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Rental Contracts Report

The Rental Contracts page gives an overview of all Scheduled and Active Rental Contracts. To access this page, from the left Nav Bar -> Rentals -> Active and Scheduled. Once on this page, a table appears with Display ID, Status, customer and other necessary Rental Contracts information. 

 Rental Contract Report


Users can access this report by going to the left Nav Bar -> Rentals -> Active & Scheduled.

Active & Scheduled

Status and Estimated Billing

This report will pull data, such as the Status that the Rental Contract is in, whether it is in Quote, Draft, Checked-In, or Active statuses. Also, the Billing information shown in this report includes the Total Estimated Billing which is the number located in the top right of each Rental Contract, and adds up all EST Billable values of each item line on the contract.

 Estimated Billing

How to access the Rental Order

Click on the number in the Display ID column. Once clicked, the page will redirect to the Rental page


How to access the Customer Dashboard

Click on the hyperlinked Customer name underneath the Customer column. Once clicked, the page will redirect to the Customer page


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