Customer Level Discounting by Item-(Ticket # FD-1361)


Salespeople have requested the ability to set up a temporary discount on an item for a customer so that each time that customer buys that item there is a default discounting rate set. This will save users time from having to re-add the discount from the Point of Sale and serve as a reminder that the customer has that discount available.


We have added a new "Item Discounts" module to the Customer Dashboard that will allow users to add and edit individual item discounts and set a specific expiration date for the discount. This new module will be found in the Action Buttons drop-down menu.

We have also updated the discount structure of the Point of Sale to incorporate the Customer Item discounts so that you can save a new discount directly from this screen. When adjusting/discounting the list price of a line item from the POS, Flyntlok will now give users the option to save that discount to the customer. Item discounts saved via the POS will then populate the "Item discounts" module of the Customers Dashboard.



Company Logo-(Ticket # FD- 798)


Flynlok offers users an option to email a "Signature Request" or "Lease Agreement" to customer contacts to confirm the rates and values of a Rental Contact. Currently, the email sent out is including our Flyntlok logo and mailing address. Because this can be confusing to recipients that are unaware of Flyntlok, our users have requested to have their actual company logo and address information added instead of Flyntlok's.


We have added a new option to upload a custom Company Logo image on the Flyntlok Settings page.

To set a custom Company logo that will display on the Rental Signature Requests and Lease Agreement Emails, you will navigate to the "Admin Editor Wrench" icon in the upper right corner of the home screen and select the "Flyntlok Settings" option from the drop-down menu. From the "Flyntlok Settings" page select the "Company Logo" link and upload a custom Company image from your device. Once uploaded this image will be displayed on the Rental Signature Request and Lease Agreement Emails.


Create Separate Lines For Purchase Order/Special Order Merge-(Ticket # FD-1397 )


We recently released a new feature that allows users to merge open Special Ordered quantities into an existing Purchase Order. The issue is when multiple Special Orders are merged into the same PO they are combined into one line item. This makes it unclear that the remaining quantity from the original Purchase Order is not related to the Special Order. It was also not possible for multiple Special Orders to be merged into the same PO for the same item.  Flyntlok users have requested that merged Special Orders populate the PO in individual line items.


We have updated the Special Order merge functionality so that when merging a Special Order (or Orders) into an existing Purchase Order, the PO will display each Special Order as individual line items distinct from the original PO quantity.

Available Purchase Order Icon -(Ticket # FD-1410)


Flyntlok now offers Users the ability to merge open Special Orders with regular Stock Orders when using the Flyntlok Draft Stock Order page. Purchasing Managers have requested a more obvious indicator when an item has open Special Orders available to merge with Purchase Orders.


We have added a new " Has Mergeable PO" icon to the Special Orders column of the Draft Stock Order page. This new icon will be displayed with open Special Orders quantity only when there are available PO's to merge the Special Order quantity into.


Lead Age-(Ticket # FD-1429)


Salespeople would like to see how many days or months an individual open Lead has been active. Flyntlok currently displays the Lead creation date on the Leads report but does not calculate a day's active "age".


We have added a new "Age" field to the All Leads report which will display the individual Leads' age by days based on the creation date.

"Text Us" To Include Location and Department -(Ticket # FD-1429)


Flyntlok offers customers the ability to have a "Text Us" widget on their company website, which allows potential customers to submit inquiries to the company. Flyntlok then takes these incoming messages and generates a new CRM Lead for this potential customer. Salespeople have requested that the associated location and department be added to the new Lead's name.


If you have Branch Locations and Department fields set up on the "Text Us" widget, Flyntlok will now apply this information to the new Lead's name.



Mileage Log History-(Ticket # FD-1325, 43111)


Flyntlok offers users multiple different ways to edit and document the mileage from a Machine's odometer through the course of a Service Work Order. Users have requested a new report that will display a history of mileage logs for a specific piece of equipment.


We have added a new "Mileage History" section to the Machine Dashboard which will display all Work Order check-in mileage logs as well as any edits to the Miles field of the Machines edit page. This new section will display the ten most recent entries as well as a link that will redirect users to an alternate view that will display ALL mileage logs for that Machine. Flyntlok will display the date, the mileage, and the user's name that performed the logging.

Point of Sale

Text2Pay Billing Information-(Ticket # FD-1418, 43327)


Sales Managers using the new Gravity Payments emergepay system have requested billing address fields be added to the Text2Pay payment type. Gravity Payments offers additional discounts for enabling fraud protection steps, such as billing address fields, on the Text2Pay payment option. Flyntlok currently does not provide the billing address details over to Gravity for address verification.


We have added the billing address details to the Text2Pay settings. Default billing information (pulled from the Customer's Dashboard) will auto-populate into the payment system when the Text2Pay option is selected, but Users will also have the option to edit this new field. N.B. Editing the address fields here does not update the original contact record.


Municipality of Anchorage Vehicle Rental Tax- (Ticket#FD-1374)


Rental managers in Anchorage, Alaska would like the option to apply a Municipality-specific tax charge on the rental of motor vehicles. Anchorage requires the collection of an 8% tax on the rental of motor vehicles with a 30-day cap of $240 for trucks, vans, and RVs or a $120 cap on all other motor vehicles.


We have added a“Charge Municipality of Anchorage Tax” field to the Model Dashboard's edit page, which allows users to associate the specific MOA tax charge to all Machines of that particular model. We have also added a new “Charge Municipality of Anchorage Tax” check-box on a Rental Contract, that when selected, will charge the specific tax rate on the Rental Contract. This box is auto-selected when a contract is created but can be overridden by the user.


Issues Resolved This Sprint

Email Error-(Ticket #FD- 1412, 43338)


Flyntlok users were experiencing an issue when trying to email Sales Order PDF documents to customers where the contact record contained an email address but no contact name. In this scenario, the Flyntlok user received an error and the email was not sent.



Rental Date Error-(Ticket #FD-1392, 43317)


Flyntlok users were having an issue when trying to manually type in the start date of a Rental Contract, rather than using the date picker. In this scenario, the page would error out and users were then redirected to an error page.


Fixed. Flyntlok users will be able to type out dates without having to break the keyboard stride.

Fixed Asset vs Rental-(Ticket #FD-1409, 43350)


Users were experiencing issues where sold Machines were able to be added to a Rental Contract via the "Actions" button of the Machines Dashboard.


Fixed. We have removed the ability to select the "Rental Contact" button from the Machines Dashboard when the machine is in a "Sold" status.

Point of Sale PDF Page Spacing-(Ticket #FD-1424, 43411)


When an item's description is lengthy, the generated PDF document from the Point of Sale moves the entire item line to a new page, creating an awkward formatting issue. Flyntlok users have requested that the unnecessary extra spacing be removed from PDF documents generated from the POS.


We have updated the Point of Sale PDF allowing item descriptions to be broken up between two pages.

Purchase Plan not Respecting Combined Item Quantity-(Ticket #FD-1428, 43376)


Users reported an issue when they were adding an Item onto an existing Sales Order where that Item already had previously been added to the SO and where they merged the two line items into one. In this scenario, the Purchase Plan would only account for the original Line Items' order quantity and did not reflect the updated merged quantities.


Fixed. Purchase Plans will respect the combined quantity set from the Point of Sale.

Work Order Deposit not Populating onto the Final Invoice-(Ticket #FD-1432, 43444)


Service Managers were experiencing an issue when applying a deposit to a Service Work Order where, the deposit was not auto-populating onto the final invoice.


Fixed. The deposit will auto-populate on the final invoice.

Customer Invoice showing Warranty Pricing-(Ticket #FD-1443, 43481)


Users were experiencing an issue when trying to invoice a Work Order with both Warranty jobs and Customer jobs. The customer invoice that was generated displayed costs on items associated with Warranty jobs when they should show up as $0.


Fixed. All the warranty jobs, parts, and labor are included on the customer bill at $0 cost and $0 list.

Rental Contract Final Invoice-(Ticket #FD-1455, 43507)


Rental Managers were experiencing an issue when closing a Rental Contract, where the Contract had been fully paid for on a previous invoice including all fees and charges, Flyntlok was still generating a final invoice for $0.00.


Fixed. Flyntlok will close the Rental Contract and no additional invoice will be generated.

Sold Machines Report-(Ticket #FD-1464, 43520)


Users were running into an issue when attempting to see how many of a certain Machine Model their company has sold, from the Sold Machines report. The report was excluding results due to a max capacity set at 15,000 results per page.


We have increased the results limit of the Sold Machines report to 25,000.

(And kudos to you folks for selling more than 15,000 machines.)

Sparks Orders Are Not Showing Available Stock-(Ticket #FD-1460, 43549)


Salespeople were having issues with Customer Sparks Orders not displaying the Stock available to transfer from other branch locations.


Fixed. Spark Orders will display available stock from other branch locations. This information will be indicated by the (*) icon in the item line's QOH box.

Deposit Discrepancies after Multiple Transactions -(Ticket #FD-1454, 43505)


Ok, bear with us here as this is a confusing bug: If a user took a Deposit (e.g. $50) on a Work Order then the Customer has a balance of $50 (since the WO is still in progress). Then you later go and sell a part to the Customer for $30 and you apply the payment using the “Deposit” payment type. The balance for the Customer should now be $20 since you just used part of their earlier Deposit for this sale. Later you go and finalize the invoice for that original $50 Work Order. The Customer should only have a balance of $20 now, but the invoice for the Work Order was still showing the original $50 deposit. Later you find out the Customer owes you $30!


Fixed. The Work Order will now know if the deposit was partially (or completely) used on a separate transaction.

Inaccurate Time on Timecard Report-(Ticket #FD-1469, 43543)


Service Managers were seeing a discrepancy between the timestamps displayed on the service technicians' "Timecard" Report and the actual Work Order.


Fixed. We have addressed a timezone error on the "Timecard" report. Flynlok was incorrectly displaying clock-in/out times in the Alaska standard time zone regardless of the company location.

(Lesson learned: World does not revolve around Alaska.)

CRM SMS Message Error-(Ticket #FD-1487, 43578)


Flyntlok users were receiving an "Error Sending Message, Contact Flyntlok for Assistance" notification when attempting to send an SMS text message from the CRM Hub when there is an invalid phone number.


We have updated the message displayed when attempting to send SMS messages with invalid phone numbers. (N.B. Flyntlok does not know if the number used is in service or is capable of receiving SMS messages, simply that the number/format was not valid.)

Last Release Notes

August 2nd, 2023 Release Notes

Not yet a Flyntlok Customer?

Learn More at Flyntlok Dealer Management System


Check out our Flyntlok YouTube channel for more highlights of the application!


New Feature

Work Order Estimates

We have added a new setting to the work order to make the job approval processing quicker. From the Jobs Tab of the Work Order dashboard, you will see a new option in the Actions dropdown titled Process Jobs. When clicked, you will see a list of your jobs, allowing you to select and process the part orders associated with the jobs.


When the process button is selected, Flyntlok will move the internal parts orders tied to the selected job(s) forward from a Quote or Draft status into a Pending or Pickup status.


Visibility on Tech Clock Out Notes

When a technician clocks out of a job, Flyntlok requires them to log a note. You will now be able to view this note from the corresponding labor punch. From the Labor Tab of the Work Order, you will now see a new Note Icon on the labor punches. When you hover over this new icon, Flyntlok will display the tech note added at that clock-out.



Point of Sale


Credit Card Information

We have added additional Credit Card information to the Sales Order. When adding a customer credit card as a payment type, you will now see the card number, the name on the card, the date the payment was taken, and the approval number populate on the payment line of the Sales Order and the Sales Order PDF.




Model Update

We will now tell you what fields will be changed on the model when updated from a machine.   

Machine Flooring

New feature

Closing a Voucher/Booking Corresponding machine Transaction

We have added new settings to the Machine Receiving Voucher, you will now be able to generate a new journal entry to put the machine into a flooring account! When the QB flooring field is set on the receiving voucher, Flyntlok will now generate a journal entry for the machine instead of creating a bill. We recommend also setting the category (Floored) checked to indicate yes. This will allow Flyntlok to create new reports on the floored machine. Please reach out to the Flyntlok support team to review this workflow!



This information will immediately populate the machine's balance sheet, viewable from the machine's dashboard.

Machine Purchase Orders

New feature

Machine Miles/Hours

We have added the Machine Miles and Hours categories to the column chooser of the Machine Receiving Voucher.




Call-Off  Date Visibility

We have updated the settings of the rental contract call-off. When a rental contract is called-off, invoicing uses the call-off date if it exists; (otherwise uses check-in date.) The Call-Off date will now populate on all relevant rental PDFs and lease agreements.




Customer Dashboard Tax

We have updated the Tax Rules pop-up on the customer's dashboard. This will make configuring a customer's tax rules easier.



New Feature

Attach Files, Photos, and Videos

You will now be able to send files such as PDFs, Photos, or Videos to new leads when communicating with them via SMS.



Last Release Notes

March 22nd, 2023 Release Notes

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Check out our Flyntlok YouTube channel for more highlights of the application!

Item Line

The Item Line allows users to effectively view part items and their locations, edit ordered quantities, edit fulfilled quantities, and edit amounts as well as check traceability, verify correct Item Numbers, report lost sales, remove items from SO entirely, and create/edit discounts for specific items.  The Item Lines appear as rows in descending order by when they were added to the SO.

Gear, Rocket, Truck, Tax, Percentage and Money icons

The POS icons that appear in the left-hand column help signify what classification each Item Line is, and the different icons can be defined as follows:

Product/Service column

The Product/Service column allows users to view Item Number, Item Description, go to Item Dashboard, and change Item Description. The Item Description is listed underneath the Item Number in the Product/Service Column

Click the Item Dashboard button located just right of the Item Number to open up the Item Dashboard in a new tab.

Go To Item Dashboard

Click the Pencil icon to change the Item Description.

If Item has a Core, the Item Line will contain a Dirty Core option underneath the item description. Check the box if the Dirty Core has been returned. You can set the Core status of the Item when editing the Item's Dashboard.

Actions column

The Actions column, located in the middle of the POS, allows users to check fulfillment status, fulfill item, check traceability, change status of item number verification, report lost sale, check if there is updated pricing, and remove item from the SO.

To fulfill all item quantities, check the green Circled Check Mark icon


To check Traceability, click the Traceability icon Traceability.

To change status of item number verification, click the Squared Check Mark icon.

To Report Lost Sale, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Frowny Face icon Lost Sale to redirect to the Loss Report Form
  2. Fill in Loss Report Details with loss type, customer, reason, and estimation information
  3. Verify Item Details such as the Selected Item, Listed Price, and QOH
  4. Click Submit

To check Updated Pricing for an item that has changed pricing, a golden icon [picture of the icon] will appear in the action column. After clicking, an Update Pricing notification will pop-up and ask if a pricing update is applicable. If so, press the Send button and the item price will be updated appropriately.

To remove an item from the sale order, click the X, and the item line will disappear from the POS.

Location column

The Location column allows users to update or enter in an Item BIN, or a designated inventory storage location. To set the location, click the Pencil icon and type the BIN into the prompted text.

Quantity column

The Quantity column allows users to view and change Ordered Quantity, and view Quantity on Hand (available quantity), Quantity Consigned, Total Quantity, Dispute Quantity, and Request Transfer.

To change Ordered Quantity, use the arrows or click into the quantity number to manually type in the desired quantity. The QOH, or Available Quantity, is located directly below. Also, by clicking the Information icon, the QOH Breakdown Tab pops-up with the Quantity Available, Consigned Quantity, and Total Quantity.

To Dispute Quantity, click the Ladybug icon and enter the quantity that is actually on hand, not including ordered quantity.

To Request Transfer Quantity, click the Truck icon and fill out the Transfer This Item pop-up page. This page requires the Transfer Location, Transfer Quantity, Shipping Method, and if Drop shipped. Select either Transfer or Quick Transfer to finish the Transfer process.

Location Column

Fulfill column

The Fulfill column allows users to view and change fulfilled quantities. To change fulfilled quantity, either click into the Fulfilled Quantity number or click arrows to incrementally add or take away Fulfilled Quantity

 Partially Fulfilled              Fulfill Item via Typing

Rate/Amount column

The Rate/Amount column, located furthest right of the POS, allows users to view and change Item Prices, as well as add discounts to each Item Line separately. The top number of the Rate/Amount cell is the Item Price which takes into account the Item Discount. Just below, is the Total Item price which additionally takes into account the Quantity Ordered

To add an Item Discount, click the Discount Line cell and fill out the Line Pricing pop-up menu and press Save. The Line Pricing pop-up menu requires Discount Percentage, Reason for discount, and will propagate the New Amount.

 Rate and Amount Column            Discount           

Release Notes 2020 Q4

December 16th, 2020

New 🆕

Quick Item Transfers

You now have the ability to transfer an item directly from a sales order! Previously, this could only be done from the item dashboard. After adding an item to the sales order that needs to be transferred to your location, you will see a truck icon next to the QOH of the item.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - transfer](img/transfer_button.png)

Clicking this will bring up the transfer information box. In this form, fill out how much, from where, your comments, your preferred shipping method (for the transfer) and whether or not this should be drop-shipped to the customer. This will initiate queue up a request to transfer the item to your location.
![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - transfer](img/transfer_swal.png)

!!! tip "Quick Transfer"
The quick transfer button will move your inventory instantly from one location to the next. This means upon clicking this button the QOH is immediately removed from the source location and moved to the destination location (your invoice location). This by-passes all the current transfer workflows in place, but will still create a record of the transfer.

QuickBooks Online Customer Information *BETA*

Flyntlok will now keep your customer data from QuickBooks Online up to date in real time with Flyntlok. This ensures that things like the customers balance due stay in sync between the two systems with less clicks, and less human intervention.

!!! Tip "Loading QuickBooks Customer Data"
You can still sync the two systems by heading to the Wrench -> Accounting -> QuickBooks online and clicking the `Load Customers` button, but with this update, you really shouldn't have to do that ever again!

!!! danger ""
This is a beta feature. We will be monitoring its status over the next few weeks. We will be expanding on it during this time frame as well to incorporate all of the data between the two systems. Less clicks!

Enhancements 💪

Auto-Generating Work Orders

When an Equipment Condition Report is attached and completed on a work order, we will now generate a segmented work order for the needed repairs.

1. After adding an ECR in the Associated Forms section, selecting it will allow you to edit the form.
![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - ECR](img/ECR.png)
2. Selecting **No, requires fix** will prompt the system to generate a work order for the repairs.
![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - ECR](img/require_fix.png)
3. When all appropriate fields are filled out on the ECR, next to the form number, you will click the *Save* button and then the *Go to Work Order* button.
![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - ECR](img/ECR_buttons.png)
4. The auto generated work order will be created after the machine is checked out from the work order.
5. On the new work order, for everything that was marked as needing a fix, there will be a job for that repair.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - ECR](img/repair_jobs.png)

!!! danger ""
None of the jobs that are auto generated will have a labor type set. Be sure to set this before clocking into the job.

!!! tip "Rental Check Ins"
A reminder that Flyntlok can auto generate work orders when a rental unit is checked in. The work order will already have an ECR form attached. This allows for rental units to be checked in, have their condition reviewed, and then a work order generated for any repairs needed. We can also create new condition options on the ECR that will create a work order for the customer of the rental if you choose to bill them for repairs. Please reach out to Flyntlok to get this configured!

Issues Resolved 🐛

Payment Options on Internal Customers

We have removed alternate payment options when a customer type is internal. You can only use the Flyntlok generated payment in this case.

December 9th, 2020

New 🆕

Internal Work Order Document *BETA*

We have added an internal cost report for work orders. This report will break out your labor cost, parts cost, and labor entries by job.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - labor](img/labor_lines.png)

With this data, we can also show you your profit, margin, estimated hours, and actual hours per job.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - Cost](img/WO_cost.png)

If the work order is not in an Invoiced Status, you will go to the Actions drop-down and select Print Internal to access the report.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - print](img/print_internal.png)

If the work order is in Invoiced status, there will be a red Internal button next to the Print and Email buttons, where you can access the report.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - internal](img/internal_button.png)

!!! note ""
This document is currently in beta. Any feedback on layout or data would be greatly appreciated to help utilize this report!

!!! danger ""
The internal document only works for segmented work orders. You cannot view this report on simple work orders.

Quote Expiration Notifications

We now send notifications when a quote is set to expire. You will receive notifications when the quote is 7 days from expiring, 3 days from expiring, and the day of expiration. You will see a green notification that shows in the lower right of your screen.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - noty](img/noty.png)

And you will get a red banner on your dashboard.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - expiration](img/quote_expiration.png)

When a quote hits the expiration date, we will now mark it as expired with a message indicating that it was rejected due to expiration.

Enhancements 💪

Auto-Generating Work Orders

We made a few enhancements to the auto-generating DMS work order feature.

1. When setting the location on the work order, we will first check the default manufacturing location of the item, then the default manufacturing location set in the Flyntlok Settings page, and if neither of those are set we will set the location based on the sales order location.
2. The end date of the work order will now reflect the date that is set in the *Due Date* field on the sales order.
3. The description of the item on the sales order will be copied into the work requested section of the work order. This allows for that description to be set per sales order for custom work requests.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - WOs](img/auto-genWO1-3.png)

4. The origin of the work order will be noted.
5. The public message on the sales order is set as a note on the work order.
6. The customer PO on the sales order is noted on the work order as well.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - WOs](img/auto-genWO4-6.png)

Work Order PDF

On the work order PDF, we will now show the tag number and work station that have been assigned. We also removed the date that is associated with the hours and miles on the machine.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - fields](img/tagWS.png)

December 2nd, 2020

New 🆕

Variance Journal Entries

From a variance report for a physical inventory sprint, you can create a journal entry for those item variances. When you are on a variance report, you will see a button in the upper right that will create the journal entry.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - variance](img/variance_button.png)

This journal entry will contain a debit and credit for every item that had a variance. An increase will result in a debit to the asset account for that item, while a decrease will result in a credit to the asset account of the item.

We will automatically assign the correct asset and expense accounts. We will first look for the part's asset account, and if that isn't set, we will use the vendor's asset account for that item. For the expense account, we allow you to select an expense account to be used in the Flyntlok Details admin editor.

!!! note ""
Go to the wrench in the upper right -> Flyntlok -> Flyntlok Details. You can find the Inventory Variance Expense Account field towards the bottom of the accounting section.
![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - variance](img/variance_exp_acct.png)

If that default expense account is not set, we will first look for the parts expense account, and if that is not, set we will use the vendor's expense account of that part.

!!! warning ""
We do not restrict the creation of multiple journal entries for one sprint.

Payment Type Combinations

Flyntlok now supports adding an account payment type with any other type of payment! To use this feature you will need to add an Item Reference to your payment types that is different from the account payment type item reference. This item reference is a QuickBooks item that will be used to create the invoice in QuickBooks with the payment line.

You can edit your payment types by going to the admin editors, hovering over Point of Sale, and selecting Invoice Payment Types.

Annual Labor Rate Evaluation

We have added a field to your labor types that indicates if a labor type is active. This allows you to keep old labor types at their rates and cost so that they can still be accurately reported on. When doing a labor rate or cost change, you will need to create a duplicate of the labor type, adjust the cost and rate of that new labor line, then mark the old one as inactive. We will then remove that inactive labor type from being shown when selecting a labor type to clock into.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - active](img/active_column.png)

Enhancements 💪

Volvo Integration

You can now review order confirmation and shipment information directly in Flyntlok. This data was previously only available on the Volvo Parts Online Portal. By line, you can review where the part is coming from, and get information such as the carrier and tracking number. This data is updated real-time from Volvo.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - volvo](img/VolvoPhase2.png)

Internal Parts Order Quotes

We now exclude quote status internal parts orders from showing on work order PDFs. Internal parts orders must at least be in draft status for them to be seen on the PDF.

Tag and Work Station Editing

When you go to edit a work order, you can now add, change, or remove tags and work stations.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - work order](img/edit_station.png)

November 18th, 2020

New 🆕


Our quote system has been revamped to allow tracking of quote conversions and their reasoning. Through this we will be able to report on how many of your quotes are accepted vs rejected and your valuation of open quotes.

When you are on a quote, in the Payment tab you will now see three new options:

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - quote](img/quote_options.png)

- Modify Quote: This will allow you to turn the quote back into a draft sales order and make changes.

- Reject: If a customer rejects the quote, clicking *Reject* will mark the current date as the date of rejection, and we will give you the option to categorize and explain the reason for the rejection.

- Accept: When the customer accepts the quote, selecting *Accept* will mark the current date as the date of acceptance and you will have the option to attribute that sale to a category.

!!! warning ""
When you turn a sales order into a quote, you can set the date of expiration. When this date is reached, we will mark the quote as expired.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - quote](img/quote_accept.gif)

!!! warning ""
When a quote is accepted, you will not be able to turn it back into a quote.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - quote](img/rejection.png)

!!! warning ""
When a quote is rejected, it cannot be reopened.

Quote Reporting

We have created a few dashboard grids that report on the quote conversion statistics. These dashboards WILL NOT have legacy data. They will only contain quote data that is created from today and on.

!!! info ""
If you have current pending quotes, turn them into a draft sales order, then turn them back into a quote to start the conversion tracking.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - quote](img/quote_reports.png)

We will have more reports in the future, and are open to any requests of reports that would be valuable to you or your company! The current options are:

- My Quote Stats YTD: Your quotes' valuations, broken out by month and quote status.

- My Quotes Expiring: Your quotes that are expiring within a week.

- My Quote Conversion: Your quotes' acceptance and rejected amounts.

- Company Quote Conversion: Quote acceptance and rejection by store location.

- Quotes by Sales Person: Quote counts by salesperson. (Note: This will only show users who are set to be Sales for their user type. This is set in the Users admin editor.)

!!! warning ""
You will need to talk to your management team to help get your dashboard configured if you are interested in the reports.

!!! Note ""
All the dashboard grids are YTD(Year To Date) information except for My Quotes Expiring.

Enhancements 💪

Credit Card Fees

When you charge a CC fee, we now link that fee to the CC charge that it is associated with. If the CC charge z-out is approved, the fee will move with that charge to approved, likewise, when it is disapproved, the fee will be marked as disapproved. This allows for you to remove CC fees from being queued up to post to QuickBooks until you approve the CC charge.

November 11th, 2020

Happy Veterans Day

From all of us at Flyntlok, to all the veterans out there… we salute you! Thank you for your service and sacrifice!

Upcoming 🔮

Quote System

We are in the process of creating a new way to track quote conversions and save old versions of quotes within Flyntlok. This will include the ability to accept, reject, and modify quotes. When modifying a quote, we will take a snapshot of that quote before it is modified so that you can see what changed and potentially what made the deal! This week we are releasing a few smaller features of the new quote system to start tracking quote success and rejection rates. You can read more about this week's quote features below.

New 🆕


We've revamped our quoting system to now track when a sales order is converted to a quote, and when that quote is accepted or rejected. When a quote is rejected, we give the salesman the opportunity to explain why the quote was rejected. Rejected quotes will show on your wins/losses report as a loss.

!!! info ""
The wins/loss report should be located under the Company tab on your left-hand nav. If you have difficulties finding or adding that menu, please reach out to Flyntlok!

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - quote](img/reject_quote.png)

- Category: This will help to categorize the reasons for a quote rejection.

- Lost To: You can name who the customer went with if there was competing sale.

- Reason: Here the salesman can add more relevant information as to why the customer rejected the quote.

When a quote is converted to a sales order, we mark that date as the successful quote conversion date.

Customer Credit

You now have the ability to take overpaid amounts on sales orders and apply that amount to the customer's deposit. Instead of issuing a return transaction for the excess amount, you can select the Customer Credit payment option on the sales order to put that amount into the customer's deposit. As with regular deposit transactions, that amount will not show on the customer's dashboard until that payment line is approved and posted by your accounting department.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - Credit](img/cust_cred.png)

!!! warning ""
This will only work for customers that do not have an account.

Enhancements 💪

Reversing Physical Inventory

After marking a physical inventory plan as complete, you now have the ability to reverse that plan to make any necessary changes.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - Labor](img/reverse_plan.png)

Inventory Lockdowns

We have added more to the transaction lockdown feature when doing an inventory count. Previously, you could only prevent the *order* button from being clicked on the sales order. Now, you can also prevent parts from being received/returned on POs, inter-store transfers from being executed, and ERP work orders from being graded. If the lockdown is active, and there is an active plan being executed, the system will only lockdown for the location with the active plan. This allows for the rest of your company to continue working.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - Labor](img/lockdown.png)

We recommend the lockdown to prevent transactions from happening while you are counting parts. If you don't lockdown, and transactions are created, it has the potential to negatively affect your reported QOH.

!!! info ""
To activate the lockdown, head to the admin editors->Flyntlok->Flyntlok Details. At the bottom of the accounting, section will be a check box called Lock Inventory During Counts.

November 4th, 2020

New 🆕

Labor History Report

The new Labor History report will give you a breakdown of your DMS work order clocked time vs billable time for the month. We give a summary at the top of the report that shows the hours by location with rates and costs of those hours.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - Labor](img/labor_history.png)

You can schedule this report by going to the Report Scheduler within the Flyntlok admin editor.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - Labor](img/report_scheduler.png)

DMS Work Order Item Type

We have added a new item type field that, when assigned to an item, will create a simple DMS work order to create the item. This can be used for selling predefined services like flat-rate service work, or for custom work with a set quoted price.

!!! tip "To utilize this feature, follow these quick and easy steps"
1. We have pre-generated a new item type for you called "Work Order Generator". (You can modify this on the item types editor)
2. Create a new item in Flyntlok. While filling out this form, ensure you set the item type to "Work Order Generator".
3. You will need to set the proper income, asset, and expense accounts on this item for recording purposes, but it is not required to test out the feature.
4. After creation of the item, create a new sales order and sell this item.
5. Once you have clicked order on the sale, a new DMS Work Order will have been auto-generated for you.

Upon closing this work order, we will update the cost of the item on the sale to be the sum of the parts costs on the work order. We will also update the MSRP of the item on the sale to the sum of the list price of the parts used on the work order. This is to give you an idea of how close you were to your set price for this work.

Enhancements 💪

MRP Work Order Costs

We have amped up the reporting of costs on MRP work orders. You will see more fields that report on costs within the details tab of work orders. Many of the new labor cost calculations will depend on the labor time and labor type being set on a per-item basis. (The labor time was released last week, check out the information below!)

??? info "MRP Labor Averages"
If you are an MRP customer, when editing an item, you will now see averages under the Labor Time input. These averages will show actual and billable times of the 10 most recent closed work orders for that item.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - avg](img/avg_times.png)

Just above the Labor Time field is the Labor Type field. This field will allow you to select one of your current labor types as a default for this item. The cost of the labor type selected and the labor time that is input will be used to find estimated labor times and cost or sub labor times and costs on work orders.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - avg](img/labortype.png)

Here is an explanation of all the cost fields and how they are calculated:

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - MRP](img/ERP_costing.png)

- Expected Parts Cost: This will be the current cost of the item being built multiplied by the quantity being built.

- Actual Parts Cost: This is the cost of all the items on the BOM being multiplied by their needed quantity and summed together.

!!! warning ""
Your expected part cost should equal the actual parts cost. This will help to accurately reflect the cost of that item.

- Expected Labor Cost: We calculate this by taking what is set in the *Item Labor* field for the item being built, multiply it by the quantity being built, and then multiply it by the cost of the labor type that is set for that item.

- Actual Labor Cost: This will be the billable time that is set on the work order, multiplied by the labor types' cost that is used to record the billable time.

- Sublabor Cost: Using the labor time and labor type that are set for all item's on the BOM, we multiply the quantity needed of the item by the set labor time, and then multiply that result by the cost of the labor type.

- Misc.Cost: A miscellaneous cost can be set by item. This cost will include anything that is not a labor cost or subpart cost when building or purchasing the item. This will field will take the miscellaneous cost of the item being built and multiply it by the quantity being built.

- Subparts Misc. Costs: This will take all item's on the BOM, multiply the needed quantity to build by the amount set for Misc. cost of that item, and sum this result from all the items.

- Total Costs: This will sum subparts, sub labor, labor, and all miscellaneous costs to show how much this or these items cost to build.

- Expected Labor Time: This will be the time that is set in the *Labor Time* field of the item, multiplied by the quantity being built.

- Actual Labor Time: This will be the time that is clocked in on the work order.

- Sublabor Time: This will be the labor time that is set on each item of the BOM, multiplied by the quantity of that item needed to build.

Along with the new reporting, you can now update the cost and labor time of an item when the final grade is submitted.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - MRP](img/cost_updates.png)

When the final grader goes to sign off on the work order, they will get two comparisons.

- Unit Cost: will show what is currently set as the cost (Expected) vs what the subparts cost is per item (Actual).

- Unit Labor: will show what is currently set in the item labor field for the item (Expected) vs how much time was clocked on the work order per item (Actual).

Below both comparisons are checkboxes that default to not checked. Checking these will update their respective field for the item being built. If the work order is linked to a sales order, we will go out and update the cost of that item on the sales order.

Electronic PO Notifications

We have added notifications when submitting electronic POs. We find this necessary on a few of the integrations we currently have as they do not provide an immediate response to the PO. Starting with our Volvo integration, when you submit a PO, you can expect a notification to come via the lower right pop-up and blue banners on your dashboard. You no longer should have to wait on the PO and constantly refresh the page hoping for a response from the vendor.

Upcoming 🔮

Keyed-In Card Transactions

Just a reminder that we are still in the process of migrating over Flyntlok customers to the new Gravity portal. A Flyntlok consultant will reach out to you when we are ready to migrate your company onto the new keyed-in transactions system. If you have any questions, please reach out to Flyntlok if you have any questions!

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - Gravity](img/gravity_cc.png)

October 28th, 2020

New 🆕

Work Order Scheduler

We have released a new feature that allows you to create, edit, view, and schedule work orders on a calendar page at the week- and month-level. You can also filter by five separate criteria to find the exact set of work orders you're looking for.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - scheduler](img/WO_scheduler.png)

Dragging and dropping is enabled, allowing work orders be moved around freely. This makes scheduling much quicker and more efficient.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - scheduler](img/WO_drag.gif)

To get to the work order scheduler, go to the *Service Overview* tab and select *Work Order Scheduler*.

!!! note ""
Please check out document to learn more about this feature!

[***Work Order Scheduler***](

!!! attention ""
This feature is being released in beta. Please let us know any issues you run into. Feedback is always welcome!

Enhancements 💪

Point of Sale Lockout

We have added the ability to lockout all sales order from moving out of draft status when your company is performing an inventory count. This will prevent the *Order* button from being clicked. If you would like this enabled when performing your count, please reach out to Flyntlok!

Variance Report PDF

You now have the ability to make a PDF version of your variance reports for inventory counts. When you are on a variance reports page, click the pdf icon in the upper right!

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - pdf](img/variance_pdf.png)

Inventory Count Plan PDF

We've added the ability to print PDFs of inventory plans. This allows you to print the plan, take the count, and log the adjustments later if you are not able to take the inventory count on a mobile device. You can find the link to print the PDF on the *Physical Inventory Sprints and Plans* report, next to the plan's name.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - pdf](img/plan_print.png)

Journal Entry Copying

We now allow you to duplicate journal entries.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - avg](img/duplicate_JE.gif)

Copying a journal entry will retain all data except for the journal date, journal number, and any attachments.

MRP Labor Averages

If you are an MRP customer, when editing an item, you will now see averages under the Labor Time input. These averages will show actual and billable times of the 10 most recent closed work orders for that item.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - avg](img/avg_times.png)

!!! attention ""
In the near future, we will use this field to estimate your sub-labor costs per work order.

Issues Resolved 🐛

Comments on Pending Actions

Now, when you add a comment to a pending action, that comment will be added for all associated actions as well.

October 21st, 2020

New 🆕

Inventory Sprints

We have added a new feature that will make doing your monthly, quarterly, or yearly inventory counts a breeze! This feature gives you the ability to create what we call an inventory sprint. Within a sprint, you can:

- Create plans that can have specific bins or ranges of bins assigned to them.
- Assign an employee to execute a plan.
- Set a date that the plan is due by.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - rangedrag](img/bin_drag_range.gif)

Along with this, we have created reports that will show you how much inventory has been adjusted and how your inventory valuations have changed.

!!! note "None of the adjustments will affect inventory until all the plans have been marked complete and the sprint is marked complete"

We prioritized making this feature mobile friendly to give employees the opportunity to carry a smart phone or tablet through the warehouse and execute the counts.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - phonegif](img/phone_count.gif)

!!! danger ""
We have a guide on creating, executing, and closing out these inventory sprints.

[**Inventory Sprints Guide**](

Enhancements 💪

Keyed-In Credit Card Transactions Upgrade

Flyntlok has been working in the background with Gravity Payments (previously referred to as Charge It Pro) to upgrade keyed-in credit card transactions to the newest and most secure platform provided. If you are currently utilizing Gravity as your payment processor, a Flyntlok consultant will be reaching out to you within the next two months when you are slated to upgrade.

!!! primary ""
[**Keyed-In Credit Transactions Upgrade**](

Searching for Splits

Now when using the S? search action, you can search for split sales orders.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - "split"](img/split_search.png)

Vendor Part Sourcing Date Range

From the vendor dashboard, you can now access a date range report for the vendor's part order sourcing. This will show you the selling price of items from this vendor that are sold over the counter and on a work order between the dates that you input.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - "vendor"](img/view_more.png)

October 14th, 2020

Enhancements 💪


We have revamped the old labels and added new ones! All of these labels now contain QR codes. When you scan the QR code with a smartphone camera, you will get a notification that will take you to the entity that the label was printed for. There are five different locations that these labels can be found:

1. On the item dashboard, under the actions drop-down, there is a Print Label option. This label will contain the item number, bin location, vendor, and list price, along with a QR code that takes you to the item's dashboard.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - "label"](img/item_label.png)

2. On the item purchase order, the far-right column has a printer icon that, when clicked, will generate a label. This label will contain the PO number, item number, quantity received, and if the item is a special order, you will see the sales order number and customer. The QR code on this label will take you to the purchase order when scanned.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - "label"](img/ItemLabelPO.png)

3. From a sales order, there is a new barcode icon in the upper right that will generate a sales order label. This label will contain the sales order number, customer PO, ready date of the sales order or the date that the label was printed, customer of the sales order, and the selected contact information or the contact information for the customer. The QR code here will take you to the sales order.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - "label"](img/SO_label.png)

4. From a DMS work order, in the Actions dropdown, the bottom option of the *Informational* section is Print Label. This will print a label for the work order that will have the work order number, machine, customer, and contact info for the customer. This QR code will take you to the work order.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - "label"](img/WO_label.png)

5. From an ERP work order, in the Actions dropdown, the second to last option is Print Label. This will print a label for the work order that will have the work order number, item, department, priority, due date, quantity, and reference if it is linked to a sales order. This QR code will take you to the work order.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - "label"](img/ERPLabel.png)

Vendor Account Number

When you print a purchase order, if there is an account number associated with that vendor, it will show in the Vendor box of the purchase order pdf.

Strategic Sourcing

On the strategic sourcing report, we have updated it to follow our rules of only being able to set metric override or metric override date when the other is also being set or is already set. We have also added the ability to update the metric override type on this report!

??? info "What is the strategic sourcing report?"
Strategic Sourcing is used as a quick view for vendor stock orders. At the top of the page, you can select a location and vendor that you want to pull the stock order report for. This makes it easier for viewing multiple different vendors' suggested stock orders instead of creating draft stock orders for each vendor. We also allow you to update an item's reorder point, metric override, metric override date, and metric override type from the report. Strategic Sourcing will be located under the purchasing tab on your left nav. If you don't see the report there, please reach out to Flyntlok to get it added!

October 7th, 2020

New 🆕

Received Items

On the vendor dashboard, we have added a link to a report that lets you view all items that were received for the vendor between a specified date range. The link is located at the top of the Most Recent Purchase Orders box, next to the View All option.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - "Vendor"](img/Vendor_Received.png)

MRP PO Links on WO

We have added a hotlink for purchase orders on manufacturing work orders. This link will take you directly to the Flyntlok purchase order that is input.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - "Link"](img/PO_Link.png)

Enhancements 💪

Sold/Used 180

On vendor purchase order drafts, we have added sold 180 and sold 180i columns.

!!! warning ""
- Sold 180: This will be the quantity of the item sold in the last 180 days.
- Sold 180i: This will be the total number of sales documents that the item was sold on in the last 180 days.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - "180"](img/sold_180.png)

Warranty Customer Machine Searching

When a warranty type customer is set as the customer on a sales order, the machine search field will now search through all machines associated with your company.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - "warranty"](img/Machine_Warranty_Search.png)

Standard and Tax-Exempt Customer Machine Searching

When a standard or tax-exempt customer is set as the customer on a sales order, the machine searcher will now search through machines owned by the customer and machines that are part of the company's machine inventory.

Account Numbers on Vendor Edit

When editing a vendor, you can now search for revenue, asset, and expense accounts by account number and view the number of each account.

![Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - "vendor"](img/Vendor_Numbers.png)

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