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CRM Customer Google Reviews Page-(Ticket # FD-462, 463, 458, 470, 461, 467)


Sales managers would like to be able to view a list of customer reviews of their company that have been submitted via Google Reviews. This would allow Flyntlok users to track overall customer satisfaction better.


We have added a new Reviews report in the CRM tab of your Left-Hand Navigation menu that will track and display customer reviews submitted from Google. This new report will allow users to view a full list of all customer reviews and the company's aggregated Google score, respond to reviews, and send an email or SMS message requesting a review of the company.

  • Bulk Review Request

Flyntlok users will have the option to send an SMS message or email to customers, requesting they review your company via Google Reviews. This request can be sent out to an individual customer or a bulk customer list and provides a link to the Google Review page.

  • Respond to Reviews/View Your Response

We have added a response column to the Reviews page, allowing users to respond to individual customer reviews or to view their previous response. N.B. Google only allows one response per customer review.


Last Updated Column -(Ticket #FD-1258)


Sales managers would like to document the last attempt to contact individual leads.  This will help to verify the company is actively staying on top of new potential business.


We have added a "Last Reached Out" field to the All Leads report. Flyntlok will update this field when an SMS text message is sent or when the lead timeline has been manually updated with a new event (e.g. added a Call Note).


Export All Leads-(Ticket #FD-1262, 42888)


Flyntlok users have the option to export the All Leads grid to an Excel spreadsheet. Previously, the export action only exported the items contained within the grid itself, which is limited in the number of records it displays, rather than all Leads which met the filter criteria of the report.


All Leads that meet the criteria of the grid filter will be exported, rather than the limited set the grid was set to display (e.g. 50 or 100 records.)


Distributors: Purchasing via Multi-Manufacturer Vendors (Ticket #FD-1205)


Purchasers would like to purchase parts from Distributors that sell two or more Vendors' parts. They would like to quickly create a single Purchase Order with all associated Vendors' parts. Currently, Flyntlok does not offer a way to configure a Distributor to be associated with a part or configure a part to be associated with a Distributor, or aggregate multiple vendors under a single Distributor for purchasing purposes.


  • Distributor Fields

We have added a new flag to the Vendor edit page, that will allow users to set a Vendor as a Distributor. When this flag is set, you will be able to associate multiple different Vendors to the new Distributor.

  • Purchase Order Changes

Our crack development team has also updated the “Create New Purchase Order” page to handle Distributors. When a Distributor is selected for a new PO, all of the Vendors that this firm distributes for will be aggregated for selection.

Special Orders Aggregated with Stock Orders (Ticket #FD-462)


Purchasers would like to have Special Orders of parts combined with Stock Orders when trying to create a new Purchase Order. Previously these had to be handled separately.


To handle a mix of special and stock orders we have added two new fields:

  • Special Orders: Total count of all open Special Order quantities for the item
  • Fulfill Special Orders: When set to "Yes", the Order Quantity will first be allocated to the Special Orders before allocating the rest to Stock.

We have also added a drop-down menu item at the top within the “Use Recommended Quantity” that allows the user to choose between using just the “Recommended Quantity” or to “Use Recommended Quantity + Special Order Quantity”. When the latter is selected, the Order Quantity will add both SO and Recommended amounts to the Order Quantity.

Finally, if you expand the Item to review additional details (by clicking the arrow on the left in the grid), we have added information about the Special Orders within the drop-down.

Metric Overrides Now Manageable from Purchase Order Creation Page (Ticket #FD-1251, 701)


Purchasers would like to be able to manage Metric Overrides when creating Purchase Orders. This allows them to stay on this page and quickly adjust the Overrides for many parts quickly and in one location. Previously they had to open separately the individual Item Dashboard for the part and from there they could amend the Metric Overrides.


We have added a new Metric Override field to the Purchase Order grid. By clicking on the cog/gear icon within the cell of the Item, the user is presented with a dialog for setting the Override on that particular item. Setting a new Override will then adjust the Recommended Quantities accordingly.


Handling Alaskan Rental Tax on Short-Term Lease-(Ticket #FD-1203)


Rental managers in Alaska would like the option to apply an Alaskan-specific tax charge on all Rental contracts, with a duration under 90 days.


We have added a new “Charge Duration Tax” check-box on a Rental Contract, that when selected, will charge a specific tax rate on the rental. This box is auto-selected when a contract is less than 90 days, but can be overridden by the user. Further, if the original contract was for greater than 90 days (and where this box was not selected), but the customer ended up terminating and finalizing that prior to 90 days, then the user is prompted about whether they would like to add that tax back onto the invoice upon closure.

The addition of this field on a contract, and the specific rate charged, are environment-specific settings. If you would like assistance with setting up this feature, please contact your friendly Flyntlok Consultant for assistance.

Demo Flag on a Rental Contract-(Ticket #FD-1262)


Rental managers would like a way to flag a Rental contract as a Demo, to more easily differentiate from other contracts.


We have added a new "Is Demo" check box to the rental contract's Additional Details page. This check box will now designate the Rental Contract as a Demo and display this information from the top left corner of the contract.

Please contact one of our affable Flyntlok Consultants if you would like assistance in setting up this feature.


Remove Discount from PDF-(Ticket #FD-1213, 42699)


Flyntlok users have requested the ability to remove the discount field from the Work Order Estimate PDF.


We have added a new setting to the Flyntlok Settings page, which will allow administrators the ability to hide the discount field on the PDF generated via a Work Order Estimate.


Prevent Default Customer from Having Special Orders on a Sales Order -(Ticket #FD-935, 42007)


Salespersons would like the option to prevent a Default Customer from having Special-Order parts on a Sales Order. (Flyntlok allows firms to set a Default Company as a customer that will auto-populate in the Customer Tab of the Sales Order that is generated when you select the quick create icon  from the blue top bar.) Users have asked that Flyntlok not allow Special Order parts to be available on a Sales Order.



We have added a new setting to the Sales section of the Flyntlok settings page that allows administrators the option to prevent the company's Default Customer from adding items requiring a Special Order to a Sales Order.


Retail Labels-(Ticket #FD-1206, 42700)


Flyntlok users would like to print retail labels for inventory items, that will display the part number, item description, list price, and a barcode that scans as the item number.


We can now customize the display of the item's retail label. Please reach out to the ace Flytnlok support team if you would like to edit the display of your retail item labels.


Equipment Fields-(Ticket #FD-1266, 42902)


Flyntlok users have requested additional information be added to the machine dashboard to record the machine's: fuel type, license plate number, and license expiration date.


We have added three new fields to the new Machine Editing page and the Machines Dashboard view. Flyntlok users will now have the option to record and edit fuel type, license plate number, and license expiration date.

Issues Resolved This Sprint

Vouchers/JE's not Transferring to QuickBooks if more than 1 Account is Credited -(Ticket #FD-1197, 42621)

User issue:

Flyntlok users are having issues where Journal Entries and Vouchers are not transferred over to QuickBooks if more than one account is credited.


When posting a bill to QuickBooks Online, only the Accounts Payable account can be credited. The issue here is if a Journal Entry is created with more than one credited account, the entry gets submitted successfully but is then unreconcilable. We have updated the QuickBooks settings, and going forward Journal Entries being submitted with multiple credited accounts will fail to successfully post. We have also added an error message, that will display this information to the user attempting to post the entry.

Vendor Logs on Vendor Creation-(Ticket #FD-1196, 42641)

User issue:

Users would like to see who created a particular Vendor. Currently, no logs related to Vendor Creation are viewable by Flyntlok users.


We have added Vendor Creation to the logging information displayed for individual Vendors.

Customized Percentage Fees Should Apply to Labor and Parts - (Ticket #FD-1209, 39678)

User issue:

Flyntlok users have the option to add an additional customized percentage fees (e.g. Shop Fees) to Service Work Orders. The problem is that when a job is set as Flat Rate, these percentage fees are only applied against the labor, not the part.


We have updated the Work Order billing settings. Going forward, all billings types will charge against parts added to service jobs when a parts fee is associated with the Work order. To update in-process work orders, you will have to remove the fee and add it back.

Machine Purchase Order-(Ticket #FD-1221, 42748)

User issue:

Machine Purchase Orders are not being referenced under the icon within related transactions from the Point of Sale.



Turn off Customer PO Setting-(Ticket #FD-1222, 42770)

User issue:

As a Flyntlok user, I would like the ability to turn off the Customer PO column of the Purchase Order's PDF


We have added a new check box to the Flyntlok settings page, allowing users to display or hid the Customer PO column.

Payment Received Date on SO PDF-(Ticket #FD-1198, 42678)

User issue:

Payment dates were not appearing on the Sales Order PDF when using the new EmergePay payment screen in Flyntlok.


We have added payment dates to the SO PDF.

Rental Insurance Date Format-(Ticket #FD-1230, 42802)

User issue:

Flyntlok users have requested that the customer insurance expiration date which is displayed in the header of a rental contract not include the time.


We have edited the expiration date display, to be formatted as MM/DD/YYYY.

Can't Add Company Logo-(Ticket #FD-1256, 42878)

User issue:

Flyntlok administrators have the ability to add or edit the company logo that will be displayed on company documents generated from Flyntlok. The issue is that Flyntlok currently does not support PDF file types for logos. However, it appeared that the file upload of a PDF  logo was successful, but then no logo appeared.


We have added an informational message that will alert users if an unsupported file type, such as a PDF, was uploaded.

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