Dealer Management System / Dealer Business System

Our system was designed in coordination with Craig Taylor Equipment, Alaska’s John Deere, Doosan, Stihl, and Bobcat dealer. Front to back business management software that puts you in control of your equipment dealership. Point of Sale, Purchase Orders, Work Orders, Rentals, Transportation Scheduling, Fleet Planning, Inventory Planning. Integrates real-time with QuickBooks Online for General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Payroll.

The Most Advanced Equipment Dealer Management System

Flyntlok’s Dealer Management System (sometimes called a Dealer Business System) supports all aspects of your equipment dealership. We support dealerships of all sizes from one location to twenty, from three employees to three hundred.

Equipment Dealer Point of Sale Support

Flyntlok provide full point of sale support for both equipment and parts sales. Point of Sale includes integrated credit card processing and stored credit cards. It also supports instant messaging and email CRM contact with customers to facilitate order clarifications or to notify them when parts arrive. Our Dealer Point of Sale system is supported by Flyntlok’s Item Genome which offers you access to every part ever defined for covered vendors. The Item Genome also builds quick pick lists based on Make and Model of equipment or customer habits and even your employee’s habits. Flyntlok has built in support for handle special shipping instructions and drop shipping. We can live quote a shipment directly from Fedex, UPS or the USPS and print labels from all these services without leaving the application. Flyntlok keeps track of notes as well as uploaded copies of documents associated with an order. We can also flag orders for whether a part number was customer specified or internally identified to help with confusion later. Everything users do is logged so that if there is an issue, you can look back and see what happened to the order. Flyntlok Point of Sale also automates sales tax collection, special handling, and shipping fees on both cash sales and for customers with account charging privileges. A robust discounting system can add discounts to orders based on pre-arranged relationships or to support real-time discounts for situations like customer appreciation.

Equipment Dealer Service Support

Flyntlok provide a service system for work orders and warranty claims. From scheduling to billing, Flyntlok handles each step. Service gets scheduled through our comprehensive scheduling system (you can also skip this step if you choose). Upon arrival, equipment is checked into Flyntlok which starts the clock on all your dealer service KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). At your choosing and according to how your dealership works, you can then create an estimate. Once approved, work begins with technicians clocking into the work orders, where they can see a full history of the equipment as well as order parts and check availability both in stock and for special order. They can write notes about what they discover and what they fix. They can escalate problems or changes in findings to managers.

All the while, service managers can monitor the activity and see which technician is clocked into what work order and what their overall dealer backlog is. Most importantly they can review lost time reports, and rework incidents to see what might be improved.

Equipment Dealer Parts Inventory and Ordering Support

Flyntlok also provide a full parts ordering and management system. For any part, you can select the part dashboard which contains all sorts of information from usage history to pricing information and a history of list and cost changes.

We also support special notes about the parts, supersessions, and alternate part descriptions as well as a robust “core” system that support both clean and dirty core management. When it is time to place an order, you can use our part ordering interface. Flyntlok will recommend stock orders and coordinate expedited orders. You can review the order, save it, forward it to management for approval and then, with many of our vendors, immediately submit it for fulfillment.

Equipment Dealer Rental Support

Flyntlok also supports equipment rental operations with contracts and check in and check out procedures. We support multiple rental structures from hourly to annual with various rate discount structures available. We support the replacement of equipment during a rental contract and rentals with more than one machine. We allow for deposits, monthly or balance billing on rentals. We support mobile based inspection records and the billing of consumables such as drill bits or cutting blades.

Equipment Dealer Logistic Support

Flyntlok provides logistic support for equipment pick up and drop-offs or for multi-location dealer groups who operate a supply chain across their branches. We also support the building of truck loads.

Equipment Dealer Support

Flyntlok backs this all up with our incredible support offering. We release enhancements to our product every Wednesday. Our help desk is integrated into the product, so you ask a question wherever you are in the application and we get your question in context including the page you were on and the data you were looking at. If you want to screen share with support, that is only a click away.
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