January 27th, 2021

New 🆕

Flat Rate Jobs

You can now create flat-rate job templates and flat-rate jobs on work orders! When adding a job to a work order, you can indicate that it will be a flat rate job and input the amount that it will be billed out for.

When creating a template for a job, you can indicate that it is a flat rate and the amount that it will be billed for. When this job is added to a work order, that amount will follow.

When invoicing the work order, the flat rate job will be its own line on the invoice. The description will be populated with the work that was done on the job. All the labor and parts that were used to complete the flat rate job will show as bullet points under that job.

When posting these sales orders, all the items linked to a flat rate job are still associated with the sale and their cost will book correctly. The line of the job on the sales order will book the revenue to either the service income account for the vendor set on the job template, the service income of the machine on the work order, the service income of the machine's vendor on the work order, or the default income account for the company.

New Notifications Controls

We have added notification settings for machine moves and purchase order exceptions. To manage these, click your name in the upper right of Flyntlok and choose preferences. From there, click View Notification Settings.

Here is a quick link to get you there: My Preferences

Cancel Voucher Reversal Widget

Admins can now cancel the reversal of a voucher. Admins can find this in the widgets section of Flyntlok. Click the Wrench ->Flyntlok -> Widgets.

Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management Software - widget

Part Sales Dashboard Charts

We added a parts sales by location and part sales by person chart to the dashboard options.

Please reach out to Flyntlok if you are interested!

This information is cached and updated once daily.

Enhancements 🙌

Better visibility on Electronically Submitted PO's

POs electronically submitted to your vendor by Flyntlok are shown in the information sections of the purchase orders. Flyntlok currently has these integrations with John Deere, Hitachi, Stihl, Volvo, and Epiroc.

For item purchase orders:

For machine purchase orders:

Coates Power Equipment (Walker) is excluded from this due to the nature of that integration. If you are not currently submitting electronic PO's to Coates Power Equipment, we highly encourage you to reach out to them!

Issues Resolved 🐛

Added Mexico States to Shipping Addresses

When choosing Mexico as the country for a shipping address, you can now select the appropriate state.

Most Common Parts on POS

We fixed a bug with the option for adding your customer's most common parts to a sale. You can now click the wrench next to the customer and add the most common parts they purchase from you in a breeze!


Saving a Customers Credit Card from the Customer Dashboard

There was an awkward popup on Google Chrome when you store a credit card from the customer's dashboard. We made some changes on our end to prevent that from happening again!

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