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Click Reduction Contest

We have selected the winners of the click reduction contest. We will contact you today for a shipping address for your gift card!

Winner One:

90% of the time after applying a payment to a sales order, you will be ready to click the order button. Can we eliminate this click?

We will be adding a streamlined solution to collect a payment and move the sales order forward.

Winner Two:

When a machine sale is finalized, you should be given the option to create a work order. This would be helpful when a PDI is needed, or an attachment needs to be added to the machine.

This feature will be added in an upcoming sprint.

If you submitted a suggestion that was not selected it may still be a great addition to Flyntlok! If it is implemented in the future, you will be notified via email!

Work Orders

New Features

Customer PO Number Collection

Estimate signature requests now contain a field for the customer to add a PO number.

Negative Fees

Negative Fees are now supported and can be added to work orders.


Work Order Creation Note Field

Notes are no longer required on work order creation.

Estimate Signature Request Reply To

The reply to on estimate email is set to the senders email. That way if a customer replies to an estimate with a question, the email will go the the correct person.



Supersession Warning

If you try to order a part that has been superseded we will warn you, but we will not prevent the order.

Upcoming Features

Machine Purchas Order Vouchers

We have spent the majority of the last two weeks working on the new machine purchase order voucher system. We are excited to unveil this feature in the coming weeks. Major improvements:

  1. Faster data entry
  2. Splits will not be needed
  3. New fee/credit allocations types

Last Release Notes

April 27th, 2021 Release Notes

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