Warranty Tracking by Job-(Ticket # FD- 1323)


Flyntlok users would like a way to better manage Work Orders that contain Warranty Jobs. It would save time if users could invoice both Warranty related and Non-Warranty Jobs on the same WO because currently, Flyntlok requires two separate Work Orders.


We have added a new setting that your Administrator can set which will then create multiple invoices for each Work Order that contains Warranty and non-Warranty related Jobs. We have also added a new field on the Job level called Warranty Customer which will default to the Vendor of the Machine associated with that job.  If a WO has multiple Warranty jobs associated with different Vendors, Flyntlok will generate a separate invoice for each of the different Vendors. The invoice for the final Customer will show zero cost for any Warranty related jobs.

To relate a Vendor to a Warranty Customer, we have added a new field to the Customer edit page where you can specify the Vendors related to a Warranty Customer. (A Warranty Customer is a customer record in Flyntlok to which you would invoice work completed on a Warranty for a Vendor.) You can only set Warranty Vendors if the Customer type is set to Warranty.

Mobile View Changes

Switch Users (Ticket # FD-1167, 42563)


Service managers have requested the ability for techs to be able to switch users from within the Mobile View on a single shared device. Currently, Flyntlok allows only administrators the ability to switch between alternate users' Flyntlok profiles within the company and only when in the Desktop View.


We have added the Switch User feature to the Mobile view. You will now see the Switch User icon in the top right corner of the Mobile View's home page, and we will display the name of the now-current user below the navbar, making it clear who is logged in. This is a client-based setting. Please reach out to the Flyntlok support team if you would like this set up!

Work Order Creation from Mobile View-(Ticket # FD-1167, 42563)


Service managers have also requested the ability for technicians to create new Work Orders directly from the Mobile View on a single shared device. Currently, the new Work Order button of the Mobile View takes you to the Desktop Work Order creation page.


We have created a mobile version of the Work Order creation page.


Merge Special Order with Stock Order on Draft Stock Order Page-(Ticket # 43069, FD-1322)


Flyntlok Purchasing Managers would like the ability to combine Special Orders along with regular Stock Orders when using the Flyntlok Draft Stock Order page. This will save time by allowing users to combine these orders with fewer steps than before. There is currently no way to combine quantities from the Draft Stock Order.


We have added a column that will display the Special Order amount that is contained on a Special Order PO located next to the recommended quantity, in addition to the existing Order Qty field. If the user clicks on the drop-down arrow on the part, under the “Open Special Orders” there is a “Merge” button that allows for the combining of the Special Order with this Stock Order. Flyntlok then “reserves” the Special Order quantity.


Purchasing Hub-(Ticket # FD-1321)


Flyntlok users have requested a centralized Purchasing Report that shows the value of demanded items with the ability to generate a purchase order based on the demand.


We have added a new "Purchasing Hub" report that will summarize the value of demanded Special Order and Stock Order items by Vendor or Distributor. From the report, you will be able to generate a Draft Purchase Order to purchase the Special Order items, Stock Order items, and any other items under that Vendor or Distributor.

Flyntlok Administrators will have the option to add this new report to the Left-Hand Navigation Menu by navigating to the "Admin Editor Wrench" icon in the upper right corner of the home screen, then select the "Navigation" option from the drop-down. The Purchasing Hub report can be added to either the Parts or Purchasing tabs of the Navigation Menu.


Allow Text/Email - (Ticket#FD-1319, 43104)


Flyntlok users would like to specify whether a contact can be included in email or SMS text messages directly from the Contact's Dashboard. Currently, if the contact is not set up to allow SMS/email correspondence, users will have to navigate to the Customer Dashboard to edit this setting.


We have added the "allow email/text" flag to the Customer Contact Dashboard.


Point of Sale

Add Link Directly to Machine Edit Page-(Ticket # FD-810)


Salespeople have requested the ability to edit a Machine directly from a Sales Order. Currently, when a Machine is added to a new Sales Order, Flyntlok supplies a link to the Machine's Dashboard. However, there is no option to click on a link that brings users straight to the Edit Machine Information page.


We have added a new icon to the Machine item line in the Point of Sale, which will redirect users to the machine edit page when selected. This will save users extra clicks!

Apply Payment and Process-(Ticket # FD-1203)


In the original Payments screen, Flyntlok offered an "Apply and Process" option that would auto-order the associated Sales Order, removing the additional step of manually clicking the Order button after processing payment. The new and updated payment screen lacked this "Apply and Process" option. ( This new payments screen is only currently only available to users of the new Clover Payment devices. If you wish to upgrade your payment devices, please reach out to your friendly Flyntlok consultant or a Gravity Payments representative.)


We have added the "Apply and Process" option to the new Payments screen. 

Date Field on the Payment Line of PDF-(Ticket # FD-1333, 43130)


Salespeople have requested that the payment date displayed on the item line in the Sales Order be added to PDFs generated from the Point Of Sale.


We have added the payment date to the details of the payment lines on the PDF copy.

Note- This will not backfill on existing payment lines.


Machine Class Displayed on Dashboard-(Ticket # FD-1339, 43124)


Flyntlok users have requested Machines that have been set with a Primary or Secondary class have this information displayed within the Machine's Dashboard. This information is also displayed within the information display of a Machine when adding to a Work Order.


We have added a new "Class"  section to the Machine's Dashboard and to the information display of a machine on the Work Order creation page.



Item Searcher Stale Parts Indicator-(Ticket # FD-920, 41976)


Salespeople have requested an indicator of Stale Parts be added to the item searcher of the Point of Sale.


We have added a Stale parts indicator to the item searcher results. If there is QOH of an item at a different location, Flyntlok will show an asterisk in the QOH box of the searcher to indicate that the item is on hand at another location. If there is QOH in another location and the part is stale, it will indicate as such by red text and the asterisk. Hovering over the QOH box will show the status and the QOH in alternate company locations


Issues Resolved This Sprint

Item Dashboard Showing Incorrect On-Order Quantity(Ticket #FD-1287, 42985)


The Item Dashboard was displaying incorrect On-Order Quantities when there were still Receiving Quantities on open Voucher/Purchase Orders. The On-Order Quantity shouldn't include Received Quantities, even if the Voucher/PO was not closed.


On-Order Quantities now reflect Received Quantities regardless of the status of the PO.

Invoice Reversal While Still Processing-(Ticket #FD- 1312, 43059)


Users could reverse a Sales Order while it was still posting to QBO.


Fixed. Our development team was able to update the QBO settings to block a reversal if the transaction is still processing.



Flyntlok users have been experiencing an issue where the printed invoice of a split Sales Order did match the invoice on the Flyntlok screen.


Fixed. This issue was caused when one of the split invoices was deleted. In that instance, the master invoice was not removing the details from the deleted invoice. The printed master invoice will no longer include the deleted split invoice details.

Duplicate Serial Number Warning With Quick-Create of Machines-(Ticket # FD-800)


Flyntlok should display a warning message to users when attempting to create a new Machine if the Serial Number is associated with another Machine in your inventory. Currently, this message is only displayed when creating new Machines via the Left-Hand Navigation's “New Tab.” Flyntlok users have requested this message also be displayed when using the Machine Quick-Create functions from the Point of Sale and the Work Order creation page.


We have added a Duplicate Serial Number warning to the machine quick create features.

Save Model with no Vendor Associated-(Ticket #FD-1353, 14215)


Flyntlok users were able save the Model without a Make.


The Make field is now required when creating/saving a Model.

Last Release Notes

July 19th, 2023 Release Notes

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The Point of Sale includes all necessary Actions and Features that provide customers with a wide range of options when checking out. Many of the POS features can be found by their relatable icon in the top right corner including Reverse Line-Item Order, Email SO Sheet, Print SO Sheet, View Packing Slip, Apply Percentage Discount to the Entire SO, View Internal Pricing Information, Fulfill as Many Items as Possible, Modify Tax Rules, Adjust Payment Posting Dates, Most Commonly Sold Items, Sell a Machine, Export to Excel, and Create Label.    

How to Reverse Line-Item Order

To Reverse Line-Item Order, click Reverse Line Item Icon in the top right corner of the POS. Once clicked, item lines will reverse order in POS table.    

Reverse Line Item Order

How to Email Sale Order

To email the Sale Order, click Email Sale Order Icon or press the hotkey E when on the Point Of Sale

  1. After clicking, an Email Report will open in a new tab that includes default email options such as recipients and subjects as well as a display of the SO Sheet
    • The SO Sheet includes a heading that has company, basic SO and Salesperson information
    • The body of the SO includes shipping, billing, customer PO, contact, item list, and payment information
  2. After reviewing the email and SO sheet, click the Send button and the email will be sent within 5 minutes.

Email Sale Order

Email Report

How to Print Sale Order Sheet

To print SO sheet, click Print Sale Order Icon

  1. After clicking, the page will redirect to a printable SO sheet
    • The SO sheet, same as the sheet created when emailing, includes a heading that has company, basic SO and salesperson information
    • The body of the SO includes shipping, billing, customer PO, contact, item list, and payment information
  2. Choose the print or download options in the top right corner of the page to continue

Print Sales Order

Sale Order Report

How to Print Sale Order Receipt

To print SO receipt, click Print Sales Order Receipt .

  1. After clicking, the page will redirect to a printable SO receipt which includes company, basic SO, invoice, date, and customer information
    • The body of the receipt includes descriptions, quantities, and price information, invoice subtotal, tax and total amounts as well as an ID number in a barcode form 
    • The SO is easily accessible by scanning the barcode ID in Flyntlok’s search bar
  2. When on the receipt page, choose the print or download options in the top right corner of the page to continue

Print Sales Order Receipt


Sales Receipt

How to Create a Packing Slip

To create a Packing Slip, click Shipping and Handling Icon

  1. After clicking, the page will redirect to a printable Packing Slip
    • The Packing Slip heads with company, basic SO, invoice, date, and customer information
    • The body of the slip includes addresses, product, descriptions, order quantities, ship quantities, and receive dates
  2. Choose the print or download options in the top right corner of the page to continue

Create a Packing Slip

Packing Slip


How to Apply Percentage Discount to the Entire Sale Order

To apply a percentage discount to the entire order, click Apply a Percentage Discount Icon

  1. After clicking, a pop-up page will appear prompting a discount to be applied
  2. Fill in the appropriate reason and percentage, and check above cost if selling a specific percentage above the cost of an item
  3. After selecting the correct discount information, click Apply and the discount will appear as its own item line on the POS
    • The amount docked from the total order will appear in the far-right cell under Rate/Amount

Apply a Percentage Discount

Apply Discount

How to View Internal Pricing Information

To view internal pricing information, click View Internal Pricing Information Icon.

  1. After clicking, two new columns, Internal and Discount, will appear in the POS table
    • The Internal and item line cell will display cost, extended cost (ext. cost), average cost (avg. cost), and MSRP
    • The Discount and item line cell will display the discount applied to the specific item.   

View Internal Pricing Information

View Internal Pricing

How to Fulfill as Many Items as Possible

To fulfill as many items as possible, click Fulfill All Items as much as Possible Icon

  1. After clicking, all items with sufficient inventory quantities for ordered quantities will be fulfilled
    • Quantities in the fulfilled column will change to their correctly fulfilled value, and a green check mark will appear in the Actions column of each completely fulfilled item
    • No check mark will appear if item was only partially or not fulfilled at all

Fulfill as many items as possible

Item Fulfilled

How to Modify Tax Rules

To modify tax rules, click Modify Tax Rules Icon

  1. After clicking, a pop-up menu will appear prompting to edit tax rules
  2. Use the search bar to search for tax types in this menu, then select the checkbox next to all applicable tax types
  3. If all listed tax types are applicable, click the top checkmark box just left of where it says tax type
  4. If there are exemptions, select them in the tab-down menus to the right of each tax type
  5. Click the Save to Customer button and confirm the notification to save the tax types to the customer associated with the SO

Modify Tax Rules

Modify Tax Rules Page

How to Adjust Payment Posting Dates

To adjust payment posting dates, click Adjust Payment Posting Dates Icon

  1. After clicking, two new columns, Received and Paid, will appear in the POS table
  2. The Received and item line cell contains a date that can be edited by clicking the pencil icon
    • The Paid and Payment line cell also includes an editable date

Adjust Payment Posting Dates

Adjust Payment Dates

How to view Most Commonly Sold Items

To view most commonly sold items, click View Most Commonly Sold Items Icon

  1. After clicking, a pop-up page will appear displaying the most common parts associated with the customer
  2. Adding commonly purchased items can be done by clicking Add buttons left of each item
  3. Item dashboards can be accessed by clicking on each item’s part number

View Most Commonly Sold Items

Most Common Parts Page

How to Sell or Quote a Machine

To sell a machine, click Sell a Machine Icon

  1. After clicking, a pop-up page, Sell Machines, will appear
  2. Use the search bar to enter a machine, as well as the tab down menus to select primary and secondary salespeople
  3. Click the Add icon to create a new machine, and then the Sell or Sell & New buttons to add the machine to the SO

Sell a Machine

Sell a Machine Page


Another option in the Sell Machines page is quoting a machine

  1. To do this, click the Quote Model tab and enter all necessary model, price, and quantity information
  2. If a purchase request is required, select the Generate Purchase Request box
  3. Then, click the Quote & New or the Quote buttons

Quote a Machine

How to Export to Excel

To export to Excel, click Export to Excel Icon

  1. After clicking, a file automatically downloads from the browser and can be opened with spreadsheet applications such as Excel, and google sheets
  2. Once opened, a spreadsheet is automatically created with 7 headers: Vend, Product/service, Description, Qty, Fulfilled, Rate, and Amount
  3. All lines of the SO, such as item lines, machine, discount, tax, shipping & handling, and payment will populate in the spreadsheet

Export to Excel

Export to Excel Option


How to Create Label

To create a label, click Create a Label Icon. The tab will redirect to a .php file that lists all Labels for each item on the Purchase Order, as well as the optionable QR Code, or Barcode.

Create a Label

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