Shipping Tab

The blue Shipping Tab (1) allows users to create, edit, and view customer Shipping Addresses, choose Shipping Methods for outbound as well as inbound, choose if Drop Shipping, Ship, view Address Label, and Track. The Shipping Tab opens automatically when hotkey 1 is pressed on the Point Of Sale.  

How to add and enter an address to a Sale Order

Users can add and enter addresses by clicking on the New link located in the top left corner of the shipping address table in the shipping tab. The Edit Address pop-up menu appears where all customer address information can be entered and saved. Newly created shipping addresses will appear as a new line in the shipping address table and are automatically saved in the customer’s files.

To select an address for a SO, click the check mark box to the left of the desired address. The selected address will then be highlighted blue.

To edit or delete an address, click Edit, or Delete on the far right of each address line in the shipping address table.

       Edit Address

How to create an Address Label

Users can make an Address Label by clicking the Address Label button located at the top of the Shipping Tab. A printable Address Label will automatically be created in a new page and will include the username, logo, and return shipping address at the top, and the customer shipping address in the middle.

Address Label     Address Label

How to track a shipment

Users can track a shipment by clicking on the Track button at the top of the Shipping Tab. A separate page will appear asking for the Tracking Number along with the Carrier.

Once the Tracking Number and Carrier information is entered, press Get Tracking Info

Track Shipment      Tracking A Shipment

Tracking Number

How to change Shipping Methods

Users can change the outbound Shipping Method by selecting the desired shipping method in the tab down menu below Shipping Method (Outbound to Customer).

The Inbound Shipping Method or Drop Ship can be selected by selecting the desired shipping method in the tab down menu below Shipping Method (Inbound or Drop Ship). Check the Drop ship to customer Box if customer has agreed to accept shipping responsibility from the distributor or vendor to the customer's location.


Shipping Methods               Different Shipping Methods

Point Of Sale Overview

The Point Of Sale (POS) allows a user-friendly way to create Sales Orders (SO), quotes, and other internal documents. It offers a large range of customizable features that expedite and improve customer experience. These features include texting customers when parts arrive, sending out customer experience surveys, emailing customer invoices, and more.

Getting to the POS

Users can access the POS from the Quick Searcher by searching for a Sale Order. You can also click the Sales Order number wherever found in Flyntlok.


Getting to the POS

Creating a Sales Order

The most common way a user can create a Sales Order is by clicking the Shopping Cart icon located in the Top Menu Bar.

Creating a Sales Order

The other ways users can create a Sales Order:

New Sales Order

New Sales Order from Customer Dashboard

New Sales Order from Item Dashboard

    New Sales Order from Machine Dashboard

POS Layout

Once arrived, a dashboard appears which includes blue tabs labeled:


The blue Customer tab is the initial tab opened when creating a new Sales Order. This tab prompts users to fill in Customer, Contact, Machine, and other general information. Head to the Customer article for further information.


The Shipping tab includes the ability to create, edit, and view customer Shipping Addresses, and designate inbound and outbound Shipping Methods. Head to the Shipping tab article for further information.


The Details tab includes Customer Purchase Order, public and private message fields, and other actions and settings. Head to the Details article for further information.  

Payment or Actions

The Payment tab give you options to take Payment, Quote, Copy and more. Head to the Payment or Actions article for further information.


The Activity tab includes a Note Section, SMS options, and a link to the Sales Order Audit Logs. Head to the Activity article for further information

Item Search Bar

Clicking below the prompted Customer tab into the center of the POS or clicking above the Shipping, Detail, or Payment tabs, will reveal the Item Search Bar, Item Line Details, and other Sales Order Features. Go to the Item Search Bar article for further information on the following Look-up functions.

For further information on looking-up and entering Items in the Point of Sale, go to the Item Search Bar article.


Search Bar



In the homepage of your POS, users can access all necessary Sales Order Actions. Many of these features are displayed by relatable icons in the top right corner of the POS and include: 

For further information on Point-of-Sale Actions, go to the Actions Articles.

Line Items

By searching or scanning, items are added to the Sales Order. In each item line, users can:

Above the Shipping tab, users may view the status, the Sales Order number, view Downstream Operations, as well as choose to Delete or Order. Also, above the Activity tab, badges describe additional context of the Sale Order and Customer. For further information on Line Items, go to the Line Items article.

Line Items


Main Point of Sale Screen
EEmails Sales Order
FFulfill all Items as Much as Possible
NAdds a new note to a sales order
CTRL + OCompletes Sale
PPrints Sales Order
1Opens the Shipping tab
2Opens the Details tab
3Opens the Payment tab
4Opens the header box
Tab/EnterEither Tab or Enter can be used to switch from the parts searcher to quantity.
Item Description
Shift + EnterStarts a new line while typing
Escape(Esc)Closes Pop-up
Payment Tab
KKeyed in Credit

For further information on POS Hotkeys, go to the Hotkeys article.

Point of Sale Administration

Settings for the Point of Sale can be found underneath Editors (Wrench) -> Point of Sale. These settings allow users to adjust:

For further information on Point-of-Sale Administration, go to the Point-of-Sale Administration article.

Point of Sale Administration

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