From a customer's dashboard click the 'Actions' drop-down menu and go to 'Edit'. Here you will see a field named 'Customer type' with the following options:

  • Internal
    • Used to post internal costs.
  • Warranty
    • Warranty account.
  • Standard
    • Most often used (Default).
  • Internal Parts
    • Used to order DMS work order parts.
  • Tax-Exempt
    • Tax-exempt customers.
  • Transfer
    • Used to transfer generic expenses.
  • RentCostByVendor
    • This customer allows you to bill non-capitalized cost of rent expenses to a machine directly from a sales order.
  • TransferLockExpense
    • Used for internal transfer accounts.
  • CapCostByVendor
    • This is a customer that allows you to capitalize costs to machines currently in your fleet.
  • CostofSalebyVendor
    • This is a customer that allows you to apply a cost of sale directly to a machine, you can do this from a sales order or from a DMS work order.
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