• General: This section is where you can change the item number, description, comments, and weight. Also, you can declare whether the item can be purchase or returned here.
  • Cores: From here you can link an item to its core and dirt core. If the core parts don't exist in the system, you can create them from here.
  • Grouping: You can associate an item with a Department or Division. The item can also be added to a group with an assigned quantity. When a group is added to a sales order, all items linked with that group will be added to the sales order with their quantity assigned.
  • Units: An item can have different purchasing/base/selling units. For example, if you buy oil in gallons but sell it in quarts, that can be set up here and the system will adjust QOH accordingly.
  • Purchasing: In this section, you can set the cost of the item and the package quantity that the item must be ordered in.
  • Retail: The list price and MSRP can be set here.
  • Supersessions: You can add parts that supersede or that this part is superseded by here. Also, you can set alternate items that can be used in place of the one you are editing.
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