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You will need to navigate to the vendor's dashboard. There are two ways that you can get there.

    1. Searching for the vendor:
      • Using the searcher in the upper left of Flyntlok, you can use v? followed by the vendor's name to search for the vendor.
      • If there are other vendors that match the name you typed in, you will be taken to a list of vendors.
      • From the list of vendors, you can click on the name of the vendor you wish you wish to go to or click the Edit badge to go directly to the vendor's edit page.
    2. Using the vendor list:
      • Go to the Purchasing tab on your left-hand navigation.
      • Click on the option Vendor List.
      • Start typing in the Vendor column to filter for the vendor you wish to edit.
      • Once you find your vendor, under the Links column click the Edit button.
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