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Purchase Orders

New Feature

Open Invoices Warning

When receiving a stock item with an outstanding special order, you have the option to fulfill the open invoices. If you choose not to fulfill, Flyntlok will ask you to confirm.

Service Scheduler

New Feature

Event Change Notification

Service technicians will have the option to receive notifications when a service event has been edited from the service scheduler. This notification will provide a link to the service scheduler with the edited event displayed.

To set this new notification you will navigate to your username in the top right corner of your page. Username->Preferences->Notifications



Rental Timeline View

You can now scroll past the set date range of the rental contract into future dates.

Model Dashboards


Machine Serial Number

Flyntlok has always displayed the current machines of the model, from the model's dashboard. You will now see a new field containing the machine's serial number.

Additional Financial Information

We have added two new fields to the financial section of the model dashboard page, for tracking price MSRP and a maximum quantity of models to stock.

Point of Sale


Quote Descriptions

When quoting a machine model, you will now see the model's description populate in the line item of the quoted model.


Machine Purchasing

New Feature

Engine Serial Number on Receiving Voucher

We have added a new category to the Machine Receiving Voucher to record the Machine's engine serial number.

Customer Dashboard


Recent Sales Orders

If a Sales Order has received full payment you will see a red (PAID) stamp populate under the Sales Order number.

Users Permissions

New Feature

Inventory Permissions

Administrators can now restrict users from editing the QOH from an items dashboard.



Duplicate Vendor Message

When creating a new vendor, you will receive a warning if the vendor already exists in Flyntlok. This warning will prevent you from creating the vendor and provide a link to the existing vendor's dashboard.


Last Release Notes

April 5th, 2023 Release Notes

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