Unify Your Dealership with Flyntlok & Sage Intacct Integration

Flyntlok Dealer Management System
Sage Intacct & Flyntlok - The perfect match.
As of August, 2023 Flyntlok is proud to announce its integration with the Sage Intacct accounting package. Flyntlok stays in its lane and acts as the industry’s most modern, powerful, and scalable DMS product on the market. While Sage Intacct is the industry’s most modern, powerful, and scalable accounting software. Together we provide a better overall solution than those DMS products that try to be all things to all people. 

Take advantage of the two leading cloud based solutions for your business and never worry about waiting months or years for any updates to your DMS and accounting software.

Flyntlok and Sage have a two-way sync process to move reference data, transactions, and balances between the products. Synchronization can happen automatically or can be manually initiated in order to provide a review process as part of your workflow. 

When considering which accounting solution is best for you, consider Sage Intacct if you have 10+ locations, a complicated ownership structure, or if you work in an multi-national or multi-currency environment.

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