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There are two ways that a part purchase order can be created!

  • From the item dashboard
    1. Go to a items' dashboard.
    2. Click "Order Item" in the upper right.
    3. A pop-up will appear that will allow you to but the quantity to be ordered.
    4. After you click plan order, the item will be pending approval to be ordered.
  • From the Point of Sale
    1. When adding an item to a sales order, a check is done to see if there are any QOH.
    2. If there is not, after the point of sale is sent out of draft status, a purchase plan will be created for the parts that are needed.

Creating a Large Stock Order

  1. Got to the vendor's dashboard that you wish to create the stock order for.
  2. Click actions in the upper right, then select Create Item Order.
  3. Please check out our video on how to navigate and use the stock order page!

Ordering Parts from a Purchase Plan

  1. After the purchase plan has been created, it will be in the purchasing tab on the navigation bar under part, to be ordered.
  2. From here you can select the parts to be put on the purchase order and the shipping type for them can be selected.
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