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Model/Class Based Reservations-(Ticket #FD-1457, FD-759)


Rental Managers have requested the ability to reserve a Model or Model Classification for a Rental Contract and also have the ability to convert the Model/Class to an actual Machine at a later date.


We have added Machine Models and Machine Classifications as selectable options to add to a Rental Contract on the rental creation page or the active rental. When a model/class is selected, that model or class is temporarily added to the contract that users can later change to a specific Machine.

  • Swap Classification(s) or Model(s) for an Actual Machine

Users will be able to specify an actual Machine to the Model/Class holding spot by selecting the "Associate Machine" button on the individual lines of the Contract. Flyntlok will then display a list of all Machines of that particular Class/Model for the user to choose from.

  • Associate Model to Invoice 

Users will have the option to generate Interim Invoices for Rental Contracts with reserved Models. When the Model is later replaced with an actual Machine on the Rental Contract, Flyntlok will then display an "Associate Machine To Invoice" dialog. Flyntlok will then suggest line items from the Invoice that the Machine could be associated with. Associating the Machine to the Invoice allows for its monetary value to be applied to the income statement of the Machine.

If the Contract and Invoice have a duplicate of the same Model (e.g. two lines in the invoice have the same model), users will have the option to choose which line item to associate the Machine with by clicking the Edit button.

  • Note- Classifications reserved on Rental Contracts will need to be associated with an actual Machine before an interim invoice can be generated.


Convert Active Rental to Demo Contract-(Ticket # FD-1509, 43690)


Rental managers have requested the ability to convert an active Rental Contract to a “Demo Contract”. Converting a Rental Contract into a Demo Contract allows for the associated Machine(s) to be released on a trial basis. Demo Contracts will block the depreciation of the Machines and eliminate the need to report the Machine(s) as FID to the manufacturer.  Flyntlok gave users the option to generate a Rental Contract or a Demo Contract from the rental creation page, but did not allow active contracts to be converted to a "Demo".


We have added the "Is Demo" field to the General section of the Rental Contracts "Info Tab" allowing users to convert active Rental Contracts to Demo Contracts.

Audit Log Update-(Ticket # FD-1534, 43789)


Flyntlok users have requested additional information be added to the Rental Contracts Audit Log to make it more evident what Machines or Items have been added or removed from the contract.


We have updated the Rental Contracts Audit Log to now display the ID Number of Items, Models, and Machines that have been added or removed from the contract.



Honda Interface-(Ticket # FD-998)


Purchasing Managers working with Honda equipment have requested the ability to generate Item Purchase Order documents for Honda directly from Flyntlok which they can then upload to the Honda Portal.


We have added a "Generate Document For Honda" link to the Actions button drop-down menu of the Item Purchase Order which, when selected, will automatically download an interface document onto your computer. Once downloaded you can upload the document to the Honda Portal as a Purchase Order.

  • Note- Please contact one of our Flyntlok Consultants if you would like assistance in setting up this feature.

Item Alternates Indicator-(Ticket # FD-1543, 43857)


Flyntlok users have requested Item Alternate information be added to the individual line items of the Draft Purchase Order Page, allowing purchasers to more easily see whether an individual item has any alternates. Alternates are Items that can be purchased instead of the original item, as a substitute.


We have added an "Alternates" icon to the Draft Purchase Order Page, which will populate to the left of the Item Number if the item has any Alternate Item associated. We have also introduced a new tab titled “Alternate Items” on the "Inventory and Order History" section of an Item, which is visible when an individual item row is expanded. Flyntlok will display a list of available alternates for the given Item in this new section and display a “No Alternates” message if no alternates exist.



Machine Hour History-(Ticket # FD- 1520, 43734)


Last release, we added a mileage log capability on Flyntlok. Our next iteration was to add an "Hour History" section to the Machine Dashboard. This will display all Work Order and Rental Contract check-in hour logs as well as any direct edits to the Hours field of the Machines edit page.


We have combined the Machine Hours with the Mileage logs and renamed the section "Meter History". This section will display ALL mileage and hour log entries for the specific piece of equipment via the following pages: WO creation and WO check-ins; on Rental Contracts as well as on Check-in/out of the rental; and on changes to the Machine Dashboard edit page. This new section will display the ten most recent entries as well as a link that will redirect users to an alternate view that will display ALL mileage/hour logs for that specific Machine. Flyntlok will display the date, the metric, and the user's name that performed the logging.


Marketing Checkmark-(Ticket# FD-1553, 43884)


Flyntlok Users have requested a way to easily see if a specific Customer is properly set up with contact marketing information.


We have added a new indicator titled "Has Contact" to the Customer's Dashboard, which will display a green check icon if the particular Customer has one or more contacts with Contact name, phone number, and email information saved. This new field will be added to the top bar of the Customers Dashboard next to the "Last Survey Send" field.


QuickBooks  Services-(Ticket # FD-1536, 43804)


Accounting Managers have recently inquired about where they can create new items as a Service in QuickBooks Online. Creating an item as a Service in QuickBooks allows Users to set a revenue account for the item to book to within QB. Currently, Flyntlok provides a link to add a new Service in QB from the Accounting section of the Item Dashboard's edit page, but does not clearly define what the link does.


We have updated the styling of the "Add Service to QuickBooks Online" link on the Item Dashboards edit page and also added descriptive text.

Issues Resolved This Sprint

CRM: Removed Status Change "New to New" from Audit Log-(Ticket #FD- 1516, 43724)


Salespeople have requested to have the logging of the status change "New to New" be removed from the Lead Dashboards Audit Log. Flyntlok gives users the option to edit information surrounding the Lead from the individual Leads Dashboard, such as the status, estimated revenue,  contact information, and more. Currently updating any status of a Lead ( for example updating a lead status from "Open" to "Won") creates a log stating "Status changed from NEW to NEW" and then also states the correct status change.


We have removed the logging for the status change (New to New).

QuickBooks Online Not Updating Paid Invoices-(Ticket #FD-1514, 43676)


Sales Managers had noticed the red "Paid" stamp, usually displayed on a Sales Order invoice that has been paid in full and moved to a Delivered status and has been processed in QBO, is no longer being displayed.



Wrong Lost Sale Form-(Ticket #FD-1540, 43810)


Salespeople were experiencing issues when attempting to document a lost Machine Sale by selecting the icon of the item line from the Point of Sale. The "sad face" icon allows Users to generate a "Lost Sale" form for the Item or Machine of the line selected. Flyntlok will then generate the "Lost Sale Form" with the Item or Machine information and "Loss Type" prepopulated, in this scenario the generated "Lost Sale Form" form was incorrectly set as an Item and was not populating any Machine information onto the form.


Fixed. Flyntlok will identify the Item or Machine associated with the specific Point of Sale line item and generate the Lost Sale Form with the correct "Loss Type" and Machine or Item information prepopulated onto the form.

Item Metrics Update-(Ticket # FD-1544, 43844)


Purchasing managers were experiencing an issue where Stock Items' recommended quantities were not successfully updated when users created a new Stock Purchase Order using the Flyntlok recommended quantity, and marked the PO as Ordered, but then deleted the PO. The recommended quantity was not being updated on the Recommended Orders Report or the Draft Purchase Order page.


This was caused by a timing issue based on when Flyntlok updated recommended quantities (which is done in a nightly batch job). We have updated the metrics for inventory items, and we will now immediately update the recommended quantity when a PO with stock items is deleted.

Character Limit Error Message- (Ticket#FD-1570, 43932)


Flyntlok Users were experiencing an issue when trying to submit a Support Ticket when the description field exceeded 4,000 characters. The user would receive a generic error message and the ticket was not submitted.


We have updated the error message displayed when the character limit is reached, and will now notify the User of the specific issue at hand and prompt users to shorten the description to 4,000 characters or less. (And, um, if the issue is that difficult to describe, you can always pick up the phone and call us for help. That’s what we’re here for!)

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