service Dashboard: Company Overview

A total section has been added to the bottom of the service dashboard. If your business has multiple locations, a company average will be shown in this section.

Naming Standardization

The note field headings have changed. We are working to standardize our names and add better descriptions!

Rearrange General Section

The general section has been rearranged. It will be easier to view on small screen. Scheduled Start, Scheduled End and Work Period  have been combined into one line: Scheduled. The rest of the section has been split into two columns.

When you edit the information. The box will expand, allowing you to enter the data!

Machine & Customer Prefill

When a work order is generated from either the machine or customer dashboard, we will prefill as much form information as possible. Creation will now take place on the new work order form instead of the pop-up.


New Features

Item Rented Quantity

If you are renting items, you will see a badge on the item dashboard letting you know how may items are currently on rent.

Point Of Sale


Unread Message Count

The Actions Tab has an icon showing you unread notifications. Once you open the tab, this icon will disappear.

Sales Order Contact

Text2Pay will default to the contact on the sales order.

The SMS field will also default to the contact on the sales order.

Bond Loyalty

An All Offers tab has been add to the bond loyalty tab. The search bar can be used to filter results.



PO & voucher label printing

Labels printed from a PO will print a label for every part on the PO. Labels printed from a voucher will only print labels received on that voucher!

Stock/Inventory Ordering

A returnable column has been added to the stock order form. If an item is not eligible for return, select no! If an item has been set as Non-Returnable on the item dashboard, the field will will default to no.

Application Management

New Features

Item Number Editing

Item number editing requires special permission. If you see a greyed out box, you do not have permission to edit item numbers.

Last Release Notes

December 1st, 2021 Release Notes

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