Check out the latest updates to the Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management System.


New Feature

Notification Bell

We have added a new feature to easily view and organize Flyntlok notifications. You will now see a bell icon on the top right of your home screen next to your username. When this icon is clicked you will be able to view all notifications, organized by most recent. You will no longer see notifications on your dashboard or popup in the lower right of Flyntlok. You can access the last year of historical notifications by clicking the View All.




New Feature

Create Linked Sales Order/ Work Order

Sales Orders and Work Orders can now be created from a Lead in the CRM Hub. To do this, go from the Actions tab of the Lead view -> Create Sales Order or Create Work Order.

Leads List Sorting

Leads will now be viewable under four new categories: My Leads, New & Open, Unassigned, All Leads. These categories allow for easy organization and quick referencing of new potential  customers.

Status Color Coding

We have added a color coding scheme to status badges of the CRM Leads. This allows users to easily identify the status of their lead. The color coding is outlined below.

Lead List Searching and Filtering

We update the searcher to look across most fields in the lead list. Any fields we are not searching by can be filtered use the selections above the list.

CRM Lead on Customer Dash

We have added a new CRM Leads panel on the customers dashboard, this will track and display all leads created for this customer. This allows users to easily view basic information about each lead.

Inbound Call - Create a Lead

If you are using the VOIP integration with Flyntlok, when any unknown number calls, the user will be redirected to the Add New Lead form of the CRM hub while auto-populating the caller's phone number.  This will let you easily create a lead and ultimately a customer!

Add New Lead

Tag Management

Clearing up typos, and redundant tags can now be done by clicking the Actions -> Manage Tags  from the CRM Hub.


Point of Sale

New Feature

POS Scanning

If a scan fails to find an associated Item Number, UPC, or EAN, a note line will be created in its place to help prevent unnoticed missed scans. The note line will include the barcode number which was originally scanned. We also show a warning pop-up, but if you have hotkey functionality enabled on your scanner, the popup can be missed if you continue to scan.

Scan Mode

Default Invoice Source

We have added a new setting to allow managers to configure a default invoice source by user.  Previously, this was done at the company level.

To set or edit the default invoice source for a user, navigate to Wrench->Users->Users.  Locate the user you wish to set, click edit, and in the "Other" tab, assign a default invoice source.

To check your current company settings, navigate to Wrench-> Point of Sale-> Invoice Sources.

Work Orders

New Feature

Mobile Create Work Order Option

We have added a link to the mobile dashboard that will allow users to quickly create new Work Orders.

Copy/Paste Group Schedule

We have added a new icon to the Service Scheduler. When selected, you will be able to copy and paste the events of the group you have selected to a new date.


Work Order Deposits - Auto Apply to Final Invoice

We will now be automatically applying work order deposits to the final invoice of a work order. Previously, you had to add these manually and the deposit was only accessible if the payment was posted to QuickBooks Online.

Service Scheduler Permissions

Updated user permissions now allows admins to limit users ability to make changes on the Service scheduler such as changing events, and modifying groups.


New feature

Accounting Period Cutoff Date

Flyntlok settings allow admins to adjust cutoff dates for transactions. This helps prevent unwanted reversals of invoices that have been posted during accounting periods already closed, as well as, backdating transactions into closed period. This should align with your QuickBooks Online Books Closed Date.

Item Purchase Orders

New Feature

Reopening a Posted Voucher

You can now restrict who is allowed to open a posted item voucher.  This will add an internal control that stops users from requesting a reversal of a bill.

New Feature

Duplicate Document Warning

You will now see a red warning message if there is a duplicate bill number under the particular vendor. This message will be displayed in red, next to the QB Bill Number in the Voucher Details section.

Machine Purchase Order

New Feature

Generating Labels in Bulk

We have added a new setting to the Machine Purchase Order. Users will now be able to print labels in bulk from the receiving voucher by selecting voucher lines, selecting printing action, then clicking Generate Labels.

Item Searching



We gave the Omnisearch results a freshlook.  It now allows for quick referencing of item number, vendor/make, description and bin. Also displayed, includes QOH, QOO, and List Price, which are appropriately categorized by color.


New Feature

Recent Contracts

A Recent Rentals section has been added to the Item Dashboard, which displays the fifteen most recent rental contracts of the item.


New Feature

Sparks Request for Service

We have added machine hours and miles to the Sparks Request Service Form.



Last Release Notes

December 14th, 2022 Release Notes

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Check out the latest updates to the Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management System.

Click Reduction Winner

We have selected multiple click reduction winners. We received a record number of entries, many of which will be implemented! Here are the click reduction winners. Each suggestion was submitted by multiple people. Everyone involved will receive a gift card.

  1. Is it possible to upload item #'s to create a PO/RO? I'm working on surplus returns and have to manually enter each item. Is there a way to upload an excel file with the required info? Each PO is roughly 150 lines, so that would save quite a bit of time and clicks.
  2. It would be great if you could create a drop down menu for changing locations on P.O.'s. rather than using the widget to change locations
  3. Add the capability to add line items to a current p.o. Currently, if we forget to add a part to a p.o., we have to create a new p.o. and merge into the original p.o., this is very time consuming.

Point of Sale

New Features

Tax Adjustment

We are introducing a new tax rule editor on the point of sale. This screen will make working with a large number of tax jurisdictions much easier.

The first step is to remove unwanted taxes from the sales order. Then, add the correct taxes by selecting the check mark and clicking Enable Rules


Work Order


Work Order Creation - Welcome Message

When a work order is created, Flyntlok can send a SMS welcome message to your customer. The SMS can include a custom greeting and the work order number. You can chose to send this SMS on a work order by work order basis.


Welcome to Flyntlok, Your work order number is 404230. You'll get updates as they happen. Feel Free to respond to this message at anytime with questions.

If you would like to configure a custom message, please submit a support ticket and we will work with you on the configuration.

Work Order Creation - New Field

When creating a work order, you can choose whether the customer receives SMS messages by default. When this box is checked, Flyntlok will send a message at work order creation, check-in, status change, and check-out.

Work Order Creation - Additional New Fields

New field options were added to the work order creation page. If you would like any of the new fields added to your page, please submit a support ticket!

Additional Fields:

Work Order Creation - Machine Searching

After a customer is selected on a work order the machine searcher will only search machines owned by that customer. Searching by make is now supported as well.

Mobile Work Order - Enhancements

Job Completion

Jobs can be marked as complete using Flyntlok Mobile!

Completed jobs will have a green check!

Work Order / Job Category

The work order category is displayed on the work order dashboard.

The job category and job type is displayed on the job screen.


Inventory Sprints

New Features

Add Item

If you are counting a bin and find an additional item, click add item!

Add Bin Location

Bin locations can be created from inventory sprints. If you find a loose part, create a new bin and set it on the shelf!

Service Trucks(Beta)

Service truck functionality will start being released. The first release allows inventory tracking and truck inventory use on work orders. In the future we will be adding additional service truck functionality. If you are interested in being part of the beta release, please submit a support ticket.

New Features

Adding a New Service Truck

New service trucks can be added by clicking Actions -> Create New Truck.

Add the truck's information and click create.

Inventory Management

Inventory can be transferred onto and off of a service truck using the Quick Transfer button. First, add a transfer quantity to the item that you need to transfer.

Then, click Quick Transfer and select to transfer in or out.

Review the transfer. Once you are ready to move the parts, click Transfer.

Last Release Notes

September 28th, 2022 Release Notes

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Check out the latest updates to the Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management System.



New Features

Machine Purchase Order Searching

We have added model information to the machine selection page.

Machine Options

Machine Purchase Order Vouchers now include machine options data. The cost and the list price of the model option will be added into the cost and list price of the machine.

Bill Creation

Machine Purchase Order Vouchers support posting each machine on a separate bill in QuickBooks.




Line Level Pricing Information

We have added more information to each line on a rental contract. Billable Duration is still the amount of time the machine will be rented. Est. Billable is the amount of income the line item is expected to earn. Billed, is the amount of income the line has generated so far.

Contract Location

We have added a way to switch the location of a rental contract during creation. After you have selected the machines that are going out on rent. The next page, will have a location selector at the bottom of the form.


Work Order


Pickup and Delivery Address's

We have added a "Same As" feature to the pickup and delivery inputs on the work order creation page. If you add a pickup address, then check the delivery box, we will use the same address that you put into the pickup field unless you change it.

Labor Type Auto-fill

When you add labor to a job, we will autofill the labor type that is on the job.



New Features

SMS Verification

Along with receiving MFA Codes in your email, you can receive them on your phone. To set this up, go to Login & Security section on your Preferences page.

Then add/change your phone number.




Conversations Filtering

We have added a way to search and filter your conversations!


Point of Sale

New Features

Customer Terms

If you have an account customer with terms, please set their terms on their customer profile in QuickBooks! Once you reload your customers in Flyntlok, customers' terms and due date will appear on their invoices.


Last Release Notes

May 24th, 2021 Release Notes

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Check out the latest updates to the Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management System.

Point Of Sale

Invoice Customer Panel

We have restructured the customer panel to make it more space-conscious and moved the contact selector next to the customer selector.  Previously, the contact was selected in the details panel at the bottom of the page.

You can now designate the type of invoice and use that for reporting.

The type and location can also be encoded into the ID.  If you wish to enable this feature, please submit a support ticket.

Activity/SMS Panel

We have made it easier to add/edit notes and send SMS's from the point of sale by adding an activity panel on the lower right of the page.


When a customer responds, you will get a notification in the lower right of Flyntlok, and on your dashboard.

You can reply from the notification, customer dashboard, or right in the activity panel on the invoice.

Returning Dirty Cores

Previously when creating a return for a sale that includes cores, we were not populating the return sales order with the dirty core.  We updated that so you no longer have to add that manually when the customer returns with the dirty core.

Machine Owner / Bill To

We have updated the sales order PDF to reflect the machine owner if it is different than the bill-to.

Work Order

SMS Templates

You can now customize your own templates for SMS's sent from the work order system!  To configure your templates, please submit a ticket and a consultant will work with you to get them setup.

Activity/SMS Panel - Unread Activity

We have added an unread activity indicator on the activity panel. Once you open the panel, the notes will be flagged as reviewed and the indicator will be removed.

Estimates - Icons

We have added icons to the estimate section to indicate when an estimate has been emailed to your customer, and when they respond.  Look for more updates to this feature in the coming releases!


Activity/SMS Panel - Unread Activity

We have added an unread activity indicator on the activity panel.  Once you open the panel, the notes will be flagged as reviewed and the indicator will be removed.

Auto-Generated Work Orders for Rental Actions

Based on your company's settings, we will automatically create a work order at the first rental, and every subsequent check-in of a rental.  We updated this functionality to create these work orders as segmented.  In the coming release, you should be able to designate one or more job templates to be added to this style of work order.


Bulk Printing Labels

We moved the bulk printing of labels from the PO to the voucher.  This lets you print off a barcode label for each item you are receiving.


Customer Accounting Settings

Previously we were updating the Accounting Email and Auto-Send setting on the customer when you re-loaded them. That caused confusion when QuickBooks Online had different data than what was set in Flyntlok. We will no longer automatically update those fields.



Last Release Notes

November 17th, 2021 Release Notes

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Check out the latest updates to the Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management System.

Work Order Updates

Work Order Machine Assignment

In the past, only one machine was allowed per work order. This worked great until a customer dropped off a chain saw, pole saw, and weed wacker. Now you can add multiple machines to a work order. To do this, click "Multiple" on the work order creation screen. Then add machines to each job.


Then, you will be able to add a machine to each individual job.

Clocked in list

Click the Info Tab to see a list of people that are clocked into a work order.


Technician Notes

The customer will not see any notes that are added in the "Notes" section.  However, after the notes have been reviewed, you can add them to the correction section by clicking the "Add to Corrections" button.

Work Order Sections Stay Closed

When you minimize a section on the info tab of the work order page, it will remain closed until you open it again.

Parts Transfers

Parts invoices can be transferred between jobs. The jobs can even be on different work orders. Click the transfer button on the management tab to preform transfers.

Work Order Permissions

Certain work order actions only need to be available to select users.  Below is a list of actions that can be limited. The limits can be set on the Authorized Users tab by your company Flyntlok administrator.

Add Job

Change Status

Revert To Estimate

Delete Job Note

Edit Labor Line

Edit General Fields

Create WO From Estimate

Add Files to Jobs

Check In

Delete Job

Edit Job Billing Style

Edit Job Labor Type

Edit Machine Fields

Send Customer SMS

Add Forms to Jobs

Check Out

Remove File From Job

Edit Job Category

Change Job Machine

Mark Job Complete

Start Paccar Warranty Claim

Add Labor Lines to Jobs

Clock Into Job

Remove Form From Job

Edit Cause

Edit Job Name

Mark Job Incomplete

Transfer Job Between WO's

Add Parts Invoices to Jobs

Clock Out Of Job

Delete Labor Lines

Edit Complaint

Change Job Technicians

Create Partial Invoice

Update Customer & Contacts

Add Recommended Jobs

Create Template From Job

Delete Text Expansion

Edit Correction

Edit Job Type

Post Comment

Delete File From WO

Cancel Work Order

Create Text Expansion

Add Job Note

Edit Job Estimate

Edit Customer Fields

Reorder Jobs

Delete Form From WO

Setting Permission Access

New Rental System Updates

If you are interested in upgrading to the new rental system, please reach out to

Rental Contract E-Signing

From a rental contract, select "Request Signature" from the actions dropdown.

Then input the customers' email on the pop-up.

The customer will receive an email prompting them to e-sign the contract.

Then, the customer can sign the contract.


Rental Kits

Beta users can configure Kits from the Models page. To create a Kit from scratch, first, create a Model. Then edit the model and scroll down to the recommended items section.


Remember, only items that are marked rentable will show in the searcher.

Delivery And Pickup Information

If you leave the box blank, the rental delivery fee will show TBD instead of $0.  This allows you to bill the customer after the delivery has occurred.  In this case, we recommend having your rates listed in the terms of the contract.

Associated Salespeople

You can now associate more than one salesperson to a Customer. This can be helpful if a customer has a salesperson and a PSSR.

Flyntlok Surveys

You can now see the last time a customer was surveyed on the customer's dashboard.

Vendor Searching

We have updated vendor searching from the search bar. It should be faster and show better results than before!


Last Release Notes

August 11th, 2021 Release Notes

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Check out the latest updates to the Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management System.

BETA Work Order Updates

By request, we have been moving users over to the new work order system. Thank you for all the great feedback! Please submit a ticket if you would like to start using the new system.

Recommended Jobs for John Deere and Hitachi

After creating a work order for a John Deere or Hitachi machine, we will look for open PIPs. If any are found, they will be listed just below the Add Job button in the new Recommended section of the work order.

Once you select a recommended job, we will pull information directly from John Deere like the PIP title, type, and even the items needed for PIP. If you choose to create the job, we will also create the internal parts order with the required parts for the job.

Job Templates

In order to save you time on creating templates for common jobs, you can now create a job template directly from a job you have on a work order.

Complaint, Cause, Correction

In our new work order, we have moved away from work requested and work done on jobs to a complaint, cause, and correction structure. This gives the opportunity to input the customer's complaint, then the technician's analysis of what caused the problem. The correction field will be used to communicate the work done. Only complaint and correction are required.

Disabled Actions Labels

Description labels appear when a button is disabled to give insight as to why the button is disabled.


Banners are back! After getting a new look, banners are being reintroduced to update you on important information.

BETA Rental Updates

We will soon be adding more customers to the new rental system. Here are some of the new features that will be available!

Rentable Items

We now support renting out items. To make an item rentable, you will need to edit the item and check the Item Can Be Rented box.

While you are there, you can add rent schedules to cover all of your pricing structures.

Rental Kits

A rental kit consists of one machine and a group of items that must be rented together. An example of this is renting a serialized air compressor with a hose and pressure regulator. The air compressor is the serialized machine, while the air hose and pressure regulator are optional items. When adding the machine to the rental, you can choose the amount of each item you will rent with the machine. These items will then be pulled from inventory when checked out, then added back to inventory when checked in.

Flyntlok Surveys

Customizable Email Templates

We now support customized email templates on each survey template that you send out. If you are interested in adjusting your email template or learning more about our survey system, please reach out to!

Store Specific Surveys

If you are a multi-store company, you can now configure your surveys to only send when the sale is closed at a certain store.


July 28th, 2021 Release Notes

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Check out the latest updates to the Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management System.

Rental Creation Redesign

We want to make renting equipment easier for you!

We have added a new page to research machines and create rental contracts.  You can access this page under the "New" section of the left navigation.

You can filter available machines based on customer requirements. Then, select the machines and attachments to add to the rental contract. The selected equipment will be moved to the Selected Machines section.  Once all equipment has been selected, clicking the continue button will let you move forward with quoting or reserving the contract.

The Filter bar makes it easy to find a machine that meets your customer's requirements.

Machines that pass your filters will appear in the Machine section.

Easily see all of your machines and select the equipment that works best. You can select as many machines and attachments as needed. Selected equipment will be added to the Selected Machines section.

The Selected Machines bar allows you to add multiple machines to a single rental contact.

The Selected Machines bar allows you to edit the rental contract. You can see the equipment you have already added, delete machines, and view the machine's rate sheet. When everything is perfect, click continue at the bottom of the page to finalize the rental contract.


While we beta this new form, our existing form for rental creation will remain in place, so you can still you that one if you would like.

We're very interested in your feedback on the new page, so please let us know any suggestions by submitting a support ticket.


Work Order Dashboard (Closed Beta)

We have changed our Work Order Dashboard! Participating customers only; coming soon to everyone.  This update to the work order dashboard comes with a tabbed layout giving more space to focus on the center point on the work order - jobs.

Jobs Tab:

We crafted the Jobs tab to show everything a technician would need to perform work. We scaled down the dashboard to the essential information, removing clutter.

Info Tab:

We designed the Info tab to meet the needs of a service manager or parts associate. The Info tab shows customer and machine information essential to your job.

Future updates to the Work Order Dashboard

We will be rapidly expanding the functionality on this page to include the following features:

Open beta should begin 06/30/2021.  If you are interested in participating, please reach out to and we can ensure you are included.

Prevent Duplicate Model Creation

If you try to create a duplicate machine model, we will alert you!

If you already have model duplicates and want to clean them up. A company admin can go to Wrench -> Flyntlok -> Widgets and use the Merge Model Widget.

Exclude From Auto-Email

It is easy to disable emailing on a case-by-case basis. After reversing a sales order we recommend using this feature. This will prevent your customers from receiving multiple emails for the same transaction.

Visibility to Paccar Bond Loyalty/Fleet Accounts

Moving forward, the Bond Loyalty/fleet accounts options will only be available for locations of your dealership that support Paccar. This continues our trend of decluttering; only showing the information you want to see.

Default Model Classes

You can now set a default primary/secondary class for models.  This is done at the company level.  To set this data, head to the Wrench -> Flyntlok -> Flyntlok Details.  Under the model primary photo, you can set these defaults.

Primary Model Images

We allow you to set primary photos for a model in Flyntlok.  This is the default for any machines created of this model.  However, if you updated this photo, we weren't correctly updating the settings to make the new photo the primary photo.  That has been fixed!


Last Release Notes

June 9th, 2021 Release Notes

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Printable Link: QOH Cheat Sheet


Make sure you turn on landscape print!

Printable Link: PO vs. RO QOH Cheat Sheet


Make sure you turn on landscape print!


Printable Link: Work Order Status Cheat Sheet


Make sure you turn on landscape print!


Check out the latest updates to the Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management System.


Between today, May 27th, 2021, and June 9th, 2021, we want to reduce unnecessary mouse clicks within the application.  Submit a support ticket with your idea to reduce clicks. As a team, we will determine the most impactful request, implement the changes, and reward that user with a $25 visa gift card!

Automated Customer Satisfaction Surveys

If you have ever wanted to gauge customer satisfaction in real-time then we have the feature for you! We are adding the ability for you to automatically email surveys to your customers after certain actions in the system.  For example, after you close a sale with a customer.

If you have interacted with Flyntlok’s help desk recently, you may have received a survey in your inbox almost instantly. While this alone is great, we wanted to take this feature a step further by building “triggers'' that will allow you to send the surveys either instantly, or after a delay chosen by your business. This tool will not only make your dealership look modern and professional, but also provide you with instant feedback from your customers.

We have teamed up with Survey Monkey as a partner for this feature. This allows Flyntlok to trigger actions for surveys and manage data necessary to tailor your survey.  Survey Monkey manages the survey configuration and provides tooling and reporting around your surveys.  The Flyntlok consulting team can assist with all of the setups.

This ad-hoc feature can be configured for you for a cost of 10 cents a survey.  If you are interested in utilizing this, please contact us at or submit a ticket within the application, and we will set up a time to discuss.

New Sales Order PDF (Closed Beta Testing)

We are happy to announce that we are launching a new version of the Invoice/Sales Order PDF.  We will be adding this feature by customer request in the coming weeks! A Flyntlok consultant will reach out to your management team for approval before adding your business to the beta test. This new sales pdf  will soon become the standard within Flyntlok.

Biggest Improvements:


DMS Work Order Dashboard Updates

Over the course of the next two weeks, we will be working on a new implementation of the work order dashboard.  This will be a job-centric dashboard with screen space optimized for tablets and laptops.  Starting 06/09 we will launch a closed beta for this feature and open that beta to customers who are interested in trying out this new dashboard in late June.

DMS Work Order Job Template Manager

Since we are making updates to our work order system, we will take this opportunity to update the job template editor as well.  This will be finalized and out with our release 06/09!

Point of Sale Improvements

New Hotkey “F”

Due to popular demand, we have added a new hotkey to our sales order page. “F” can now be pressed to fulfill as many items as possible on the sales order. We continue to encourage ticket submissions with click reduction ideas!

View Updated Hotkey Cheat Sheet

Cursor Movement After Parts Selection

After using the mouse to select parts from the parts searcher drop down, the cursor will automatically move to the quantity field.

Item Quick Add

We added a link from the POS item quick add dialog to the full new part creation form.  If you had some data already entered into this form, it will be saved and you will continue to edit the newly created part in a new tab. Just remember, the form has to be completely filled out before clicking the advanced button.

We will also start checking for duplicate customers. This should help prevent quickly adding customers that are already in the system.

Sparks Portal

Clicking “Accept Order” Assumes Responsibility

Sparks Orders were being created with a user set to ”Flyntlok System”.  In order to support downstream workflows (like purchase requests), we will assume the user clicking “accept order” will be responsible for that sales order moving forward.


We fixed a bug causing sparks machines photos to be different than Flyntlok DMS ones. This occurred when a machine's picture was updated from its original version.


Dashboard Layout Updates

We optimized this page for laptop uses. Since consignment locations are often remote or on service trucks, we made some layout changes that should give laptop users a better experience. Specifically, any action button should be accessible without the need to side scroll.

Remove Insufficient Quantities

We added a button to remove out-of-stock items when transferring quantities to consignment locations.  When this button is clicked, we will reduce the transfer amount to the max quantity available to get you closer to your target quantity.  Previously, we removed the whole transer.


Redirect on Submission of WO Internal Quote

We realized the redirecting between work orders and internal quotes was choppy. We have implemented better redirects to help streamline the process. Upon completing an internal quote you will now be redirected back to the work order you started on. The system will behave exactly as if you bought the parts from an internal account; eliminating clicks and allowing you to enter additional work order data.

Better Error Handling on the User Settings page

You might have run into an error while editing/saving your user settings (such as updating your personal photo) and not realized it. We have now updated that page to communicate errors to you, should one occur.

User Photos - No Permissions Necessary

Being able to put a face to a name is more important now than ever. We made sure that all users are able to add a user photo. No permission is now necessary.

ERP Work Order Updates 

ERP Grading Workflow

Users were mistakenly grading a work order before signing it as assembled or signing the first article inspection.  Now, a work order must be signed as assembled before the option to grade the work order will be made available. If a work order requires first article inspection, that must also be completed before the option to grade will be made available.

Notes Modal (Gabe K - Click Reduction Contest)

This submission came from Gabe K during our click reduction contest. If your mouse left the space on the screen where the modal (pop up) was, the modal would automatically close. We understand that can be frustrating so we made sure that the modal stays open until you choose to click close or save.

Expected Total Cost

We give an extensive breakdown of costs on ERP work orders. We went ahead and added them up for you! This can be found on your ERP work order dashboard.

Quick Searching - Open in New Tab (Gabe K - Click Reduction Contest)

If you have the user setting enabled to open your QuickSearch results in a new tab, we were not leaving the input after you submitted your search.  When you returned to that tab, the QuickSearch guide would overlay over the page and block your view, requiring a click to close it. We have handled that for you now.

Adding Notes Only Available in Draft Status

It is important that closed sales orders remain closed and not changed. A few users found that our new hotkey improvements worked a little too well; allowing notes to be added to sales orders after they were closed. “N” will now only add notes to work orders in draft status.

Searching for Supersessions/Alternates/Cores After Creation

We have continued to improve on last week's core-focused improvements. You will now be able to find newly created cores in the parts searcher immediately after they are created. This will allow you to connect cores to parts immediately, smoothing your workflow.

Customer Unit Number Now Searchable on Work Order Create/Edit

We have added the ability to update, search and link machines to work orders based on the customer-supplied unit number. Previously, the technician had to supply the Flyntlok unit number.

Last Weeks Release Notes

May 19th, 2021 Release Notes

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Check out the latest updates to the Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management System.

New 🆕

POS Quick Add Customer/ Machine / Item

We have always allowed you to add a customer, item, or machine from the point of sale.  However, we did not add or assign those things to the sales order you were coming from.  Now, you can add each of these from the point of sale without leaving the page. Once you have added a customer, item, or machine, we will assign it to that sales order.




Report Customization Selection

We recognize that it can be cumbersome to have to select your custom version of a report from the layout dropdown after the page has loaded.  We will now remember the last custom report layout you had selected, and route you directly to that version.



Streamlined Core Receiving

It was brought to our attention that just about everywhere we deal with cores, we assist in managing the core. This fell short at receiving.  We add the core to the PO on your behalf, but we make you receive it manually.

We have updated the receiving of cores to occur automatically when you receive the main part.  While receiving the main part, you have the option to set the core cost and bin.  We also will flag a part as having a core when viewing the PO and Voucher.

Zip Code Lookup

To reduce the amount of manual data entry you have to do, we have added a feature that will lookup the City, State, and Country based on the zip code you have entered. This feature is available anywhere in Flyntlok you are adding an address. Simply tab or click out of the zip code box to take advantage of the feature. Zip Code Lookup currently only supports domestic  (US) zip codes.

Rental Pickup/Delivery Address Create

When creating a pickup or delivery address for a rental, you will see the Zip Code field has been positioned before the city/state.  After inputting the zip code and clicking the tab key, we will look up the city/state associated with that zip code and pre-fill the form on your behalf.

POS Shipping Address Create & Edit

When creating or editing a shipping address on the point of sale, you will see the Zip Code field has been positioned before the city/state.  After inputting the zip code and clicking the tab key, we will look up the city/state associated with that zip code and pre-fill the form on your behalf.

Customer Create & Edit

When creating or editing a customer, you will see the Zip Code field has been positioned before the city/state.  After inputting the zip code and clicking the tab key, we will look up the city/state associated with that zip code and pre-fill the form on your behalf.

Vendor Create & Edit

When creating or editing a vendor, you will see the Zip Code field has been positioned before the city/state.  After inputting the zip code and clicking the tab key, we will look up the city/state associated with that zip code and pre-fill the form on your behalf.

Enhancements 🙌

Increased Logs Viewing

Certain entities (i.e. invoices, work orders, machines, etc.)  in Flyntlok may have thousands of logs associated with them. Previously, you could only review the last 200 logs.  We have now added the ability to view all logs related to an entity. You'll see the option to page through all of the logs. 

Note: The search function will only search through the page you are on!

MRP Sub Costs on Item Dashboard (24894)

After updating our costing calculations for our MRP work orders, it was suggested that we make it easier to review those costs. We have added sub-miscellaneous and sub-labor costs to the item dashboard. 

MRP Expected Total Costs

We were requiring users to break out their calculators to get the expected total cost of a work order. We now give you an Expected Total Costs row in the Details of a work order.

Machine PO Information

Finding information related to the purchase order for a machine required digging through a few different pages. You can now view the details of a purchase order for a machine directly from the machine's dashboard.

POS Cash Payment

Requiring two numbers to be input on cash sales causes confusion and takes up time. The Amount Applied to Transaction box will prefill based on the amount input into the Amount Tendered box.

Consignment Item Transfers

We didn't offer an option to transfer items from one consignment location to another. Now, if two consignment locations use the same fulfillment location, you can transfer items between the two locations.

Consignment Restocking

When restocking a consignment location, we didn't show the QOH of the item at the store. We now show the store QOH and, when restocking, will indicate if you have enough at the store to fulfill the target quantity at the consignment location.

Resolutions 🐛

POS Green Checkmarks on Work Order Billing (25052)

A green “fulfilled” checkmark would not show on the line items that were billed out on a work order in certain instances. All items being billed on a final bill out of a work order are technically “fulfilled,” so we fixed the point of sale to reflect that accurately.

Machine PO - Options (24710)

Pre-configured machine options that were set on a PO were not carrying through to the machine.  We have fixed this so all selected options on an ordered model carry through to the machine record that is created.

Machine PO - Date Sync (25087)

We removed the date sync on machine PO’s a few weeks ago. This auto-sync was wreaking havoc on data in certain instances.  We have added an option to sync these dates to all machines on the PO at your request.

Machine Search - Post Search Filter

If a machine search returns more than 500 records, we ask that you refine your search and provide you links to look for only sold or available machines.  These links were broken after an update we made to the searcher.  We have fixed them!

Machine Search - Work Order Editing (24997)

While editing a work order, you can now search for machines by the customer unit number.

Updating User Profile Photo Error

We were not appropriately warning you when there was an error updating your user photo. Sorry! You will see an error moving forward.

Searching Newly Created Cores

When creating a core from the item creation/edit screen you were not able to immediately search those newly created items. We have fixed that and you can search those core items as soon as they are created!

Links to Markdown Documentation

We were accidentally routing you to our old support site for documentation on how to use markdown.  We have updated that to point to the new site.

Machine Sale Warning

We fixed a bug that was causing the point of sale to warn you about machine sales when there were returns or trade-ins listed on the sale.  You shouldn't receive a warning in those cases.

Adding Note Lines to Sales Orders Past Draft Status

We fixed a bug that allowed you to add a note line with the hotkey "N" when a sales order was not in draft status.  You will now only be able to use that hotkey when a sales order is in "Draft" status.

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