All-in-One STIHL Dealership Management: Flyntlok DMS

Dealership Management System for Stihl Dealers
Flyntlok has worked with Stihl to implement 100% of their available interfaces. In fact, our founders are Stihl dealers all over Alaska from Fairbanks to Soldotna. We support the following integrated activities.

Stihl Automated Purchase Order Entry

We have implemented automated purchase order submission from Flyntlok to Stihl – that means you no long must double enter the order, cut and paste, or export/import, no 1980’s era stuff. Just hit the submit button. We allow for whole goods and parts orders to be combined so you can get the best freight pricing available.

Stihl Price List

We update the equipment and parts master, including part numbers, units of measure and pricing automatically for you at no additional cost. Stihl sends us the master list and we load it up into our Item Genome. From there, you control how pricing is propagated into your DMS. For instance, you can add default markups from list price, you can exclude certain parts from updating at all. If you want, you can use different units of measure while still receiving pricing updates. Once the Stihl master and pricing have updated, we send an email with a link to a report in Flyntlok of the pricing updates.

Stihl Equipment Descriptions and Details

Flyntlok also supports Stihl’s new interface which provides up to the minute equipment information. Each model can instantly query Stihl Headquarters for detailed information about the model including a full description, machine specifications and details on features. See a demonstration of all these dealer management system features in a quick video below.
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