Check out the latest updates to the Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management System.


New Feature

Notification Bell

We have added a new feature to easily view and organize Flyntlok notifications. You will now see a bell icon on the top right of your home screen next to your username. When this icon is clicked you will be able to view all notifications, organized by most recent. You will no longer see notifications on your dashboard or popup in the lower right of Flyntlok. You can access the last year of historical notifications by clicking the View All.




New Feature

Create Linked Sales Order/ Work Order

Sales Orders and Work Orders can now be created from a Lead in the CRM Hub. To do this, go from the Actions tab of the Lead view -> Create Sales Order or Create Work Order.

Leads List Sorting

Leads will now be viewable under four new categories: My Leads, New & Open, Unassigned, All Leads. These categories allow for easy organization and quick referencing of new potential  customers.

Status Color Coding

We have added a color coding scheme to status badges of the CRM Leads. This allows users to easily identify the status of their lead. The color coding is outlined below.

Lead List Searching and Filtering

We update the searcher to look across most fields in the lead list. Any fields we are not searching by can be filtered use the selections above the list.

CRM Lead on Customer Dash

We have added a new CRM Leads panel on the customers dashboard, this will track and display all leads created for this customer. This allows users to easily view basic information about each lead.

Inbound Call - Create a Lead

If you are using the VOIP integration with Flyntlok, when any unknown number calls, the user will be redirected to the Add New Lead form of the CRM hub while auto-populating the caller's phone number.  This will let you easily create a lead and ultimately a customer!

Add New Lead

Tag Management

Clearing up typos, and redundant tags can now be done by clicking the Actions -> Manage Tags  from the CRM Hub.


Point of Sale

New Feature

POS Scanning

If a scan fails to find an associated Item Number, UPC, or EAN, a note line will be created in its place to help prevent unnoticed missed scans. The note line will include the barcode number which was originally scanned. We also show a warning pop-up, but if you have hotkey functionality enabled on your scanner, the popup can be missed if you continue to scan.

Scan Mode

Default Invoice Source

We have added a new setting to allow managers to configure a default invoice source by user.  Previously, this was done at the company level.

To set or edit the default invoice source for a user, navigate to Wrench->Users->Users.  Locate the user you wish to set, click edit, and in the "Other" tab, assign a default invoice source.

To check your current company settings, navigate to Wrench-> Point of Sale-> Invoice Sources.

Work Orders

New Feature

Mobile Create Work Order Option

We have added a link to the mobile dashboard that will allow users to quickly create new Work Orders.

Copy/Paste Group Schedule

We have added a new icon to the Service Scheduler. When selected, you will be able to copy and paste the events of the group you have selected to a new date.


Work Order Deposits - Auto Apply to Final Invoice

We will now be automatically applying work order deposits to the final invoice of a work order. Previously, you had to add these manually and the deposit was only accessible if the payment was posted to QuickBooks Online.

Service Scheduler Permissions

Updated user permissions now allows admins to limit users ability to make changes on the Service scheduler such as changing events, and modifying groups.


New feature

Accounting Period Cutoff Date

Flyntlok settings allow admins to adjust cutoff dates for transactions. This helps prevent unwanted reversals of invoices that have been posted during accounting periods already closed, as well as, backdating transactions into closed period. This should align with your QuickBooks Online Books Closed Date.

Item Purchase Orders

New Feature

Reopening a Posted Voucher

You can now restrict who is allowed to open a posted item voucher.  This will add an internal control that stops users from requesting a reversal of a bill.

New Feature

Duplicate Document Warning

You will now see a red warning message if there is a duplicate bill number under the particular vendor. This message will be displayed in red, next to the QB Bill Number in the Voucher Details section.

Machine Purchase Order

New Feature

Generating Labels in Bulk

We have added a new setting to the Machine Purchase Order. Users will now be able to print labels in bulk from the receiving voucher by selecting voucher lines, selecting printing action, then clicking Generate Labels.

Item Searching



We gave the Omnisearch results a freshlook.  It now allows for quick referencing of item number, vendor/make, description and bin. Also displayed, includes QOH, QOO, and List Price, which are appropriately categorized by color.


New Feature

Recent Contracts

A Recent Rentals section has been added to the Item Dashboard, which displays the fifteen most recent rental contracts of the item.


New Feature

Sparks Request for Service

We have added machine hours and miles to the Sparks Request Service Form.



Last Release Notes

December 14th, 2022 Release Notes

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Check out the latest updates to the Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management System.



Machine Specs

A Show Descriptions button has been added to the top left-hand corner of the new rental screen. After clicking the button, each machine will display its long description. If you are renting equipment with specific model options this will be a big help.

Contract Estimated Totals

An Estimated Totals section has been added to the Lease Agreement PDF.  The lower left-hand corner of the rental dashboard also has a totals section.




Item Orders

We have added an additional Pending Stock column to the Item Order screen that will show stock order items on the To Be Ordered Board.

Machine Purchase Order Voucher Notifications

When the Submit for Review button is clicked on a machine purchase order voucher, the user that is set as the reviewer on the Flyntlok Details page will be notified.

Machine Purchase Order Voucher PDI Field

We have added the PDI Field to Machine Purchase Order Vouchers. This field will capitalize cost to the machine.




Customer Linking

A link to the customer dashboard has been added to the top of the SMS section.


Machine Management


Estimated Arrival Date

The machines estimated arrival date has been added to the Machine Dashboard.

Link to Vendor

A link to the vendor has been added to the Machine Dashboard.

Additional Data

The following fields have been added to machine records in Flyntlok:



SMS Opt-Out

The first time a customer is contacted they will receive the following message:

Welcome to (Your Company). Feel Free to respond to this message at any time with questions. To stop receiving automated messages, reply STOP.


Point of Sale


Customer Terms

When a customer has terms, a badge with those terms will be added to the lower right-hand corner of their sales orders.

Itemized Margin

You can view margin on the item level by clicking the Incognito Man.


Work Order


For easy identification, a deleted icon has been added to the top of canceled work orders.




Journal Entry Machine Searching

We have updated the machine searching dropdown to include more machine information.


Last Release Notes

August 17th, 2022 Release Notes

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Check out our Flyntlok YouTube channel for more highlights of the application!

Check out the latest updates to the Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management System.

Machine Purchase Orders

New Features

Machine Adding

We've made it easier to sort and filter the list of machines when adding machines to a voucher.

Machine Creation

While adding new machines to the voucher, you can now designate a quantity of machines to create.

Label Printing

We have added label printing functionality to the bulk actions!  Don't forget - Flyntlok consultants can customize these labels to your business needs. Just submit a support ticket!

Permission for Completing a Voucher

We added permission that must be turned on if the user would like to complete vouchers.  You can also designate a user to receive a notification and pending action when a voucher is submitted for completion.

Auto-Calc Allocation Changes

We have removed the recalculate button and will recalculate the fees live.

Year Auto-fill

If you add a date and leave the year blank, we will assume that you would like to use the current year.

File Attachments

If a machine received on a voucher has files attached to it, you will see a voucher files section on the machine's dashboard. Remember, files attached to a machine using the detail view will be attached directly to the machine. Support

If you track your payables through, we have added the ability to set up a machine clearing account.  If this is set, we will offset the asset amount on the journal entry to this account.



New Features


If you log in from a phone, you will now be taken directly to the mobile view. If you want to return to the desktop version, click Return to Desktop at the bottom of the page!

Clocked-In Work Order & My Work

The work order you are clocked into will display at the top of the page. The My Work button will show you all of the work orders you have assigned to you.

Point of Sale


Card Error Messages

We've updated messages coming back from our card processor to make it more clear when a card has been declined or if there was an error during the payment process.



Beta Features

Improved Date/Duration Selection

We will be beta-ing a new feature with pilot dealers that should make it much easier for us to properly calculate your billing durations given a date range on a calendar. This should allow you to set up contract data in a much easier format and reduce the number of dates you need to manage for a rental contract.

Contract Interim Billing Cycle

We will be beta-ing a new feature with pilot dealers that allows you to set a default interim billing cycle for a contract. This should greatly reduce existing date adjusting when trying to create an interim invoice. This will also let us notify you when you have a contract due for billing, and in the future, offer us the chance to generate these bills automatically for you!



Location Selection

You can now select a location during the rental contract creation. Previously, we only allowed you to change it once the contract was created.


While entering an address on a rental contract, you can now click the Save to Customer box to save the address to the customer address book.


Consumables can be configured in two different ways: Standard and Capacity-Based. Capacity-Based is better for fuel because fuel is measured in percentages, not quantities. Standard is better for renting out consumables that are measured in units.  Tire wear, cutting edge wear, and other specifically measure consumables should be setup with the Standard style.

Equipment Return Work Orders

When auto-generating work orders at rental check-in, we were using the machine's last known hours, not the hours at check-in. That has been fixed, so work orders populate with the machine's hours at check-in.

DMS Work Orders


Bug Fixes

We fixed a handful of bugs causing the work order error when you tried to save.  Some of the most notable are:




Notification groups should now be more clear in which aspect of Flyntlok they tie to.

Assigned Lead

Along with adding more categories of notifications, we added a new notification you can receive if a CRM Lead gets assigned to you.  You can configure how you would like to receive this notification by clicking your name in the upper right of Flyntlok and heading to preferences -> notifications.

QuickBooks Online Interface


Syncing / Not Syncing Accounting Contact & Email

We've added an option on the customer profile to decide if you keep the customer's accounting contact in sync with Quickbooks Online data or if the data you enter in Flyntlok should be the source of truth.  This is the email we use to auto-send invoices and receipts.  When this is on, we will always override what is in those fields with what is set in QuickBooks Online.  When it is off, the contact and email will remain whatever you enter under the customer profile in those fields.


Posting Customer Payments (Z-Out)

We were presenting you with some errors almost anytime you ran the end-of-day process to post customer payments. Those errors were erroneous in that the posting had gone through successfully.  We prevented those unnecessary errors from displaying going forward. Actual errors still display!


Last Release Notes

July 6th, 2021 Release Notes

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Check out the latest updates to the Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management System.


New Features

Machine Purchase Order Vouchers(Beta)

We are introducing Machine PO Vouchers! This update will make it faster to receive large quantities of machines and give you more control over machine data.

First, create a Machine Purchase Order. This process has not changed. Once a PO has been created and the machines have arrived, you are ready to begin the receiving process. Click the dropdown, then Create Receiving Voucher.

The first screen is where you will decide which machines need to be received. Select the lines that need to be received, then click Add to Voucher.

You will be brought to the Machine Voucher Page.

The main sections of this page is the grid. You are able to edit information in the grid cells. In this case, lets add serial numbers to the machines.

Date fields will accept dates that follow any standard format. You can also click and drag the small box to auto-fill additional columns.

The accounting department will love this page because fees are much easier to handle.  Add a fee with the correct amount. Then choose to either capitalize the fee to the machines or book the fee to an account. In this case, we will select Capitalize to Machines. Then click Allocate to choose the allocation method.

In the example below, we would like to evenly distribute the $750 freight charge. To accomplish this, select Equal Distribution from the drop-down, and pick all three machines. Each machine will receive a $250 capitalized expense.


The other fee strategies that are available are Cost-Relative and Manual.

To save the voucher so that you can edit it later, click the Green Save Button. To que the voucher up to go to QuickBooks, click the Complete Voucher button.

If you find a mistake, you can always reverse the voucher by clicking Actions then Reverse.

If you would like to participate in the beta release of this new feature please submit a support ticket. We are putting together a migration schedule for companies using the old system. Once out of beta, we will reach out to schedule your migration.


New Features

Multi Factor Authentication(MFA)

You may have noticed our new login page. This change was for more than just a new look. We now support Multi Factor Authentication(MFA) to help meet cyber insurance requirements. If you would like to enable MFA, please submit a support ticket.

If MFA is turned on, you will need to receive a login code. You can receive this code over email. SMS will be available in the coming weeks.

We will send you the code to input on the next page.

Work Orders


Accepted vs Rejected Jobs

You can see if a job was rejected or accepted on the work order PDF.



Conversations Section

If you click on a phone number, the conversations tab will show you the ongoing conversation with the customer.

Lead Navigation

When you click on a lead it will open in a new tab. We found this makes it much easier to navigate the page.

Point of Sale

Item Price Updating

If the pricing changes for an item that is already on a sales order, we will display the gold icon below. Click the icon if you wish to update the pricing information to what is currently set on the item. This will update both list and cost.

If you have multiple lines that need to be updated, click the icon in the button bar at the top.

Last Release Notes

May 11th, 2021 Release Notes

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Check out the latest updates to the Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management System.

Click Reduction Contest

We have selected the winners of the click reduction contest. We will contact you today for a shipping address for your gift card!

Winner One:

90% of the time after applying a payment to a sales order, you will be ready to click the order button. Can we eliminate this click?

We will be adding a streamlined solution to collect a payment and move the sales order forward.

Winner Two:

When a machine sale is finalized, you should be given the option to create a work order. This would be helpful when a PDI is needed, or an attachment needs to be added to the machine.

This feature will be added in an upcoming sprint.

If you submitted a suggestion that was not selected it may still be a great addition to Flyntlok! If it is implemented in the future, you will be notified via email!

Work Orders

New Features

Customer PO Number Collection

Estimate signature requests now contain a field for the customer to add a PO number.

Negative Fees

Negative Fees are now supported and can be added to work orders.


Work Order Creation Note Field

Notes are no longer required on work order creation.

Estimate Signature Request Reply To

The reply to on estimate email is set to the senders email. That way if a customer replies to an estimate with a question, the email will go the the correct person.



Supersession Warning

If you try to order a part that has been superseded we will warn you, but we will not prevent the order.

Upcoming Features

Machine Purchas Order Vouchers

We have spent the majority of the last two weeks working on the new machine purchase order voucher system. We are excited to unveil this feature in the coming weeks. Major improvements:

  1. Faster data entry
  2. Splits will not be needed
  3. New fee/credit allocations types

Last Release Notes

April 27th, 2021 Release Notes

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Check out our Flyntlok YouTube channel for more highlights of the application!

Check out the latest updates to the Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management System.


New Features

Record 360

Flyntlok now integrates with a third-party equipment inspection company called Record 360. If you are signed up with Record 360, Flyntlok can create Equipment Condition Reports in Record 360 for rental equipment that is being checked in and out, or for Arrival Condition Reports for equipment being purchased. Please reach out to Flyntlok if you are interested in this integration and we can give you a demonstration!

Once Record 360 has been added, your reserve button will turn red

When reserving the contract you will prompted to add a workflow id and a user.

We are very excited about this feature and look forward to meeting with the interested companies.


Rental Banners

We have brought back the banner that shows at the top of a machine's dashboard when it is reserved for rent or out on an active rental contract!


New Features

Prefilled and Editable Forms

We now support taking fillable PDF forms, prefilling them with Flyntlok data, then downloading them to your computer. A use case for this is vehicle registration forms:

Please reach out to our consulting team if you would like a form added.

Work Order

New Features

Billable Time Express Button

When making changes or editing time punches on a work order, we required you to put in the start and end times of the labor punch, then add in the billable hours of that labor punch. Now, there is a button to the right of the billable hours field that will prefill the billable hours with the hours set for the actual worked time.

Work Order Redirect

When clicking the Order button on an internal parts order, we would immediately redirect you back to the work order. You can now set whether or not you would like to be redirected to the work order or remain on the internal parts order from your profile.

Sales Order


Invoice Location Change

When changing the location of an invoice, we will not also update the custom ID of that invoice.

Minimum Order Quantity Warning

When adding an item to a sales order that had a package or minimum quantity, we were not alerting the salesperson. Now, when an item added to a sales order doesn't meet or exceed that minimum we will give you a warning.

Auto-Populating Default Customer

When creating a sales order, the customer field will be set to your business's "Sales Order Default Customer". You can change this setting on the Flyntlok Details page. This will help business's that use a "Cash Customer" to handle most of the sales.

Comma Placement

We were misplacing a comma in the address on the sales order PDFs. We have fixed this comma placement!

Tax-Exempt Splits

When splitting a sales order, if the customer was tax-exempt, we were still charging tax on the split. Now, we will respect the customer's tax rules when splitting their sales orders.

Invoice Dates

In the past, the payment date on invoices were always adjustable. Now, if the invoice has been posted to your books, you cannot edit the dates.


New Features

Percent of Rent Depreciation

If you use Flyntlok to help generate your monthly equipment depreciation, we now support using a percentage of your monthly rental revenue to be depreciated against the piece of equipment.


Purchase Request AutoFill

When requesting the purchase of a model from the model page, we will prefill the form with as much model information that we can!



My Location Part Information

When looking at the location and quantity information of an item's dashboard, you will notice that your location will be highlighted. This will make finding your location and the information about your location easier.



Setting Primary Salesperson

Setting a primary salesperson on the customer dashboard use to require 4 actions. We have lowered this to one. If your customer has one sales person, Flyntlok will assume that he/she is primary.


Last Release Notes

December 15th, 2021 Release Notes

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Check out the latest updates to the Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management System.

Point Of Sale

Invoice Customer Panel

We have restructured the customer panel to make it more space-conscious and moved the contact selector next to the customer selector.  Previously, the contact was selected in the details panel at the bottom of the page.

You can now designate the type of invoice and use that for reporting.

The type and location can also be encoded into the ID.  If you wish to enable this feature, please submit a support ticket.

Activity/SMS Panel

We have made it easier to add/edit notes and send SMS's from the point of sale by adding an activity panel on the lower right of the page.


When a customer responds, you will get a notification in the lower right of Flyntlok, and on your dashboard.

You can reply from the notification, customer dashboard, or right in the activity panel on the invoice.

Returning Dirty Cores

Previously when creating a return for a sale that includes cores, we were not populating the return sales order with the dirty core.  We updated that so you no longer have to add that manually when the customer returns with the dirty core.

Machine Owner / Bill To

We have updated the sales order PDF to reflect the machine owner if it is different than the bill-to.

Work Order

SMS Templates

You can now customize your own templates for SMS's sent from the work order system!  To configure your templates, please submit a ticket and a consultant will work with you to get them setup.

Activity/SMS Panel - Unread Activity

We have added an unread activity indicator on the activity panel. Once you open the panel, the notes will be flagged as reviewed and the indicator will be removed.

Estimates - Icons

We have added icons to the estimate section to indicate when an estimate has been emailed to your customer, and when they respond.  Look for more updates to this feature in the coming releases!


Activity/SMS Panel - Unread Activity

We have added an unread activity indicator on the activity panel.  Once you open the panel, the notes will be flagged as reviewed and the indicator will be removed.

Auto-Generated Work Orders for Rental Actions

Based on your company's settings, we will automatically create a work order at the first rental, and every subsequent check-in of a rental.  We updated this functionality to create these work orders as segmented.  In the coming release, you should be able to designate one or more job templates to be added to this style of work order.


Bulk Printing Labels

We moved the bulk printing of labels from the PO to the voucher.  This lets you print off a barcode label for each item you are receiving.


Customer Accounting Settings

Previously we were updating the Accounting Email and Auto-Send setting on the customer when you re-loaded them. That caused confusion when QuickBooks Online had different data than what was set in Flyntlok. We will no longer automatically update those fields.



Last Release Notes

November 17th, 2021 Release Notes

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Check out the latest updates to the Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management System.

Work Order Status Notifications

When changing the status of a work order, you now have the option to notify the contact! When checking in, checking out, updating the status, and invoicing a work order you will have the option to send a text to the customer informing them of the status change. On the info tab of the work order, there is a checkbox in the General section that will default send these text messages. On check-out and invoicing we will send out a pre-configured message to the contact.

When checking in the machine and changing the work order status, the message will be prefilled with a company default, but you can edit what you send them.

If you click on the Activity tab in the lower right, then go to the SMS section, you will see all correspondence with the selected contact! Every text sent to the customer will come from the same phone number. This allows the customer to save this number as a contact in their phone and send texts to your store when they have questions!

Customer SMS Notifications

We have added a few other SMS options for contacting your customers!

Work Order Deposits

After a work order has been created, you can now take a deposit for the work. Under the Actions button in the upper right of the work order dashboard, there is an option to create a deposit invoice. This will create a sales order, linked to the work order, that payment can get applied to and deposited into the customer's deposit balance. You can then use this deposit amount later to pay for the final bill of the work order.


We have continued to work on the integration with Decisiv. We have supported some communication between the two systems in the past. Now, Flyntlok can create a case in Decisiv and continually update that case with Flyntlok data! Some of those data points include:

If your location has Decisiv enabled, you will see the below tab on work orders.

From this tab, you will be able to view all the data of the case in Decisiv.

Bulk Label Printing

From an item purchase order, there is now a button to print a label for every part on that purchase order.

Rental Updates

Machine Searching

We have made a few changes to the machine searcher when creating a rental contract:

Consumables Associated with Items

On a rental contract, you can now associate consumables with a rented item.

Inactive Consumable Items

We have removed inactive items from showing in the consumables searcher.

Bulk Consumable Updates

When using the bulk check-out and check-in, if a machine has consumables associated with it, you will be able to add the out and in values.

Check-In and Check-Out on Cancelled Contracts

When a contract has been canceled, we were still showing the bulk check-out and check-in buttons. We have removed these buttons from showing.

Check-Out Prevention

If a machine had a conflicting reservation or work order, we would not allow you to check it out. Now, we will warn you of the conflicting actions but will allow you to check them out if you wish to. There is still a hard stop on checking out machines that don't have a completed Equipment Condition Report.

Item Dashboard Updates

Linked to Price File

If an item had never been linked to a vendor price file, we were showing that it was linked. We have fixed this to show these items as not linked.

Total Costs for MRP Customers

Next to the cost of an item, we will show the expected total cost of that item that includes all labor, miscellaneous, and sub costs.

Inventory Sprint Updates

Plan Filtering

There is now a section to filter the plans in a sprint. This will allow you to see unassigned plans or a certain status of the plans!

Plan Progress Bar

We have added a progress bar and completion percentage to each plan when viewing a sprint's progress.

Machine Updates

Machine Configurations

When configuring a machine, we prevented users from adding attachments to a machine that was on order. We have removed this restriction to allow those configurations to be planned out before the machines have arrived at your store!

Work Order Updates


We have added customizable hotkeys for going to the Management tab and for opening up the Comments or SMS section of the Activity bar.

Technician on Job Creation

When adding a job to a work order, we now default the assigned technician to the technician who is assigned to the work order.

Customer Updates

Last Phone Call and Last Sale Dates

We have adjusted how the last phone call and last sale date appear on the customer dashboard.

Commission Rates

You can now assign a commission rate to each customer relationship type. This will allow Flyntlok to report estimated commissions to you based on that relationship for an employee.

Last Release Notes

October 20th, 2021 Release Notes

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Check out the latest updates to the Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management System.


We added an easier way for your customers to pay. Send bills to your customers via SMS! This allows customers to pay before they enter your dealership. Saving time for both customers and employees behind the counter. Here is how it works:

Create a sales order like you normally would

Then, add a payment. If your business is using Text2Pay you will see a new option:

A payment modal will appear. You can either send the payment request to a new phone number, or pick a number out of the contacts.  Lastly, add the amount that you are requesting from the customer.


The customer will receive a text asking for payment

Then, once the customer clicks the link, they will be prompted to add a credit card to pay their bill!


We have continued to work on the integration with Decisiv. We have supported some communication between the two systems in the past. Now the communication is bidirectional and completely automatic. If you make the following updates in Flyntlok, they will reflect in Decisv.

If your location has Decisiv enabled, you will see the below tab on work orders.

Custom Sales Order ID's

Similar to custom machine ID's we now support custom sales order ID's. You could use this feature to easily differentiate between part and work order sales.  We can also add a location identifier, which would make it easy to identify which location a sales order was created at. If you are interested in implementing this feature please reach out to the consulting team and they will set you up!

Here is an example of a parts invoice with a location code:

Here is the same example but with part shortened to:

Other Improvements!

Work Order Notifications
Voucher Reversing Permissions
Machine ID Permissions
Work Order Job Defaults
Forget to Clock out?
Quickly View Machines Owner
Draft Sprint Cancelation


Last Release Notes

October 6th, 2021 Release Notes

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Check out our Flyntlok YouTube channel for more highlights of the application!

Check out the latest updates to the Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management System.

Inventory Sprint Update

Just in time for inventory counting season, we have made enhancements to Flyntlok's inventory sprint system! Our new sprint dashboard provides a better user experience, the ability to create new sprints, and view all old sprints all in one location. Links for sprint reporting can be found here as well.

The functionality of the sprint system is still the same. You create a sprint, then create plans per location with the bins to be counted, then you assign that plan to an employee for counting. One of the highlighted new features is allowing for the sprint to be a blind count. The blind count will not show the employee the quantity of the item that Flyntlok says you have. Click the following link to check out our updated sprint documentation that will walk you through using our sprint system. (Sprint Documentation)

Barcode Scanning

To make adding items to a sales order easier, when on a Flyntlok sales order, you can scan an item's barcode, and have that item populate the search with the item number. This will allow you to set the quantity and add them item without having to type in the item number!

Transfer Notifications

When a transfer was requested from your location, Flyntlok would not tell you that someone had sent this request. Now, if your profile is set to receive the transfer notifications, you will be notified when a part transfer is requested from your location, when a transfer to your location has been accepted, and when a transfer to your location has been moved to Transit status.

Linked to Pricefile

Our original wording for indicating whether or not an item was linked to the vendor's price file was confusing. We now express this in simpler terms.

Work Order Updates

Finance Sections

Previously, the finance sections of work orders were adding pricing of items on quote internal parts orders. Quotes will not be considered when calculating the finance sections.

Rejected Quotes

When an internal parts order quote has been rejected, we will indicate this in the Parts Invoices section and on the part within the job.

Sales Order PDF Updates

Vendor Short Code

An item's vendor shortcode will now be in parenthesis before the item's description on sales order PDFs.

Linked Work Order

On the final bill out of a work order, we will show the associated work order on the sales order PDF.

Customer Contact

If there has been a contact assigned to a rental or work order, we default set that contact on any sales order created for billing and show the contact information on the PDF.

Special Order Asterisk

We have brought back the asterisk that appears next to an item's description on the sales order PDF to indicate if a part was special ordered.

Sales Order Machine Description

When selling a machine, we default populate the description on the sales order with the description of the machine. We can now set you up to have the long description of the machine default to what shows on the sales order. This will show any options or default configurations that you have associated with the machine to the customer.

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September 22nd, 2021 Release Notes

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