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Edit Payment Type

The blue Payment Tab, accessible at the bottom of the Point Of Sale or by pressing the hotkey 3 when on the Point Of Sale homepage, allows users to access all necessary payment options in order to complete the Sale Order. Payment options include Cash, Credit, Debit, Check, Trade-in, Text2Pay, Use Deposit, Cash on Acct, and multiple other payment methods. After clicking, a tab to Add Payment to the  Sales Order, a menu pops-up with a preselected payment method.

Payment Tab

Editing Invoice Payment Types

As a Flyntlok user, you will be able to EDIT any payment type, this is any default, or manually added payment type. 

1.) To Edit a Payment Type click the Wrench Icon in the upper right of your home page. From here you will select Point of Sale -> Invoice Payment Types.

Invoice Payment Type

2.) You can now find the Payment Type you would like to change and select the Edit button on the right-hand side.

Edit Payment Types

Editable Settings of a Flyntlok Payment Type


  • Manually set the name for this new payment type, this is the name that will appear on the Payment tab of a Sales Order.

Order By

  • The Order this Payment type will be displayed in, from the payment tab of the Sales Order


  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit Card


  • Select what type of PDF will be generated for the transaction 
    • Invoice
    • Sales Receipt

Customer Override

  • Select the Customer associated to the Payment Type

Transaction Return

  • Choose a return method for this payment type
    • Cash memo
    • Refund receipt

Unearned Income Acct

  • Select an account for unearned income to post to

Undeposited Funds Acct

  • Select an account for undeposited funds to post to

Payment Clearing Acct

  • Select an account for payment clearing transaction to post to

Group Transactions

  • Can this payment type be processed a agroup transaction?
    • Yes
    • No

Auto Approve

  • Can this payment type be auto approved?
    • Yes
    • No

After making all necessary changes to the Invoice Payment Type, click the Save button to save your changes


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