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  1. Navigate to the machine's dashboard that you would like to work on.
  2. Go to complex actions in the upper right, then click Work.
  3. A "Work on this Machine" pop-up will appear.
    • Customers will default to the owner of the machine is sold or to the internal account otherwise.
    • The location where the work is being performed.
    • Target start and end dates.
    • The type of work will determine how the billing will be done.
      1. Normal: Billed to the customer.
      2. Add to Machine Cost: This Will be added to the machine's cost and taken into account when the machine is sold.
      3. Warranty: Work will be billed to the warranty account.
    • Priority will help the manager determine what needs to be worked on.
    • Assigned Tech can be set here or later in the life of the work order.
    • Notes are what the customer would like to be completed and any other important information the technicians will need.
    • Jobs are pre-created templates that are common (oil changes, annual service, common repairs, etc.)
    • If you click the "Customer Requests an Estimate", you will be able to add labor and parts onto the work order to give an accurate estimate to the customer. This can easily be converted to a work order!
    • You can update the type of work order from Simple to Segmented by clicking the 'Edit' button on the top right of the work order dashboard.
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