Auto Allocation, Take 2-(Ticket #FD-2845)


In our last Release, we added an "Allocate" option to the Item Receiving Voucher, allowing users to automatically allocate an Item's received stock to outstanding Invoices containing Special Ordered or Back-Ordered Items. Our next iteration will be to group together multiple allocated lines on the Receiving Voucher and allow you to adjust the auto-allocation strategy manually.


We have updated the Item Receiving Voucher to group together all of the Item’s individual allocations together for easier viewing and managing.  We have also added an “Allocations” column, which will display the allocation status of each item line of the voucher, and, finally, we made a slight change to the “Allocate” option from the button’s drop-down menu (which now displays as “Allocate All”). Finally, we have created the ability to prioritize the allocation of Received Items to a particular Sales Order.

All Allocated line items will be grouped together under a parent line of the Item. You can expand and collapse allocated sub-sections of the item line by selecting the "arrow" icon on the left-hand side of the line. We have also added an "Expand All"  and "Collapse All" option to the action icons list.

-This icon indicates that the line has been allocated. Selecting the icon will allow you to remove the allocation from the chosen Invoice.

-This icon indicates that the line has not been allocated. Selecting this icon will allow you to choose from a list of outstanding Invoices to assign the received quantity to.

Users can manually override an allocation by selecting the  icon. The user will then be presented with a drop down list of Open Orders to choose from. If there is not enough of the item to fully allocate to that item, it will allocate what is available and the rest will remain as back-ordered.

We have added a “Prioritize Special Order Receives” check box to the "Details" tab of the Sales Order page. When a SO is marked as a “Special Order Priority”, Flyntlok will automatically move this Sales Order to the top of the Outstanding Invoice queue, bypassing older, non-prioritized orders. Flyntlok will allocate an Item’s Received Quantity to the ”Prioritized” invoices before the oldest outstanding non-prioritized order. Prioritized Invoices themselves are then “prioritized” by oldest to newest before moving to non-Prioritized Invoices.


Machine Moves Improvements-(Ticket #FD-2633)


Service Managers have requested the option to create, schedule, and track Machine Transfers directly from the Work Order dashboard when Pick-up or Delivery is required for the associated Machine. They would like this option to be available for all Machines associated with the WO; both actual Machines known within Flyntlok and Virtual Machines.


Flyntlok will now auto-generate a new Machine Move when pickup/delivery is scheduled for the associated Machine of a Work Order.

The generated "Move" will provide a link back to the Work Order in the "Comments" section.

Point of Sale

Harmonized Sales Tax -(Ticket #FD-2646)


Flyntlok customers in Canada have requested the option to apply a Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) to their Sales Orders. HST is a combination of federal and provincial taxes levied on most goods and services sold for domestic consumption, which the customer pays.


We have added a Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) option for companies operating in Canada. Please reach out to your friendly consultant if you would like any additional information about applying the HST to your Sales Orders.

Internal Labor-(Ticket #FD-47938 )


Service Managers have requested the option to add a default "Labor Type" for a specific Customer, so that when the customer is added to a Work Order, Flyntlok will auto-set the Labor field for all jobs associated with a Work Order.This is most typically requested for “Internal Labor” Work Orders.


We have added a "Default Labor Type" field to the Customer Dashboard's "Edit" page, allowing managers to set Work Order Labor Type for the specific customer. When the "Default Labor Type" is set, all associated Service Jobs associated with the Customer will be automatically set to the selected "Default Labor Type."


Additional Alternates Displayed on Item Dashboard-(Ticket #IHK-48163 )


If an Inventory Item has alternate parts, Flyntlok will display those items on the Items Dashboard in the "Item Information" section. Salespeople have requested the option to display more than one alternate Item.


We have updated the "Alternates" section of the Item Dashboard, and Flyntlok will now display up to four Alternates in the "Item Information" section. If the Item has more than four Alternates, Flyntlok displays the first four and indicates how many other alternate parts the item has available with an option to "Show All."


Model QR Code on Lease Agreement-(Ticket #IHK-480)


Rental Managers have requested the option to add additional Model information to the Rental Contract's Lease Agreement. They would like the ability to link a website to the Lease Agreement, where the recipient can be directed to the webpage in order to review information on the associated Model of their Rental Contract (for example, a YouTube video demonstrating how to operate the equipment).


We have updated the Lease Agreement as well as the Model Info page and you will now have the option to save a website’s URL to a specific Model. We have added two new fields to the Model Information section of the Model Dashboard titled "Primary Support URL" and Secondary Support URL" which will allow you to input the URL of the support website(s) you'd like customers directed to. Once the support URL is saved to the Model’s information, Flyntlok will automatically add a QR Code for the website(s) to the Lease Agreement when a Machine of that Model is added to a Rental Contract.

Flyntlok will display the QR code(s) on a second page, with a message prompting the recipient to scan the code to learn more about the Model.

Note-Please contact your friendly Flyntlok consultant if you would like this feature set up. 

Issues Resolved This Sprint

Rental Billing Error When Invoicing Machine Replacement-(Ticket #2719)


Rental Managers had experienced issues when attempting to invoice a Rental Contract when the associated Machine had been replaced with an alternate Model. While the user could swap the associated Machine on the Rental Contract's Dashboard, the Invoice generated was incorrectly charging for both the replaced Machine and the new Machine.



Default Curser Into Text Box (WO Parts Request Note)-(Ticket # IHK 47985)


Service Technicians requesting parts to complete Service Jobs directly from the Work Order Dashboard requested that we default the cursor to the text box when the add note button is clicked.


Fixed. When requesting parts from the Work Order Dashboard, Flyntlok will auto-focus the curser into the text box when the button is selected. Yeah, another two-second item, but when you ask, you shall receive! (Plus, I think our developers like to 'pad their stats' with items like this...)

Unable to add Items to "Quick Order" if Vendor is Set as a Distributor-(Ticket # IHK 47985)


Purchasing Managers had reported an issue where they could not add Items to a Purchase Order when attempting to create a "Quick Order" for Vendors set as "Distributors." The Item Searcher inside the "Quick Order" modal of the Vendor Dashboard was not populating the alternate Vendors’ Items distributed by the Vendor.


Fixed. The Item searcher of the Vendor Dashboard "Quick Order" option will populate all Items that the Vendor distributes.

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