Effortlessly Integrate Flyntlok with Your Accounting System

Flyntlok Dealer Management System

The Flyntlok DMS has prided itself since its inception on doing what it knows how to do best: manage your firm’s inventory, sales, rentals, and repairs. We leave it to other products to do what they do best and we choose to integrate with them rather than trying to reinvent functionality where they are already likely leading the industry.

The classic case-in-point is Accounting. Rather than trying to build a General Ledger into a DMS and manage all of the P&L tracking in Flyntlok, we have chosen to integrate with best-of-breed solutions. We are proud integrators with two of the most premier accounting packages in the industry: Intuit’s QuickBooks Online and Sage Intacct.

Leverage World Class Solutions

This decoupling of the solutions gives you the freedom to select a world class DMS (Flyntlok!) alongside a tightly integrated accounting system that best fits the needs of your business. Many of those legacy DMS products force you to use their accounting capabilities, which gives a more dealer-mission feel. But with Flyntlok, you get a true accounting package working hand-in-hand with your DMS functions.

Again, consider that no matter whether you choose Sage Intacct or QuickBooks Online, you have the backing of literally hundreds or thousands of staff members completely dedicated to your accounting solution. Compare that to the limited accounting capabilities embedded in a legacy DMS, which is one module of many fighting for maintenance and R&D dollars within your provider.

Finally, both of these companies also give you access to hundreds of other apps that are meaningful to your business (QuickBooks Online App Store and Sage Intacct App Store). Consider just a few of these: Electronic connections to banks, auto bill pay, highly customized reporting packages, and various Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools. Try getting access to all of these within your DMS’s accounting module!


QuickBooks Online

Flyntlok is a proud reseller of QuickBooks Online and our support staff are certified to help you make the most of their software. Click here for further details on our QuickBooks Online integration.


Sage Intacct

In August, 2023 Flyntlok completed its integration to this enterprise level accounting package. For those customers who do not already have Sage Intacct and are looking for help in migrating from their current accounting software to the Intacct system, Flyntlok partners closely with Sockeye Solutions to help you with that transition. More details about our integration with Sage Intacct can be found here.


Which Solution is Best for me?

For the small to medium-sized dealer, QuickBooks Online will be a cost-effective and user-friendly system that has the backing of one of the largest software development and support teams. For the larger and more complex dealers, especially those with numerous locations and complicated ownership structures, the power and scalability of the Sage Intacct system will rise to the challenge of your business needs.

Flyntlok plus QuickBooks Online or Flyntlok plus Sage Intacct: Either combination is a guaranteed win for efficiency and transparency in your shop!

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