We are excited to announce that Flyntlok, including our CEO and founder Sean McLaughlin, will be attending the Equipment Exposition October 17th-20th in Louisville, Kentucky (Booth Number 42024). The Equipment Exposition is an annual event dedicated to growing landscapers, manufacturers, and equipment dealers’ businesses. Please reach out to Mike Wasserman (mwassy@flyntlok.com) or Garret Nelson (garret@flyntlok.com) if you would like to arrange a meeting while we are there.



A few large customers and some new Flyntlok prospects have found that QuickBooks online isn’t a fit for their business due to their ownership complexity, number of locations, multiple currencies, or for other reasons. We have been asked to integrate with the Sage Intacct accounting system.


Flyntlok has been a proud integrator with Intuit’s QuickBooks Online, one of the premier accounting packages in the industry, since our inception. However, we are excited to add an integration with the Sage Intacct accounting package. Sage Intacct is the industry’s most modern, powerful, and scalable accounting software geared toward larger and more complex dealers, specifically those with numerous branch locations. Flyntlok and Sage have a two-way sync process to move reference data, transactions, and balances between the products. Synchronization can happen automatically or can be manually initiated in order to provide a review process as part of your workflow.

If your business outgrows QuickBooks Online and you want to consider Sage Intacct, please reach out to our Consulting team, and we can set up a meeting to discuss this option.


Facebook Reviews-(Ticket #FD- 1357)


In our July 19th Releasewe debuted the new CRM "Reviews" report, which tracks and displays customer reviews submitted from Google. Salespeople have requested reviews left on the company's Facebook page be included in this report.


We have incorporated Customer reviews posted on your business's Facebook page into the"Reviews" report located in the CRM Tab of your Left-Hand Navigation menu. This report will retain all of its previous functionality and still allow users to view the company's aggregated Google/Facebook scores, respond to reviews, and send an email or SMS message requesting a review of the company. (N.B. While Flyntlok has completed this integration work, the final release is pending a Validation Review by Mark Zuckberberg… or someone that works for him. That should be completed within 5-10 days and then you can set this up. Please contact a Flyntlok consultant for any assistance.)

To integrate your company's customer Facebook reviews into the "Reviews" report, you will first need to connect your specific Facebook page to Flyntlok. This can be accomplished by navigating to the "Integrations" page. (Admin Editors Wrench->Flyntlok->Integrations). From here, you can select the button to log in and connect to your Facebook account to Flyntlok.


If your company's Facebook account has multiple pages representing alternate branch locations, you will have the ability to link multiple Facebook pages into Flyntlok. Once you have entered your account login information, Fyntlok will display a list of all "Pages" associated with the account, where Users can select which pages to connect with Flyntlok. You can add and remove account pages by selecting the edit button on the "Facebook Settings" section of the integration page.

Users can respond to customer reviews by selecting the button of the individual line. For responses to Facebook reviews, Flyntlok will provide a link that will redirect Users to the Facebook reviews page, where they can respond to individual customer reviews.

Flyntlok Users will also have the option to send an SMS message or email to customers, requesting they review your company via Facebook Reviews. This request can be sent out to an individual customer or a bulk customer list and provides a link to the company's Facebook account and the Google Review page.



Update to Bulk Billing of Rental Contracts -(Ticket #FD- 1688 )


In the last release, we launched the new "Contracts To Be Billed" report, which allows Flyntlok Users the ability to generate and invoice active Rental Contracts in bulk. Our next iteration is to further streamline this process by auto-applying account payments to invoices when the associated customer is an Account Customer.


Account payments will now be auto-applied to invoices generated where the associated customer is an Account Customer. Flyntlok will then move the invoice into a "Delivered" status. Invoices where the associated customer is not an account customer will be generated in a "Draft" status and will still need a payment. To make the Contracts associated with account customers more obvious, we added a new "Customer has Account" column to the report.


Delete Layout Warning -(Ticket #FD- 1615)


Purchasing managers have requested an additional warning be added to the Draft Purchase Order Page when the top-left "Delete Layout" option is selected. Currently, when adjusting layouts, if the delete button is clicked accidentally, the only way to cancel is to close the window.


We have added a "Delete Layout?" pop-up to the "Draft Purchase Order" page that will display when the "Delete" button (of the page layout section) is selected, and Flyntlok will now ask Users to confirm if they wish to delete the selected layout.


Prefix Search/Hotlinks on Results Page-(Ticket #FD- 1615)


Flyntlok managers have requested that we create fewer steps for executing certain actions after looking up a Vendor.


We have updated the prefix searchers Vendor search (V?) results page.

When attempting to look up a specific Vendor from the Flyntlok home page searcher using the V? prefix, you will be directed to a results page where Flyntlok will display a list of all possible Vendors matching your search. We will now display a   button beside each returned result. Users will have the ability  to select from several actions including: creating new Purchase Orders or Machine Purchase Orders; adding new Models; and importing Purchase or Return Orders from a spreadsheet.


Change the "Has Contact" Indicator To "Number of Full Contacts" Indicator on the Customer Dashboard -(Ticket #FD- 1780)


In our August 30th Notes, we released a new indicator titled "Has Contacts" to the Customer Dashboard, which shows Users if a specific Customer has Full Contacts associated with it for marketing purposes (A "Full Contact" is a contact that has all of the following details: contact name, phone number, and email). Flyntlok Salespeople have requested we instead display the number of Full Contacts associated with the Customer record.


We have changed the title of this indicator from “Has Contact” to “Full Contacts,” and Flyntlok will now display the number of Full Contacts associated with the Customer record. Contacts associated with the Customer that do not have all required fields will not be included in this count (i.e. is missing email or phone number).


New Machine Fields-(Ticket #FD- 1692)


Flyntlok Users have requested additional Machine Warranty information be added to the Machine Dashboard.


We have added new fields to the Machine Dashboard to display Internal Warranty Start and End dates and Powertrain information. To add this information to Machines in your inventory, navigate to the Machine's Dashboard and select "Edit" from the button drop-down menu.

Work Order Machine Year Field-(Ticket #FD- 1772)


Service managers have requested a new field be added to the Machine section of the Work Order dashboard to display the "Manufacture Year" of the Work Orders associated Machine.


We have added a "Machine Year" field to the "Machine Section" of the Work orders "Info Tab", which will display the associated Machine's manufacture year. This field will only display for Machines where the "Manufacture Year" is populated.


Customer Item Pricing Permissions-(Ticket #FD- 1666, 44306)


We recently released the "Customer Item Pricing" feature, which allows Flyntlok Users the ability to set up a temporary discount on an Item for a specific Customer. Flyntlok managers have requested we add permissions around this feature so Administrators have the option to allow or restrict Users from using the “Customer Item Pricing" feature.


We have added a new permission to the Customer section of the "Access Control" page, allowing Flyntlok Administrators to allow or restrict User's access to the “Customer Item Pricing" feature. Administrators can navigate to the setting by selecting the  icon in the top right corner of any page, selecting "Users", and then choosing "Access Controls" from the drop-down menu.



Issues Resolved This Sprint

Customer Creation Dead End-(Ticket #FD- 1767, 44471)


If a User was creating/editing a Customer and if the User clicked out of the pop-up entry form, the page locked and the Save button was no longer selectable.


Fixed. When creating a new Customer, clicking out of the pop-up will no longer lock the page.

Incorrect Quantity Allocation-(Ticket #FD- 1715, 44398)


Flyntlok Users have encountered an issue when creating an Item Purchase Order that contained a Special Order and Stock Quantity of a particular item. If the item was received with additional quantity from what was ordered, and the Sales Order is reversed, the SO becomes broken, and you can only fulfill the original Special Order quantity for the sale.


Fixed. When receiving items on an Item Purchase Order, if any additional quantity is received for items associated with a Special Order, Flyntlok will fulfill the Special Order quantity and then apply the remaining quantity to stock.

Searching Between Dates Fails on "Sold Machines" Report-(Ticket #FD- 1818, 44552)


Flyntlok users were reporting an issue where Flyntlok was unable to return search results when attempting to search a time period between two dates from the "Sold Machines" report.



 Cannot Add Customer Shipping Address To PO-(Ticket #FD- 1773, 44486)


Purchasing managers were experiencing an issue when adding a Customer Shipping Address to a Machine Purchase Order when the shipping address exceeded 100 characters. The user would receive a "Could Not Edit Purchase Order" error message and the address was not saved.


The "Ship to" address length allowed on the Machine Purchase Order was shorter than the address length allowed on the Customer Dashboard "Customer Shipping Addresses" field. (Yeah, that was stupid of us.) We have increased the character limit on the "Customer Shipping Address" field of the Machine Purchase Order and aligned it with that of the Customer Dashboard. (That was smart of us.)

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