Types of Part Purchases

There are two types of part purchases.

  • Stock OrderStock order brings parts are high demand pieces that the store needs to keep QOH of so that there is no wait for the customer to come in and buy! When these parts are received, they go straight into QOH.
  • Special OrderSpecial Order items are created when a customer orders parts or items that are not in stock. When the purchase order is received for these items, they are directly and only allocated to the sales order that the purchase order was created on. You will not see these items show up in the QOH unless the sales order that items were ordered on is deleted, then those items will go into QOH.

Statuses of Part Purchase Orders

New: This is a new purchase order.

Ordered: This is a purchase order that has been ordered.

Partial: This is a purchase order that has not yet received all of the items ordered.

Received: This is a purchase order that has received all items but has not been closed.

Closed: This is the final status of a purchase order.

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