Samsara Integration-(Ticket #FD-2635)


Flyntlok customers managing their rental fleet via Samsara Systems (Samsara is a telematics provider that helps with safety, compliance, and efficiency) have requested the ability to display their Machine's meter history (miles and hours) tracked from their Samsara account within Flyntlok.


We have created a programmatic link between Flyntlok and Samsara for displaying Samsara telematics data within Flyntlok. Once connected, Flyntlok will ingest Machine miles and hours tracked via Samsara and update any associated Machine’s information within Flyntlok. The miles and hours will be updated automatically on the associated Machine's Dashboard and the "Upcoming Maintenance" report.

Before you can connect your Samsara account with Flyntlok, you will need first to acknowledge and allow the sharing of Samsara data with Flyntlok and generate the API token from the Samsara application. Click HERE  to view Samsara's Integration documentation. We have added a Samsara setting to the "Integrations" page (->Flyntlok->Integrations) that will allow Administrators to connect their company’s Samsara account with Flyntlok. To connect your Samsara account with Flyntlok, select "View Samsara Settings," paste the aforementioned Samsara-provided API Token into the field, and save.


Once connected, Flyntlok will daily ingest Machine miles and hours from Samsara and update all Machines within Flyntlok with matching VIN Numbers. The miles and hours will be updated automatically on the associated Machine's Dashboard.

To ensure Service Schedules are referencing the most current Machine data, Flyntlok will also update the miles and hours tracked on the "Upcoming Maintenance" report. (Left Navigation Menu-> Machines-> Upcoming Maintenance.)


Note- This Feature is Flyntlok controlled; please contact your friendly consultant if you want your Samsara account connected with Flyntlok. 


Rental Deposit-(Ticket #FD-2794)


Rental Managers have requested the ability to accept a customer deposit from a Rental Contract that will be auto-applied to the contract's Final Invoice.


We have added a "Collect Deposit" option to the button's drop-down menu, which will allow users to generate a new Deposit Invoice that will be applied to the contract's Final Invoice. (Note: A deposit taken on a Rental Contract must be fully processed and Z-approved by your accounting team before it can be applied to an Invoice.) Once a payment has been taken and the Deposit Invoice is processed, the Deposit will be displayed within the top banner of the Rental Contract. We have also added a "Deposit" field to the Details section of the Contract; this field will display the value and date of the deposit collected and provide a link to the Deposit Invoice.

As stated above, a customer Deposit must first be fully processed (approved on the “Z Detailed” report and then manually posted to QuickBooks Online) before it can be applied to an Invoice. To make it clear to users which deposits have been fully processed, we added a checkmark indicator to the "Deposits."

Deposits received but not yet processed will display a ,  hovering over the icon will display a "Collected-Not Posted" text box.



Deposits currently being processed will display a Yellow , and hovering over the icon will display a "Post Pending" text box.

Deposits that have been fully processed will display a Green , and hovering over the icon will display a "Posted" text box. Only Deposits displaying a Green checkmark icon will be applied to the Final Invoice of a Rental Contract.


Add Models to Inventory Kits-(Ticket #FD-2682)


Salespeople have requested the ability to add Models to their "Inventory Kits" to sell/quote Machines in a package deal with Inventory Items or Machine Attachments sold under a customized list price.


We have updated the Item Type “Inventory Kit” to allow users to add Machine Models to their Kit configurations as sub-items.

We have added a “Search Models” option to the “Configure Kit” modal, allowing you to toggle the searching method between Items and Models. Once you have selected a Model, you can adjust the Order Quantity, and view the Model's cost and list price from the "Kit Details" section. When an Item’s “Item Type” has been set as "Kit,” Flyntlok will display the icon from the Items Edit page.


Once the Kit has been configured with a Model, you can add the Model Kit to a Sales Order. Model Kits will retain the same functionality as your Inventory Kits, and the parent Item will still control most actions of the Kit sub-items, such as Order Quantity and the ability to remove from the Sale’s Order.

Note: Models added to a Sales Order as Kit sub-items must be associated with an actual Machine before finalizing.

MFR Cost Added to Item Dashboard-(Ticket #FD-2792)


Salespeople have requested we display an Item's most recent Price File "Manufacturer's Cost" on the Item’s Dashboard.


We have added a new field titled "MFR Cost" to the Item Information section of the Item Dashboard, which will display the Item's most recent price file Manufacturer's Cost when available. To display the "MFR Cost", navigate to the Information Section of the Item Dashboard and select the button.


Edit Machine Miles and Hours from "Upcoming Maintenance" Report-(Ticket #FD-2794)


Flyntlok users have reported instances where a Machine’s "Meter History" (Machine hours and miles) was logged incorrectly (by user error, not Flyntlok error!) and have requested the ability to edit the hours and miles of their Machines directly from the "Upcoming Maintenance" report. This will remove the need to edit each individual Machine by navigating to each Machine’s dashboard, thus streamlining the process.


We have made the "Machine Miles" and "Machine Hours" fields of the "Upcoming Maintenance" Report editable. Users can now click into the Miles or Hours cell of the Machine they want to edit and manually enter the correct miles/hours; clicking out of the cell will auto-save the new information to the report and the Machine’s Dashboard.

Because editing a Machine's Miles or Hours could cause the “Next Due” columns to be out of sync with scheduled service and may require a refresh, we have added a “Refresh” button that will display in the top left corner of the report when changes are made.

Machine Serial Number added to QuickBooks Bill Memo Line-(Ticket #FD-2811)


Flyntlok allows users to turn on or off the "Post All Machines Sales Individually" company setting, which creates a separate QuickBooks bill for each Machine contained on a Machine Purchase Order, versus posting all machines of a PO to the same QB bill. Accounting managers with the "Post Machine Sales Individually" setting enabled have requested we add the Machine Serial Number to the associated QB bill's memo line. This will make it more evident to accounting users working off a list of unpaid bills of the actual Machine related to the bill. Flyntlok users with administrator permissions can access the Flyntlok settings page by selecting the option from the Wrench Icons drop-down menu. ( ->Flyntlok->Flyntlok Settings.)


We have added the Machine Serial Number to the QB bills memo line. Note: This feature will ONLY be applied if the "Post Machine Sales Individually" feature has been enabled from the Flyntlok Settings page. 



Add "Created By" category to "All Leads" Report-(Ticket #47456 )


Sales Managers have requested we add a "Created By" Category to the "All Leads" report to track and display the user who created the CRM Lead. This will allow users to filter for themselves and see a list of all CRM Leads they have personally created.


We have added a "Created By" column to the "All Leads" report, which will display the Flyntlok user who created the CRM Lead.



Shopify Weight-(Ticket #47359)


Sales Managers using our integration with Shopify E-Commerce have requested we edit the field titled "Shipping Dimensional Weight" and change the title to "Shopify Weight."


We have updated the "Shipping Dimensional Weight" field on the Item Dashboard's "Edit" page, and it will now be titled "Shopify Weight". (I think this change took us a whopping 15 seconds to make. But we aim to please!)

Issues Resolved This Sprint

Unsaved Changes Error on Work Order-(Ticket #FD-2821, 47399)


Service Technicians had reported an issue where they could not invoice Work Orders with associated fees. In this scenario, the user would receive an error message when attempting to invoice, stating the WO failed to be invoiced due to unsaved changes. Users were then unable to edit the WO information, causing the WO to be stuck.


Fixed. We have corrected a data issue causing Item Fees to not be recognized.

Can't Delete Quote With No Associated Customer-(Ticket #FD-2766, 47063)


Sales people had reported instances where they were unable to delete Quotes that had been created without an associated Customer. In this scenario, they were unable to access the “Actions Tab” to delete or modify the Quote if there was no customer associated.


We have disabled the Quote option from Point Of Sale when it doesn’t have a Customer associated with it and Flyntlok will now prompt users to add a customer when they hover over that button.

Customer Balance Error when Trying to Close Rental Contract-(Ticket #FD-2822)


Flyntlok users had reported an issue where they were unable to close Rental Contacts successfully. When attempting to close the contract, they would receive an error message stating, “Deposits cannot exceed customer’s deposit balance of $0.00,” and the contract would remain in a “Checked In” status.


Fixed. We have resolved a small issue that was caused by the development of our new Rental Deposit Feature. Sorry!

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