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Activity Tab

The Activity tab, which opens when the hotkey A is pressed on the Point Of Sale, gives users access to Notes, SMS, and Audit Logs.

Activity Tab

Creating Notes

Once in the Activity tab, use the text box provided to write notes and then click Add Note to create. Notes appear in the space below with the most recent first. Notes are editable by clicking the pencil right of each note. 

Create Notes

How to create SMS

To create an SMS, click the SMS tab at the top of the Activity tab, and use the tab down menu to select the desired contact. To create a new contact, click Add New Contact and enter the name, as well as their phone number, along with any message before clicking Send SMS.

SMS from Activity Tab

How to access Audit Logs

To access, click the Audit Logs button at the top of the Activity tab. The logs page for the invoice will populate in a new page and will include the users, messages and timestamps of all actions made in the sale order. Users include the Flyntlok System as well as each person altering the sales order. Messages will include created, changes, processes, calculations, invoice information, quantities, and more. These log entries are ordered most recent timestamp to latest.    

Audit Logs

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