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Creating a Sales Return


What is a Return Sales Order?

  • A Return Sales Order is an order that is used to account for originally sold merchandise that is being returned back to the store by the customer
  • Creating a Return Sales Order ultimately cuts a new Sales Order to reflect returning merchandise and refund payment and is the correct workflow to account for all returning merchandise, both for parts and machines


Creating and processing a Return Sales Order

  • To Create a Return Sales Order, from any delivered Sales Order, go to the Payment (Actions) tab -> click Return -> then the page will redirect to the new Return Sales Order, by replicating the original equipment and items, however, all quantities will reflect as negative



  • Sales Order Items and equipment with negative quantities represent returning stock
  • All items and equipment, along with their pricing, discount, and quantities can be edited on the Return Sales Order
  • When the Return Sales Order is ordered and the quantities are fulfilled, then the returning stock will update Quantity on Hand accordingly
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