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Adding/Editing Rental Consumables

What is a Consumable?

  • If you have Consumable items such as fuel, oil, batteries, and fluid you will be adding to a rental contract, Flyntlok will allow you to set a price based on qty used and apply that charge to rental invoices.
  • Similar to setting a default rental schedule you will be able to set a default rental consumable for your rental machines. This will be done from the machine's model. To set the default rental consumable for a machine, navigate to the machine's dashboard and select the Actions button (Actions -> View Model)

Edit Consumables

Add/Edit consumables from the Model Dashboard

From the Model Page, you can scroll down to the default rental consumable section. You can remove any unwanted consumables by selecting the (trash icon). Search for new items and add them as defaults here!


If consumables have been set as a default to a rental machine you will see a section to record the quantity of the consumable when the machine is being checked out. You will again record the quantity when the machine is checked back in. Flyntlok will then calculate the consumption and balance owed. This will then be applied to the final invoice generated when the contract is closed.


Add/Edit consumables from the rental Contract

If you need to edit a machine's consumables from the rental contract you can do that too! Before the machine is checked out you will select the actions button on the Rental contract. (Actions -> Edit Consumables) From here you will be able to remove any current consumables associated by clicking the Remove button. You will then be able to search for, and add a new consumable to the machine. Once added you will be able to record the consumption level on the Check In/Out page.

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