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New 🆕

Hiding Part Numbers

We understand that some of your markets may be pretty competitive. To help, we now let you hide part numbers on quotes. This is a location-based setting that can be adjusted under your location settings.  You must have administrative rights to Flyntlok to adjust.

Enhancements 🙌

Flyntlok Support Link

We have changed the link on issue submission from our old FAQ site to the new one. You can check out the new FAQ site here!

DMS Work Order Searching

You can now use W? to search for work orders. Here is a list of all the things that we will attempt to match with your search input:

  • Work order ID
  • Machine ID
  • Tag number
  • Work Station
  • Customer PO
  • Work Requested
  • Work Done
  • Estimate invoice number
  • Work order notes
  • Customer unit number
  • Machine serial number
  • Machine engine serial number

Keyed-In Cards

We have updated the Flyntlok keyed-in cards system so that we are up to date with the most recent Gravity Payments standards. If you ran into any issues in the past week, it would have been due to this change not being implemented yet.

Mergeable Purchases Sorting

You can now sort your to-be-ordered board by items that can be merged into in-process purchases.  If you are not familiar with this feature, it lets you take special order purchase requests and allocate them to an in-process stock order request.

Customer Search

You can now search for customers with the phone numbers of contacts associated with the customer. Before, you could only search for the customer record of the company and contact phone. We will now compare the phone number put into the customer contacts' mobile phone records.

Item Label

Printing an item label will now show a shortened version of the item's description.

Resolutions 🐛

Journal Entry Descriptions

We will now send the line description through to QuickBooks even if the machine ID is not set on the line.

Tracking Notification

When adding the tracking number to the internal notes of a sales order, we will only show the tracking reminder notification once.

Last Weeks Release Notes

March 10th, 2021 Release Notes

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