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Check out the latest updates to the Flyntlok Equipment Dealer Management System.

Customer Management

New Features

Primary Customer Contact

We want to help you set the customer contact on sales orders, rentals, and work orders. The primary customer contact will solve this problem! Notice that the contacts editor has changed. If a contact is marked as primary, it will have a green check beside it.

Flyntlok Dealer Management System

To set a contact as primary, edit the contact and check the Primary Contact box.

Flyntlok Dealer Management System

Remember, there can only be one primary contact assigned to the customer. Once a primary contact has been selected, we will auto-fill that contact on all sales orders, rentals, and work orders. This is only a default and can be changed if needed.

Point Of Sale

New Features

Adding Models to Sales Orders

Models can be added to a sales order, quoted, then easily swapped for a machine.

To add a model to a sales order, click the Rocket and select the Quote Model tab.

Flyntlok Dealer Management System

Next, type in the model that you would like to add. We will autofill as much information as possible, but you can always edit any information as needed. Then click Quote.

Flyntlok Dealer Management System

At this point, lets say that a quote has been given to the customer and they have accepted. Its time to associate a machine to the model. Instead of the Fulfill button you will see a Rocket. 

Flyntlok Dealer Management System

Click the Rocket,  and search for the machine that you would like to link to the sale.

Flyntlok Dealer Management System

Once you click Associate Machine, the machine will be added to the sales order and the model will be removed automatically. At this point, you can sell that machine following your normal workflow!

Sales Order Terms & Conditions Editing

You can customize the Terms & Conditions on individual sales orders.

From a sales order, Click the details tab:

Flyntlok Dealer Management System

Then, Click Settings:

Flyntlok Dealer Management System

Make any changes needed to the Terms & Conditions

Flyntlok Dealer Management System

Click close

Flyntlok Dealer Management System

Work Orders


Work Order Creation

When you select Multiple on the work order creation page we will hide unnecessary information like machine hours and miles.

Flyntlok Dealer Management System

Machine Information Auto-Populate

If a machine has miles and/or hours, we will auto populate that information on the work order.

Flyntlok Dealer Management System

Bulk Labor Update

When you update a labor type on a job, you will have the option to update all previous labor on the job to the new type.

Flyntlok Dealer Management System

Estimate Email

We have updated the estimate email to contain the view/sign option and a PDF copy of the estimate. Previously, these came in separate emails.

Google Maps Integration

Over the past couple of weeks have been adding links to Google Maps within Flyntlok, specifically in the work order and rental systems.

If you click this icon    you can go directly to google maps where you will be given directions to your destination.

Flyntlok Dealer Management System



Work Order Filtering

If you have a large amount of open work orders, you can use the new filter button to consolidate the list.

Flyntlok Dealer Management System


New Features

Lead List Importer

We are making it easy to import lead lists that you have purchased or built. When you are ready to import a list, head over to the CRM Hub!

Click actions then Import Leads.

Flyntlok Dealer Management System

From the modal, you can download the template needed to import the lead list. Once you have converted your list to our format, you can add the file and click Import.

Flyntlok Dealer Management System

Application Management


Performance Tab & Cost Adjustment Permissions

We have added two additional permissions to the Access Control page.

Model Creation Defaults

When a new model is created, Allow Rent and Allow Sale can be defaulted to the value you choose. The default value is no for Allow Rent and yes for Allow Sale for both fields. The default values can be changed on the Flyntlok details page.

Last Release Notes

March 16th, 2021 Release Notes

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