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  1. First, navigate to the machine's dashboard.
  2. Under the simple actions tab, click on View Model Info at the bottom.
  3. Now scroll to the bottom of the page to the Model Options module.
  4. Here you can add the model's option names, descriptions, costs, and list prices.
  5. Lastly, you will have the ability to select these options when purchasing a machine.
  1. Go to the “search” at the top of the left navigation bar.
  2. Type “v?” followed by the vendor you are searching for.
  3. This will either take you straight to the vendor's dashboard or to the search results. If you are on the search results page, click on the vendor that you would like to use.
  4. Once at the vendor dashboard, go to the Actions drop-down and click Add New Model.
  5. From here you can create a new model and once it is created.
  1. Go to your left-hand navigation menu.
  2. Click the Purchasing drop-down menu.
  3. Click the Models menu item.
  4. Here you will see a list of all models at your company.

    Note: You can also navigate to a machine's model page by going to a machine's dashboard. Once you are on the machine's dashboard, open the Simple Actions drop-down menu, then click View Model Info.

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