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Rental Billing

The Active Rentals - Billing View page provides a table of all Billing of Rentals. This page is useful when looking for Days until next Bill, Status, access to the Contract, Contract Status, and more. To get to the Rental Billing page, from the left Nav Bar -> Rentals -> Active Rentals- Billing.


How to Set Days Until Next Bill

Users can set the Billing Cycle on the Contract Page. From the Contract Page, select the Contract page and click the Billing Cycle field to choose how many Calendar Days before Saving.

  • Changing the Billing Cycle will also change the value that shows in the Days until Next Bill column on the Active Rentals - Billing View


How to Access Contract Page

Users can access the Contract Page by clicking the hyperlinked Contract Page. The page will redirect to the Contract Page where all Contract Information, such as Billing Status, Contract Status, Bill Date and more can be edited.


Rental Contract Status

The Rental Billing includes a status column that shows Rental Contract changes. The contract will show as Draft status when initially created. Buttons that will move Rental contracts to different statuses include: the Reserve Contract button, as well as the Check Out, Check In, Close Contract buttons. Go to the All Rental Contracts page for further status information.



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