Purchase Orders

New Feature

Vouchers Paid via CC

We have added a new setting to the purchase order receiving voucher, allowing users to mark an item voucher as paid via credit card. You will now see an"Already Paid" Checkbox in the in Voucher Details section of the receiving voucher. When the box is checked, you can use the dropdown populated with a list of accounts to select the checking or credit card account this was paid with.

When this box is checked and an account is selected, Flyntlok will create a JE, instead of a Bill, to record the transaction.


New Feature

Public Machine Image Icon

We have added a new icon to the machine's dashboard. Displayed in the corner of images which are publicly available.


New Feature

Work Order Pick Ticket

We have added an option to print a thermal ticket from the work order system. This option is under the main actions dropdown

Mobile View


Activity Log

When changing the status of a Work order Flyntlok requires you to log a reason for the change, this log is now visible from the mobile view. Similar to the desktop view these logs will be available under the activity section.

Machine Pricing Information

We have added the list price, cost, and minimum list to the machine's mobile view.


New Feature

Minimum Order Amount

We have added a minimum order field to a vendor. This will allow you to set a minimum dollar amount for creating stock orders.










When set, the minimum dollar amount will be shown on the vendor dashboard. You will also see a warning message displayed on the vendor's stock ordering page, alerting you if you are below the minimum amount.










To set the minimum amount, you will navigate to the vendor's dashboard and select the Actions button. Actions->Edit





Storing Tax Rules from the POS

We now allow you to update a customer tax rules from the POS, as well as store them as the default set for all locations.   Previously, this action could only be taken if a customer did not have rules applied to them.



New Feature

Damage Waiver Charges

You can now select between 4 different ways to apply damage waiver charges to rental contracts by default. These values can always be overridden on a per contract basis.

  1. Never charge a damage waiver by default

  2. Always charge a damage waiver by default

  3. Charge a damage waiver if they are a cash customer

  4. Charge a damage waiver if they do not have valid insurance on file







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