• Once you are clocked into a work order click the + under the Trace column then enter the trace info linked to this part.

  • If a step requires measuring click the pencil under the Input column and enter the measurement. If the measurement is within the threshold set, then the field will turn green, if the measurement is outside the threshold it will turn orange. To move on to the next step click the green box with a checkmark.
  • Once all steps are complete, click the Grade tab. Here you can click the Sign Assembled/Welded button to apply a digital signature of the employee who manufactured the item.
  • The last step will be to stamp the final grade of this work order (only users with specific permissions will be able to grade work orders). Work orders can be graded with the following: OK, Blemish, Reject, Experimental, and Rework. If some of the items are being rejected, please input that amount into the Reject Qty box to the right of the grade box. After choosing the correct grade, click Apply Grade and Sign.

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