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  1. On your left-hand navigation click the New option and then select BOM Template.
  2. From here fill in the Part Number, Description, Drawing Number, and if it Requires First Article. Click Create Work Order Template.
  3. Now that you are on the work order template page you can add details under Bill of Materials.
    • Part Number: Part number being used in this BOM template.
    • New Instruction: Use this field to add a new instruction to the BOM template.
    • Existing Instruction: Use this field to type the existing instruction ID. You can use the instructions Assistant to find existing instructions.
    • Per Quantity: Quantity of the item need to build the templated item.
    • Mod Name: These will show up as options when creating a new work order.
    • Order: This is the order that the mod names will show up when creating a work order
    • Price: This is the price of the Mod that will be added to the final invoice.
    • Group: You can use this to group items together. This is visual only.
    • Mod Group: This can be used to add mod options to the same "Mod Group". This is useful when only one mod option can be selected for a work order.
    • File: This is used to show a file is attached to the BOM template.
    • Notes: Use this as a note field.
  4. Click Save BOM Changes.
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