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New 🆕

Item Price Adjustments on Receive

When receiving items from a purchase order, you will now be able to update or set the list price and MSRP of the item. You will now see a check box below the cost box. Clicking this check box will bring up the price calculator that will assist you in choosing what your list price and MSRP should be by calculating on-the-fly margins.

You will be able to compare your past margins to the new margins to help find the best price point for the item.

Enhancements 🙌

Work Order Check-In Times

When editing a work order, you can now edit the check-in time of the machine.


Sales Order Loss Reporting

From a sales order, you will be able to report a lost sale for an item. You will see a sad face under the actions column of the sales order for each item. Clicking this will take you to a prefilled loss report for that item.

Resolutions 🐛

Sparks Orders Salesperson

When a Sparks customer submits a sale, Flyntlok will pick either the Sparks customer's assigned salesperson, the salesperson assigned to their account in Flyntlok, or the Sparks Champion set for the company to be set as the salesperson of the sales order.

Customer Associated with a Move

When viewing a machine move, we will now show the customer associated with that move in the Move Info section.

Last Weeks Release Notes

April 7th, 2021 Release Notes

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Menu Key


Dropdown Description
Quick Quote A snappy way to get a customer a quote for the machine.
Reserve Create a new reservation for the machine.
Sell Machine Create a sales order with the machine listed on it.
Rent Create a new rental contract with this machine listed on it.
Work Order Create a new work order for this machine.
Request Move Request a new move for this machine.
Configure Attach or detach this machine from another machine.
Request Purchase Create a new purchase request for this same model.
Report Loss File a lost sales report for this machine.
Report Loss File a lost sales report for this machine.
Sale Pricing Configure sale pricing for this machine.
New Linked Sales Order Create a new sales order with this machine linked
Most Common Parts View the most commonly sold parts for this machine
RPO Worksheet RPO calculator for this machine
View Timeline View the timeline of this machine
View Model Info View the model settings for this machine
Change Ownership Reassign the ownership of this machine
Legacy Transfer Change the responsible and physical location of a machine without using the move system
Edit Edit the settings of this machine
Delete Delete this machine (Cannot be undone without filing a support ticket)
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