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Check out the latest updates to the Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management System.

Work Order

New Features


A Pickup and Delivery option is now available on the work order creation screen.

An address or dollar amount is not required during creation and can be added later on the info tab.

Email an Attachment

Often on warranty work, vendor credits need to be attached to the work order after the fact. Then, the same paperwork must be emailed to the accounting team. We have expedited this process. If you add an attachment that needs to go to, check the "Send Attachments to" box.


PDF Discounts(Estimates)

Discounts were "quietly" being added on the Estimate PDF. The layout has changed, allowing the customer to see the discounts that they are receiving.

Attaching File on the Info Tab

Previously, files could only be attached to jobs. Now you can attach a file to the work order on the info tab. You can either attach it to the work order as a whole or you can assign it to a job.


New Features

Additional Terms

You can add additional terms and conditions to a rental contract on the info tab.


Pickup/Delivery Address

The behavior of the Pickup/Delivery address has slightly changed.

  • When a fee is not added, the fee will be set to TBD.
  • If you add an address with a friendly name, the friendly name will be shown.
  • You can add an address without a friendly name, then the entire address will be shown.

Point Of Sale

New Features

Paid Invoices

When an invoice has been matched to a payment in QuickBooks, it will be marked paid in Flyntlok.


Item Quick Add Markup

If you are quick adding an item with a vendor that has a default markup, input the MSRP then Flyntlok will calculate the List Price.

Adding Customer Contacts

You can add a contact from the activity panel.

PDF Discounts

In order to better communicate discounts to your customer, we have added a discount column to the sales order PDF.

Customer Selector

The customer searcher includes phone numbers. Customers with the same name are easier to tell apart.

Machine Trade-in

When machines are traded in, they are automatically marked as a machine that can be sold.

Last Release Notes

January 19th, 2021 Release Notes

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