Flyntlok has an interactive calendar that allows you to create, edit, view, and schedule your work orders. The calendar gives you the ability to drag and drop work orders between a date range to schedule them around your other work orders.

The work order scheduler only allows you to create and edit segmented work orders.

When you get to the work order scheduler, you'll see the current week with all of its scheduled work orders, along with a filter tool to the right.



Filtering the Calendar

By default, you'll only see work orders for the location your user account is tied to. There are 5 different ways to filter the scheduler, all of which can have more than one value:



  • Location: All of your company's locations
  • Customer: Customers that have work orders within the currently viewed time period
  • Tech: All of the technicians at your company
  • Priority: Work order priority - Very Low, Low, Medium, High, or Very High
  • Type: Work order type - Normal, Add to Machine Cost, or Warranty

If you don't set a filter, all work orders for the current time period will be displayed.

You can choose whether to see the calendar by week or by month. The week and month buttons at the top of the page will let you choose what range you would like to see.



Use the arrows in the upper right to navigate through weeks or months. Next to the arrows, you can click the today button to return to the current week or month.

Editing Work Orders

You have the ability to edit most of the information about your work orders from the scheduler, including customer, machine, dates, jobs, and more! With the calendar view, it makes scheduling work orders around each other a breeze.

There are a couple of ways to edit the scheduled dates of a work order.

  1. Drag and Drop: Clicking and dragging a work order will allow you to move it to a date range that you select.

    Work orders rescheduled using the drag-and-drop method will always keep the same duration as the original. When you're dragging the work order to its new date range, the calendar will highlight that new date range in light blue.

  2. Select and Edit: Clicking on a work order allows you to edit the details of that work order, including the scheduled date range.

To view the details of a work order and edit it, simply click on the work order you wish to change.

Don't forget to click the save button when you make any changes!

Creating a Work Order

You can create a work order from the scheduler as well. Simply click on the date that you want the work order to start and input the necessary information. You can create jobs or add pre-existing job templates from the creator as well!

Scheduler Tips

  • Depending on the volume of work orders your company does, you may not see every work order on its own line on the calendar. If you have a large number of work orders on a given day, there will be a number below the displayed work orders indicating how many more are scheduled for that day. Click on that number and you'll get a complete list of all work orders for that day.
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