1. From the rental dashboard, click the actions drop-down in the upper right.
  2. Click the first tab, 'Edit Contract'.
  3. From this page, there is a multitude of things you can edit!
    • Pickup/Delivery Costs and Locations
    • Reservation and Billing Start/End Dates
    • Invoicing Type(Interim/Deposit)
    • Salespersons
    • Location of the rental
    • Customer
  1. Estimate Deposit
    • This rental type allows for the customer to take a machine for an allotted amount of time with an upfront payment.
  2. Interim Billing
    • Interim allows a long-term contract to be billed month by month. When an invoice is created, the default day amount will be 28 days from the end of the last billing period, this can be changed when the interim invoice is created.

There are three areas where we allow you to create a rental!

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