Record 360

Generate "Record 360" One-Time User-(Ticket #FD-2836)


Flyntlok customers integrated with "Record360" have requested the ability to generate a “one-time user authorization code” within Flyntlok, which can then be sent to their customers and will grant the recipient temporary access to the Record 360 mobile application to complete necessary Machine inspections on the company's behalf.


The Flyntlok development team has added a "Generate One Time User" option to the Rental Contract’s “Actions” button’s  drop-down menu, which will allow companies integrated with "Record360" to create and send a "One Time User" authorization code to their customers via email or SMS message.


The “Generate O.T.U.” form requires users to add their customer’s contact information and the branch location of the Rental Contract. Flyntlok will automatically display the associated Machine’s Serial Number in the field. When the CREATE button is selected, Flyntlok will immediately generate and send the O.T.U. authorization link to the specified customer. Note: Flyntlok will default to SMS messaging if a phone number is added.


Recipients will receive an SMS message/email containing a link to the Record360 mobile application. If they do not have the application previously downloaded to their device, they will be prompted to download it. From here, they will be able to complete the machine inspections.


Auto Allocation of Orders-(Ticket #FD-2845)


Purchasing Managers have requested the option to allocate an Item Purchase Order’s “received quantity” to outstanding Special Ordered or Back-Ordered Invoices. They would like the ability to auto-allocate the stock upon receipt to outstanding Invoices awaiting Special Ordered or Back-Ordered Items and for Flyntlok to allocate based on the date ordered (fulfilling oldest Invoices first).


We have added an "Allocate" option to the Item Receiving Voucher. When selected, Flyntlok will search for all Part Requests and allocate the Items received and their quantity to outstanding invoices. This will greatly improve receiving efficiency and allow inventory to be disbursed quickly to the appropriate Invoices with the click of a button.

Point of Sale

Agco Import from Epsilon-(Ticket #FD-2847)


Salespeople of Agco parts have requested the ability to export Orders from Agco’s Epsilon platform’s “Shopping Cart” as a flat file that can then be imported into the Flyntlok Point of Sale system.


We have updated the Sales Order importer to handle Agco files, and users can now import Agco CSV files into a Flyntlok Sales Order by hitting the import button at the top of the POS page.

Selecting the icon will allow you to upload saved files on your device. Once the CSV file is loaded, Flyntlok will run a search to match the uploaded items' ID numbers with your Flyntlok Inventory. Only items matching Item Numbers within Flyntlok will be added to the Sales Order. Flyntlok will then display a list of all the Items from the file, the Item’s order quantity, and an indicator of whether the item was matched with an Item in Flyntlok.



Rental Hours-(Ticket #FD-2844)


Rental Managers have requested that we allow their rental schedule to account for rentals based on an hourly schedule versus the current functionality based on a daily schedule. This will allow for Machines to be rented multiple times in a 24 hour period.


The Flyntlok development team has updated the Rental Contract settings, and Administrators can now request to have their rental schedules and billing structures calculated based on hourly use. When this setting is activated, Flyntlok will allow hours to be logged from the "Dates Reserved" field on the creation page & contract details section of the contract.

Once saved, the "Billable Duration" field will display on the Rental Contract in the "Details" section. On each machine line, Flyntlok will respect and display exact hours.

To incorporate hours in the billing calculations, we have updated the Rental Schedule and added two new fields: "Hourly Utilization Allowed" and "Overage Charge (Per Machine HR)."  This will allow users to set a custom rate to charge for Machines checked in late.

“Account Customer” Indicator-(Ticket #47874)


Rental Managers have requested a quick way to determine whether a Rental Contract’s associated customer is an “Account Customer”.


We have added Account Customer icons to the “Customer field of the Rental Contracts “Details” section to indicate to users whether the contract’s associated Customer is set as an Account Customer.




Option to Require Note on Status Change-(Ticket #FD-2846, 47621)


Salespeople have requested we require users to add a note when attempting to change the status of a CRM Lead, and would like for the note to be displayed on the associated Lead's dashboard in the timeline records.


We have added a new setting to the "Flyntlok Settings" page (Admin Editor Wrench-> Flyntlok-> Flyntlok Settings) that will allow administrators the option to require notes when changing the status of a CRM Lead.

Variables Added to SMS Templates-(Ticket #FD-2846)


Salespeople have requested the option to create custom SMS templates that will autofill their customer's names and the associated Machine's information when sending messages via the "Conversations" tab of the Lead dashboard page.


We have added two Variables to the CRM Lead dashboard's “SMS Templates Manager”, which will allow salespeople to create custom SMS templates that will be automatically filled with the customer contact’s name and the associated Machine’s make/model.

Email Logging in Lead’s History Timeline-(Ticket #FD-2846)


Flyntlok users have requested we log customer contact emails sent from the CRM Lead Dashboard in the Lead’s “History Timeline”.


Flyntlok will now log Customer email actions taken on the CRM Lead Dashboard page. When the email option is selected from the Lead Dashboard, Flyntlok will now create a new timeline event with the name of the user who performed the action and a time stamp. The user’s standard email application (e.g. Outlook) is used to send the actual email and Flyntlok does not log the actual contents of the email.


Default Work Order Customer-(Ticket #)


Managers overseeing Service Departments that only service their own equipment have requested the option to set a their "Internal Work Order Customer" as the default for all Work Orders.


We have added a new setting to the Flyntlok settings page which will allow administrators to choose a Customer to set as the default for new Work Orders. Creating a new Work Order via the icon or from the Left Navigation Menu’s "New" tab will auto populate the “Default Customer” into the customer field. Users can access the Flyntlok Settings page by selecting the option from drop-down menu of the admin wrench. 

(->Flyntlok->Flyntlok Settings.)  



Assign Technician and Labor type in Bulk -(Ticket #47951)


Service Managers have requested the option to assign a Service Technician and Labor Type to all jobs of a particular Work Order. This will save time by removing the need to manually adjust each job.


We have added a "Bulk Edit Jobs" option to the "Actions" button's drop-down menu, allowing Service managers to choose a particular Technician and Labor Type to assign to all jobs associated with the Work Order. Flyntlok will automatically apply the changes when selecting the "Save" button.


Issues Resolved This Sprint

WO Tag Number-(Ticket #47733)


Service Managers, who were reusing Work Order Tag numbers, had reported instances where the "Tag" field of the Work order creation page was giving a warning that the "Tag Number is in use." However, there was no open Work Order associated with the Tag Number.


We have updated the "Tag" field on the Work Order creation page to remove the warning if the previous Work Order with the same Tag Number has been Invoiced and the sale is in a Delivered status.

File Attachment Not Sent To QuickBooks-(Ticket #47849)


Purchasing Managers were experiencing issues attempting to upload files to send to QuickBooks Online from the Machine Receiving Voucher. The file was able to be attached to the Voucher but it was not sent to QBO.



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