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Shortage or Damaged PO Scenario

We now support the workflow for when you are shorted parts or are sent damaged parts. The shortage scenario is when a vendor doesn't send the total amount of requested parts but they still bill you for the total amount. They then send you a credit for the parts that weren't sent and require you to reorder the part or wait for a new one to be sent. The damaged scenario is when the vendor sends you a damaged item, which requires you to return that item, then wait to receive a new one, or create an order for a new one.

These two scenarios will need to be set up as PO exceptions. If your company runs into either of these situations, please reach out to Flyntlok, and we can help get you set up.

When you have the exceptions set up, this is what the exception report will look like:

  • Qty: This will be the amount that was shorted or damaged.
  • Create New Purchase: Depending on whether this is checked or not, two different paths will be taken.
    • When checked: This will subtract the amount put in the Qty box from the amount ordered on the line the exception is being reported for. The qty shorted or damaged will then go back onto the To Be Ordered board to be re-ordered under a different PO. If the original order line is a special order, we will create a new line on the same PO with the link to the sale broken. This will allow for the shorted or damaged amount to be received into stock and then put onto a return of goods for the vendor credit.
    • When NOT checked: We will keep the amount the same on the original purchase line and only create a new line on the PO for the shorted or damaged amount to be received into stock to be put onto a return of goods for the vendor credit.

Discount Methods

Flyntlok can now restrict discounts down to the item division, item department, and vendor levels or any combination of these. This allows for specific groups of parts to be discount at a certain rate for a customer.

We also support margin as a discount basis. When this is selected, it will calculate using cost/(1-%) (% = being the percentage of margin for the sale).

To edit or add these discount structures, head to the admin editors in the upper right, then Point of Sale -> Discount Structures.

Next week we will be releasing the editor that allows you to assign multiple different discount structures to a customer!

Enhancements 🙌

Flyntlok Journal Entry

We took another stab at how we are handling journal entries on the back end. This should correct issues where Flyntlok becomes unaware that a transaction has been deleted, and you get stuck in a dead-end.

Jobs on Labor Lines

When billing out a DMS work order, we now group the labor lines by the type of labor used and the job that it was billed on. Along with the technician names, we will show the job name the labor was clocked for.

DMS Work Order PDF

Only the first page will show the header with your company name, logo, and work order information. The information can be found in the footer on all pages.  This helps reduce paper waste and gives more space for the details of the work order. Save the trees!

Issues Resolved 🐛

Quick Transfer Logs

In the transactions for an item, we now distinguish regular item transfers from quick item transfers.


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